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The iPhone is a smartphone produced by Apple Inc. Improvements since launch include Assisted GPS, a thicker body, a black plastic back (instead of silver) or white option with a 16Gb iPhone, solid metal buttons, a flush headphone jack, and dramatically improved audio. The key improvement, however, is the addition... Read More


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I can't wait to order mine !!!

Does the phone come in pink? If not i'll get it in white for now!

I heard the internet is faster on the 3G :)

I'll get one as soon as I'm able to afford a 3G plan.

The plans are not that pricey. You just gotta plan for it!. No pun , promise :)

3G and GPS features are enough for me to upgrade to this. But dang, buying Apple stuff sure is getting expensive. Think of all the gas I could buy instead...

What, 5 gallons?

Yes, but they've cut the cost by a 3rd from what they were. Awfully nice of Apple wasn't it?

By the time it actually hits stores, maybe 3 or 4 gallons.

I want the black one ! I wish they had navy!!

Gigi you already have the 1st generation one. You are such a tech gadget buff!


Ok...if you notice MOST of the picture of celebrities are like Stupid pics...and they say its a is what i mean...

HOW is that a celebrity???
Now if you see the Phone...Blackberry Curve...ALL of them are real pictures. And it has way more celebs than this phone.

The Blackberry STorm is awful to use, it doesnt work half the time and i am so glad i changed it to get my iphone

I have had my iphone now for a month and i love it, i wouldnt be without it. The apps are increadible and the payments monthly are cheaper than Vodaphone. Superb

i will order mine next week!!!! =)

Hey everyone, check you this app I found, its soo cool for you iPhone or iPod touch. Rainn Wilson is all over it.

This is the better!

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