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blackberry bold 9700

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Crafted from premium materials, inside and out, that radiate elegance with a dramatic presence, the BlackBerry Bold is designed to give business professionals and power users unprecedented functionality and performance in an intuitive BlackBerry smartphone. It is the first BlackBerry smartphone to support tri-band HSDPA high-speed networks around the world... Read More


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Best. Blackberry. Yet.

But not close to the iPhone.

hmmm interesting ;)

Are you joking me?!? lol. This is by far the best Blackberry Ever. Even RIM admits it. And also, its way better than the iPhone 3G. This phone WILL have 3G, and Blackberry Maps. This will obviously be better than iPhone 3G. Its the best blackberry ever, and it will smoke iPhone. :D

having used both i can def state that the Bold does smoke the iPhone!

but are you sure that the curve isn't better? :)

Bold is better than the curve and the iPhone, yet for some reason I have an iPhone. :S

thanks! glad that u like them :)

I Love My Blackberry Bold Its Awesome :) x

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