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Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fray/Fairchild/Morgenstern is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Mortal Instruments series. She is a human, a Nephilim, assumed at first to be a mundane living a normal human life, prior to the beginning of City of Bones.


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I am looking for anything of Clary's that anyone is selling. Clothing sizes: m-xl and shoe sizes: 7.5-8 or 8.5 if they run small.

Just found my first Clary piece on eBay I'm so excited :D

Congrats! And welcome to the club! ;)

Thank you, now if I could find my most wanted piece I would be happy :) Since it goes with what I just found. So putting it out there any selling the Diesel dress?

Call diesel. That is where I got mine.

How long ago did you buy it though?

About two weeks I think. I was at my local store and they checked the inventory of all the stores and found me the dress at one.

Thanks I will see if I can get a hold of them now :)

That dress is really cute, how much was it?

Gosh they're killing me, either I don't know how to describe this dress or they just don't have it in store. ChelseaWill: How would I go about finding one because there isn't a Diesel close to me and every phone call I've made they don't have it. Lulu1: $138 but it was on sale online for $69

***If anyone can locate a M or L in this and get it, I will gladly PP you the money if you could find one for me. I've called ten stores and nada. :(***

If anyone finds one in a medium and wants to trade for a small, let me know! My smalls a little snug in the arms. :-)

Can someone pleeeeeeeeease tell me where the leather fingless gloves she wears in the movie poster are from I've been searching for agesss

You might not find the exact brand name but I would google fingerless perforated gloves. I don't know if they are leather or not so I would just go with a generic term look up.

Was able to find the Diesel Dress I am so happy!

Congrats!! That's awesome!

haha how did you finally do it? did you call even more stores?
and congrats of course :)

Congrats!!! :)

What size did you get?

I found a M and L, debating on which one I like the fit of better. I got the last two at that store.

I have the small Diesel dress and its a little snug. I've worn it once. Would you by chance consider trading you extra size (medium or large)?

I know its late in the game but if anyone knows how I can get my hands on a US size 4 or 6 Karen Millen quilted leather jacket pls. help!!

Anyone know what color nail polish Clary wears? It's so cute and a gorgeous burgundy color.

I have Clary's Diesel dress in size XS for sale. NWT. Asking what I paid, $98 plus ship. Message me if interested. Thanks!

Sent ya a message!

Sad this page kinda just died. Anyone selling or know where I can get the diesel dress in a med-xl?

Selling madewell seaside t in red M $45
Club monaco stripe t S $45

Hi Natsuame,
What size is the Club Monaco striped blouse? Is is the exact style as Clary's?

Both items have sold.

Hey, I have a theory about Clary's plaid and the jacket she wears to Magnus' party on my LJ.

Hi girls :) Does anybody know, if the striped T-Shirt (blue and white) is still awailable somewhere? I would love to have it :) Thanx

Ya, I see :( Well, I am looking for M or L, but L will be definitely better :)

Does anybody sell the Club Monaco tee in s or xs? :-)

If anyone is interested, I have her Diesel dress that I have only worn once or twice. Message me if you are perhaps looking for this item =)

which size do you have? :)


Im interested please

Hey Everyone,
I contacted Doma regarding Clary's Blue Hooded Jacket. I received a response advising me that they will rerelease the jacket in Spring. Let's hope it is the same style and color.

Yay! That is great news. Thank you for sharing. Now lets hope it does not cost an arm and a leg. :)

Yay!! Have to agree with ChelseaWill, hoping it's decently priced! Either way, I'm excited. :)

Finally saw this movie! I liked it even though it was different from the book. Love Simon.

So, I was studying the HD screen caps to determine Clary's other bracelets and noticed something. The Madewell Black Braided bracelet is actually the black and white version dyed black. Refer to the photograph I posted by Deanna M. Madewell did make a black version at one time, but the one used in the film is definitely the black and white version. I am going to dye mine and see how it turns out.

any news about the dying?does it work? I would to dye mine!

Hi, still looking for Diesel minidress in L, don't anybody know, if it is available somewhere? :(

Looking for trade my brooklyn industries shirt size large for a medium or even a small! thank you

They are still available on the website in S, M, and L for $40. Heres a link if your interested:

oh thank you I did'nt know!!!

Sateene: I am going to be selling a Large for less its never been worn and I am only asking $25 plus shipping to you, since I bought it when it was on sale, if you'd prefer a cheaper option :) Just PM me if you do

@inside: thanks but I already have a large, I'm looking for a small or a medium!

Okay no problem!

Anyone know where to get the Topshop Aerobic Wedge Trainers in SA colour? I found a few on eBay but they were either in the cream colour or not my size and my birthday is next month. I'm looking for size 10 or 10.5, but I can make an 11 work too (if that's all there is). Let me know if you know where to find it!

I have them. Not sure if they do exist in total black. I always saw them in the black/cream combo. you should look after ebay, that's where I got mine!

isabellelightwood, are you located in the US? When I was looking for these shoes I didn't see any on, but there are much more sold on If you see your size, contact the seller to see if they would be willing to ship to you.

@sateene: Sorry, I meant as in they have a version of the shoe that's completely cream. I want the black version (not the bottoms black, I know it was painted/dyed by the movie people). I've looked on eBay (US) to no avail. Sigh.

@t0511: I am located in the US. :) I will take your advice and take a look on the UK version to see if there's one there and hopefully I'll get lucky!

Update: Looked on the UK version to no avail again. There were more but mostly in cream or not in my size. ;/

oh i love clarys gloves! does anyone know where i can get them or similar ones?

Does anyone else want to try to get Patricia Field to rerelease these gloves?

I mean its worth a shot, but you could easily enough find a cheaper alternative or make a pair yourself

does anyone have her club monaco bracelet to sale, please?

and her club monaco tee too :)

Looking for Clary's Diesel dress if anyone is selling it

would love to buy a club monaco tee if anyone is selling size small or medium :)

Wanting to know the nail polish that she is wearing for the majority of the movie please. It's like a red-burgundy kind of colour. Thanks :-)

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