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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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jessica simpson bustier top with belt XL
alt to eyeshadow cami green M
danskin hoodie S

I think I may have IDed, or at least found an incredibly similar alt to, Elena's necklace from the season 5 finale. I think it is the Shy by Sydney Evan "love" necklace. The sizing on the version with the diamond/ruby bezel off to the side on the chain is the same size as Elena's tiny delicate love necklace, and the script is basically exact. The diamond also isn't visible if the chain is turned a little because it's so tiny (though the wardrobe department could have removed it anyway). What do you guys think?


I think it's probably it. I didn't see a bead to the side when I looked at screencaps a while back but I was more focused on the love script so I probably didn't notice.

The stone is so tiny. I have the necklace and I noticed when I wore it that the stone literally disappears when it is turned a bit, it just looks like part of the chain and you can't tell that it's there at all.

It's an Etsy seller right? Chances are it's correct if it is. They've only been using Etsy sellers jewelry for Elena this whole past season basically so it wouldn't surprise me. At first I thought it was UO's "love you always" necklace but after comparing them, I wasn't confident enough that it was it. Great find Casteal!

I finally found a black KRMA Jade jacket in XS! So excited. I love it. My HG. Has anyone treated theirs with waterproofing spray or anything? I'm not sure how to care for it.

Searching for KRMA Leather Jacket in size M or L - black! :) Please message me :* <3

Looking to trade SA Guess Carwash Cami XS for any of Katherine's Bebe tops in XS/S.

AE earrings ASO Elena (the golden filigrees)
AE hoody, navy, XS
If you are interested in, pm me.

AE earrings are sold.
AE hoody, navy, XS still available

Does anyone know how to add a photo to a spot? I've tried contacting coolspotters but they haven't answered. I can only add a video or a web link. Thanks.

You can't add photos to spots anymore. You can only upload the main product image when creating a brand new spot and that's it. I think they're trying to save on bandwidth by limiting how many photos people are allowed to upload to the site. Whenever I create a new spot, I upload the photo to photobucket so it still appears as an image when you hover over the spot (like how I did Elena's love necklace). Once a spot is already made however you can't add additional photos, you can only add links to photos.

oh wow, thanks for telling me :)

Looking to buy joie bruna top gray and maison scotch beach skirt please message me.


ASO Caroline!

Anthropologie Flared Caraz Dress size S $70
H&M Strapless Plaid Dress size US8 $35

ASO Elena or Nina!

Francesca's Collections Rose Necklace (SA) don't remember what I paid so taking offers
Band of Gypsies Strapless Dress $40 size S
Kimchi Blue Floral Shirtdress Size S $40
Pins & Needles Strapless Lace Dress size S $40
AE Pointelle Cami Size M $20
BDG Cardigan size S $30
Silence & Noise Lace Zip Tank ASO Nina $25 size L

Interested in your band of gypsies dress! Please pm me:) Also interested in the lace zip tank- does it fit tts or is it OK as a loose fit for a s/m? Thanks!

Silence & Noise Lace Tank SOLD
Francesca's Collections Necklace SOLD

Elena Gilbert

Lucky Brand Peacock Thermal, size L, $50, worn once!
Croft & Barrow® Silver Tone Drop Earring Set, $20
Target Filigree Disc Drop Earrings - Mixed Metal, $20
American Eagle Filigree Disc Earrings, $20

Desperate need of money! Selling!

-Guess Ibiza skirt- $17 (brought for $30)
- American Eagle purple cable knit - $25 (brought for $37)

Hermione Granger
-Esprit hooded jumper- $60

Prices are negotiable! Please message me any offers!!!

What size is the guess skirt?

Skirt is sold :(

Selling Nicole Miller Eva dress that Elena wore. Size L. Asking $250 plus shipping.


Steve Madden Carlsen Booties, size 7, black, $60
Worn once, dusty from sitting


Please message me if you're interested :)

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Foldover Bag, needs small repair, $100
Lucky Brand Peacock Thermal, size large, worn once, $45
Merona Suede Cutout Belt, NEW, size M, $30
Target Stone Drop and Filigree Dangle Earring Set $20
Croft & Barrow® Silver Tone Drop Earring Set, $20
Target Filigree Disc Drop Earrings - Mixed Metal, $20
American Eagle Filigree Disc Earrings, $20

Might be keen on abbey road! Can u pm me? Im on my phone.

Looking to buy possibly: (slowly getting back into collecting)

Jessica Simpson Ellington "sex" dress- M
Merona belt- S or M
Kimchi Blue shirt dress- S or M (preferably a M but will take S)

Bebe Colorblock dress- M (suppose to buy this one from Catherine.)
Sneaky Peak cami- S or M
Bombay tank- S or M
Kimchi Blue ruffle hem cami- S or M
Anthropologie Terry moto jacket (SA Green color)- M (not sure what sizes this comes in)
Guess Laney tank- S or M

free people daisy dress- 4 or 6
Carlsen booties- 8 1/2
Heaven flats- 8 1/2
Charles Jourdan India pumps- 8 or 8 1/2
Also looking for Hayley's ballerina top in M

Also something's Rebecca. (Mainly her tops.)

PM me with what you have, thanks.

If any one is selling the Merona Cutout belt in a small please message me?

There's some medium ones on ebay. Might be too big?

I have one in a size small. I have to pin it to get it to fit me anyway (so abnormally proportioned, no waist belts fit me unless they're XS), so I haven't been wearing it. I wore it one time, safety pinned closed to make it tighter but you can't tell it was ever pinned. Asking what I paid, which is $22.00 plus postage, which probably would be about $3.00 in the USA. Message me if you want it!

Do they make the belt in XS?

Nope. Most companies, oddly enough, don't make XS belts. I have issues finding belts in stores that'll fit me. UK stores are better about carrying XS, so I usually just pick up waist belts from them.

I was at kohl's the other day and saw a few things that could be alternatives
Free People Crochet Cuff Henley
Guess Paulina Tee-the correct purple color keeps going on and off line
Ecote Cirrus Stitch Tank Top
Heartloom Malia Sweater

Is anyone selling the DaVinci gown Elena wore to the masquerade ball in season 3? Thanks. Looking for a size 4. PM me if you have one.

someone in elena gilberts closet on fb is

I think that one has been sold.

Hi was wondering if anyone is selling the Free People Kombucha in Aubergine in size large. The exact one elena wore in episode 4x09. Thanks

Anyone selling anything of Elena's from season 5 or maybe Elena's pj set, by jenni ocean in season 3. Uk :) thank you

i'm thinking to sell the guess lily tank if you could be interested, size medium worne once, is definitely not my item :-(

Sent you a message

I haven't received it, send it again :)

i think she was talking about me :-) about my guess lily tank available ;-)

Oh my bad aha, sorry :)



I have a Guess Tammy Cardigan in exact color Elena wore in a xsmall. I was wanting to trade for a large. So if anyone is looking to trade please let me know.

hi girls i think i can part with my guess lily tank size medium worne once cause i'm not a lot into that is doesn't fit me well :-/ so i decided that's better try to find her a new home :-) send me a personal message with your offer thanks

Sent you a message

other thing!some of you has tried to turn a long sleeve aeropostale ruffle shirt in the other tank she were from the same brand?? i have one in sa colour navy and another in maroon that is the same colour as the tank and as the front is identical i thought i could try to modify it into a tank.. let me know what do you think about it, it could be pmaybe retty easy for a professional person make this!

Is anyone selling the babydoll dress elena wore, along with the American eagle cardigan in purple? Uk only please :)

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