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Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fray/Fairchild/Morgenstern is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Mortal Instruments series. She is a human, a Nephilim, assumed at first to be a mundane living a normal human life, prior to the beginning of City of Bones.


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Anyone know where to get the Topshop Aerobic Wedge Trainers in SA colour? I found a few on eBay but they were either in the cream colour or not my size and my birthday is next month. I'm looking for size 10 or 10.5, but I can make an 11 work too (if that's all there is). Let me know if you know where to find it!

I have them. Not sure if they do exist in total black. I always saw them in the black/cream combo. you should look after ebay, that's where I got mine!

isabellelightwood, are you located in the US? When I was looking for these shoes I didn't see any on, but there are much more sold on If you see your size, contact the seller to see if they would be willing to ship to you.

@sateene: Sorry, I meant as in they have a version of the shoe that's completely cream. I want the black version (not the bottoms black, I know it was painted/dyed by the movie people). I've looked on eBay (US) to no avail. Sigh.

@t0511: I am located in the US. :) I will take your advice and take a look on the UK version to see if there's one there and hopefully I'll get lucky!

Update: Looked on the UK version to no avail again. There were more but mostly in cream or not in my size. ;/

oh i love clarys gloves! does anyone know where i can get them or similar ones?

Does anyone else want to try to get Patricia Field to rerelease these gloves?

I mean its worth a shot, but you could easily enough find a cheaper alternative or make a pair yourself

I called Patricia Field and asked about these gloves and apparently there is a very good chance of these getting released this Winter as they get rereleased every winter along with many other of her gloves.

SWEET! Any idea on price?

No, I did not ask but Patricia Field is usually reasonably priced.

does anyone have her club monaco bracelet to sale, please?

and her club monaco tee too :)

Looking for Clary's Diesel dress if anyone is selling it

would love to buy a club monaco tee if anyone is selling size small or medium :)

Wanting to know the nail polish that she is wearing for the majority of the movie please. It's like a red-burgundy kind of colour. Thanks :-)

i'm looking for Clary's diesel dress in any size (yes that's how desperate i am) if anymore is selling :)

I am selling Clary's Club Monaco Elsa Striped top size Small it is NWoT. If interested message me for price.

Also have top shop shoes for sale, Brooklyn Tops. Message me for details

pmed you pandemonium :)

Finally the makeup breakdown. Wish they had said what nail polish color she wore

I emailed makeup411 and asked if they would asked the makeup artist. Maybe if more people ask as well they will.

I will email them as well. Always loved the color.

My best guess to the color is Dior Vernis in 970 Nuit 1947. Based on all the Dior makeup she wears and the color seems fairly close.

I also asked for a more indepth breakdown ie; which eyeshadow colors where. Found the quad on Ebay so excited to try out the look. Please post here if they identify the nail polish. Thanks. :)

I will post the nail polish if found, fingers crossed. I love the idea of the in-depth breakdown. I have the quad and just looked at it and had no idea where to start.

Is anyone selling the Madewell Braided FriendshipBracelet.
Please message me!

Is anyone selling the Club Monaco Elsa Tee and Karen Millen Black Leather Jacket With Quilted Panels?
Please message me!

Buying club Monaco elsa tee in small or medium :)

Is anyone selling Clarys Iphone Case?

I am!

Karen Millen Black Leather Jacket size US 4
Aeropostale alt to Doma jacket seen here size Large

How much for the jacket? :)

Looking for the Karen Millen jacket in a UK8 or UK10. Please message me if you have one for sale! I'm willing to trade as well, have a look at my lists to see what I have and let me know if anything I have interests you! I have stuff from Doctor Who and The Vampire Diaries. Thanks!

Also wanting the Diesel dress as well.

There is one Jacket on eBay right now! Size UK14 but maybe you're interested in ;)

Searching the Club Monaco Tee in Size S. Please message me if you sell it or find it on eBay (:

Is anyone selling the DOMA Blue Leather Jacket?
Please message me!

If anyone is selling anything Clary? please message me.

if anyone is wondering about the nail polish, its deborah lipmann.

There are a few different sizes of the Diesel dress on eBay right now! Good luck girls!

Is anyone selling something from Movie-Clary? Please message me!

This comment was deleted.

Which madewell piece are you selling?

The Seaside sweater

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