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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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Hey guys, I made the spot of the Hammered Moon Necklace first and then somebody made the same spot a few days later by accident, so why has my original spot been deleted as a duplicate instead? I don't have editing privileges otherwise I would fix it myself =\

Looking for Elena's Joes Chiffon Beach Tank Dress in M or L. Can pay Immediately

Anyone selling anything season 5 of Elena's, uk sellers preferably sorry :) thank you

Selling, message me if you are interested :) I'd really like these items to go to a good home!

FP Pucker Lace Bow Front Cami SA in M
J Brand Cargo Skirt SA size 29

LOVE the new spot! It's sold out :( Message me if you have one!

Every store is sold out of extra small just so everyone knows. I didn't check on other sizes, but I did call multiple stores (all of the ones that showed up as having it in stock on the inventory list when I called the main customer service line) but none of them actually had it.

You mean the anthro neve top? Why do you need more than the three you have listed on ebay for $120? It is one thing to find them for yourself and post them for any price. IT is another to use other people's time and goodwill for your own profit. At one point she claimed her family member or good friend was using her ebay. If you elieve that I hve some ocean fron property in phoenix to sell you

Edit. It has been a long time since i called someone out like this. I wish to remind everyone as always i dont find the evidence myself and simply report the facts, all of which can be proved.

Is anyone selling her Rachel Roy Jacket or her Poly Euro jacket?

what size do you need in the Rachel Roy?

I can fit into XS-L,basically any size.

I'm dying for someone to spot Elena's denim dress from 5x17 "Rescue Me" and her blue zipper top while dancing on the bar in episode 5x16 "While You Were Sleeping"!!

I have an idea, but it's not the same color...and the one that is the same color is has slightly different stitching. I tried asking people on here if the wardrobe department ever has colors that aren't available for the public, but no one answered.

They don't usually ever get things in colors that aren't available to the public. Generally speaking the stylist just basically goes shopping for their clothes, they're only specifically made for the show if they're period dresses for flashback scenes and such. Chances are the style came in another color that could have been an in store exclusive or they re-released the style in a new color, so it appears that the old color doesn't exist. Or it's just not the right item and is just extremely similar.

I tried to pm, but my phone is not cooperating. Thank you so much for the input! I truly appreciate the help. I looked at the dress and the stitching on the front and back looks identical to the one on the show (the pockets, waist, location/number/color of buttons, button location on sleeve, etc.). The only problem is that it's not the denim color. You are probably right about it being an in-store exclusive/re-release. Maybe we'll have better luck with the blue tank. Thanks again, Casteal :)

Could anyone upload better pictures of her dress?I might have an idea

Home of the nutty has screencaps available.

The new Anthro Neve top retails in store for $39.99. Original price was $148. I have an L from my store.

Did they only have L left?

Yes. They did a search for me too. I needed an S

Did you end up finding one? I'm usually between S and XS, but I saw someone post that they were all out of XS. Maybe I'll try calling tomorrow if there is still hope of finding one haha.

Someone is selling the top on ebay for over $100.

Ceck my comment below. That would be msnoskiera. Asked for help finding it below, posted three on ebay. After tax I literally paid $43 and some change for it. They are still out at stores guys.

How does the peasant top fit? It looks like it would run big.

Tts but baggy fit

Thanks for letting me know some were still available instores natsuame. I was able to find an xs and for $39.99 like you said you paid. So, they are still out there. Thanks again natsuame:)

I am going to call for one as well. Thanks Kris! If you dont need the L after all please LMK. It will save me time calling. Thanks either way. :)

You're welcome!

It took a few calls, but I ended up finding an XS too :D Can't wait for it to come in the mail! Thank you, Natsuame :)

Seriously? I called every single store that was supposed to have XS and every single one said it was out of stock despite the inventory saying they had them. So mad I bought an S now just because I couldn't find an XS.

I found an XS too in store. Will be arriving today :)

Could someone message me the phone number of the store they called for XS? Thanks!

I got the only one at the store i called... Sorry :( but it was only $43.15 including tax. It took me calling 11 stores to find this one.

Casteal, call a store, NOT the 800 number for Anthro. The stores can do a more up to date search. Also be clear on what color you want. There is a white version available. I called 7 stores before I found one in M.

I did that as well, the problem was the stores were telling me they could only do a region search and I checked each one within the regions to see if they actually had them and they didn't and kept saying the one I just called would have them. I tried multiple ones in multiple regions. Maybe I just got a bunch of people who didn't actually look on the racks? I called like 10 stores in addition to the customer service line.

I just bought a small and I need a m or a L. would anyone wanna trade

Is anyone able to post photos? It looks like YouTube, Hulu or links can be posted. Anyone have any information?

I'm having trouble uploading photos, too.

