T-Mobile G1 (Google Phone)

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The new G1 phone running Google's Android software is displayed in New York September 23, 2008. T-Mobile USA, a Deutsche Telekom AG unit, will sell the first phone powered by Google Inc's Android operating system under the brand name T-Mobile G1, said its partner Amazon.com Inc


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Its like the iphone meets the sidekick! interesting...

I just saw this today! I wanna get my hands on one!

Yea. me 2! ;D

I'm a fashiontisa just as much as the next Viktor & Rolf gal but when it comes to toys it's functionality over looks. G1 It's not as sexy as the iphone but there's a lot more applications that I care about. I'm just not a big fan of the touch screen. I'm a cursed germaphobe so I like the qwerty board extension. The dual browser makes me melt... oh la la!

I actually don't love mine that much. You can tell they're trying to be different from the iPhone, but it's not as user friendly. except for the keyboard, I definitely prefer the iPhone.

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