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Clara Oswin Oswald is one of the eleventh Doctor's companions on Doctor Who. She is played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.


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I have the Silence and Noise shirt dress (the purple/blue one with the crosses on) in a S but it is too small for me. If anyone has a larger size that they would be willing to trade with me please send me a message!

You might try over at the dwcosplay_sales community on livejournal. You may have a better shot at finding someone with a dress who wants to trade over there, or of finding an active sales posting for a larger one so you could resell your small.

Oooh ok thank you! I'll check it out.

Selling my Silence and Noise shirt dress now. It's a size small and can be found here:

Could someone update the name of Clara's profile to "Clara Oswin Oswald" or "Clara Oswald"? Her 21st century incarnation is only called Clara Oswald, and her victorian era incarnation is called Clara Oswin Oswald. I don't have the ability to change the name, and now that we have her full name it seems more fitting to have that listed as the profile name rather than just her first and middle name. Thanks!

I tried to update the name but it just kept saying:
You aren't authorized to perform this action."

Hmmm, maybe the creator of the page has to do it?

Yeah, I suppose they do. Maybe one of us should try messaging them and asking nicely if they would change the profile name?

Looks like ElenaGilbertsCloset made the page. She's a sweetheart, I'm sure if she's able to switch it she wouldn't mind doing it at all. I'll ask her in a bit.

I've talked to ElenaGilbertsCloset before and she is really nice :) She has given me a bit of advice lately so it is probably a good idea you ask her :) she probably sick of me bugging her!

Haha yeah I created the page before the second half of this series started so I was just going off of what was rumored. I will change it once I get off work in the morning! :)

That's great. Thanks :)

Thank you so much for changing the name! Yeah, I remember we all thought her name would be Clara Oswin based on the rumors.

Can someone who owns the All Saints Axelle Denim Jacket tell me how it fits? :) Thanks!

It fits true to size. I have a 32/33 inch bust and got a UK10, and it fits great. I probably could have gone down a size, but I wanted to be able to zip it up comfortably and layer under it if I needed to. Clara's is a little bit more fitted than how mine fits me though. I can measure my jacket laying flat if you need me to.

Thank you! :)

Selling Clara's Sparkle & Fade loose fit playsuit, size small, and Clara's Red or Dead Shirley glitter heels, size UK7. They're on ebay under the name itemsfromthepast. Please message me if you need a link. Thanks!

If you live in Australia (unfortunately I don't), a great alternative to Clara's Space Dye dress from the Bells of St. John is this one:

Selling my Pins and Needles floral cutout dress if anyone is interested. It's a small, but fit closer to an extra small.

If anyone wants to trade a size 10 in the All Saints Axelle Denim Jacket for my size 8, let me know :)

Hey (:

My sister's looking for the Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Space Dye Dress, if anyone's got one for sale or knows where to ("still") get one, let me know (: thanks!

hey everyone, I own a blog on Tumblr which searches out all the available Doctor Who clothes online at places such as Amazon and eBay. There are quite a few Clara items at the moment, come and check it out?

Taking offers for the next week on things I have listed on my "stuff I may be selling soon" list. Send me a message with an offer if you're interested in anything! Please note that nothing will be shipped until after December 18th. Thanks!

I'm also willing to trade/partial trade for Elena Gilbert's Elie Tahari Elouise jacket in black in a size 2 or 4 if anyone has that.

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