Apparently this is a permanent change... which means we can no longer add our own photos and no more tagging (unless it's in already existing photos)!!! I think this is an extremely bad decision. It completely halts new posts and creates major inconsistency since photos still remain from past posts.

It's a horrible decision.

Omg No! That's awful! How do we spot new things then? On profiles with no pictures?

A really bad decision. They will probably see a large drop in site usage, because of it. I know I won't even bother spotting items anymore, because of this change.

But HOW? How do we spot something without the picture? We can't even post the proof?

They expect you to post the link to the picture rather than upload the picture

Sounds like they are running out of space on their server(s). Posting the link doesn't take up any space, whereas thousands or millions of photographs do. I relied on the additional photographs to verify if the celebrity or star wore that piece of clothing before I purchased it. I guess we will have to research screen caps to verify. It's a shame!

The anthro basic layering tank is also still in stores for $19.99 im case anyone missed out. :)

Selling Anthropologie Neve peasant top in wine I have S&M
This is the new spot top

how much for the medium.

Are u selling for actual cost? I know someone who would like the small! ;) Please let me know! Thanks!

$80 + shipping
Let me know soon as they are going fast

I will Pm you.

i just bought the Neve top in a S is anyone willing to trade a m or L

I have an m coming, if I need smaller I will trade with you.

I hve an L i can trade

Is anyone trading Kat's Bebe Cold Shoulder Top or Bebe Sleeveless Lace Blouse in XS? I have Elena's VS Cami in pink with pink dots.

Looking for anything of Elena's, from any season (UK) :)

Selling anthro neve top S or M nwt $100 shipped within the US. I can ship internationally

I'm looking for the neve top in XS or s if anyone can help please :)

also be very interested if anyone has Affliction Whispering thoughts SA S,M or L please :)

It's funny when ya managed to accidentally stumble across the items you've longed for after you finally gave up on looking for it. lol

Has anyone else had a similar situation where you managed to find an item that you pretty much gave up ever finding, for the most part?

Anyone got a splendid stripped tab sleeve any colour except the purple in size L or XL?

A reminder to block cest.lavieenrose on eBay. She's still at it, claiming item not received and then keeping the item and the refund. If you choose to deal with her PLEASE get tracking and signature or you'll lose the item and your money. She's been scamming for well over a year and knows what she's doing, she takes big advantage of Europe's privacy laws.

Argh! She ist still at it? Who was scammed now?
I know around 15 ppl by name.

Thats awful! She was such a pain!!! She claimed the Guess Jasmyn coat i sold her was lost. There was someone who really wanted it too that just missed it due to this annoyance

I don't understand how she can still get away with it. Wouldn't ebay look at her feedback and see how many items she claimed she didn't receive and be suspicious?

Exactly... Is there no catch by the fraud department?!?

I called PayPal back when she scammed me and asked the same thing! Because we know she's done it a ton of times, but I guess they don't care because they still get their fees. Same with eBay.

I think a few of us need to contact them and make them look into it. If a bunch of people send them a message about the same thing, they might do something about it.

All scammed girls report her to ebay!

Ebay customer service can be pretty bad, at times. For ex. I've flagged clothing auctions that were obvious designer fakes and Ebay doesn't do anything about it. It doesn't surprise me that Ebay would let a scammer slip through the cracks. They don't even allow sellers to give buyers negative feedback anymore.

Seriously? A seller can't give negative feedback? How come? What if the person was really a negative.... Don't they claim it is to help the eBay community?!?

You can if you are the seller and leave feedback first. You can leave whatever feedback you want if you're the first person to leave feedback. If the buyer is first and leaves you positive feedback you can only leave positive in return. So if someone is terrible be quick with the feedback! Though I believe the buyer can leave you negative in return so be careful.

That's incorrect Casteal. No seller can leave a buyer negative feedback on eBay.

selling a few things. List on my wall.

Does anyone have the pins & needles cami from season 4? I wondered if it runs true to size or small? Thanks!

Hi, I use to have it I found it ran on the smaller side so my advice would be to go up a size because the top doesn't stretch at all.

Jessica Simpson plaid bustier size M, bid at $10 or BIN $15

Super random but does anyone have the Martha Stewart paisley bedding and if so, does yours have a really odd odor to it? I tried to use an odor eliminating spray to lift it and it didn't work... And it was so tricky to get the comforter into the duvet case I am trying to avoid having to wash it....

WASH IT. all retail fabrics are treated w flame retardant chemicals. They are then individually wrapped in cheap plastics that contain formaldehyde. And that i what you are smelling. Wash ALL CLOTHES, BEDDING, ETC before use.

I have never had bedding just smell so rank before.... I have totally redone the household bedding this year too but ugh. This is gross. More febreeze I guess until I have time to pull out the comforter insert and wash duvet covers....
I wonder if my set was just like a one off or is this standard for this set?!?

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