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Got a lot on the go? BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 Series smartphones keep you connected to the people and information that matter. Power up the BlackBerry Curve smartphone and empower your life.


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i love this phone. best cell phone ive ever had.

I am in love with the curve!! It never leaves my hand!

I'd still take the iPhone 1st, but the curve would be my 2nd choice.

I love this phone !!! Great Phone !

this phone is the best in the world is the best at iphone and the bold

which phone is better iphone or this?

I love my BlackBerry so I'm biased. Touch screens get on my nerves so that's enough for me not to want an iPhone.

i want it so much but it's difficoult to find in italy!!i've found one 2 day go but it' s already sold out, anyway.. now i've got no money yet to buy it heeh i'm waiting for the paid..12 november soooo faaar :-) i can't i will try to find another time!

i got mine one week ago I LOVE IT!!!

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