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You did a great job in finding and winning this bad. You lucky girl :) Let me know how you like it after you receive it.

That is really sad with your Salt & Peppa Hoodie. Were you able to get the money back? Or what did the Ebay seller say?

OMG! This hoodie is absolutely AMAZIIING! You did fabulous work! How can I get one (or two)? :D

To be honest, I don't know what I'm going to buy next (from Kristen's stuff). But I think this won't be a very constant status :D Sooner or later I will find a lot of new things I wanna buy. Or lets say that I can afford.
Ok, the Nuns With Guns Hoodie is the first one I want to buy ^^

Hi =)

Oh no! Sorry to hear that with your money :(

That is so nice of you that you would order the hoodies for me. I'll try to find a german website (or store) first. The shipping prices are really ridiculous. Even within Europe :D
But if you could send me the two logos that would be awesome.
Did I sent you my E-Mail address?

What hoodie did your friend use? Could she choose on the website?

Tomorrow is Christmas, yay! Are you going to be with your family for the holidays or do you stay in Belgium?

Hey ya :)

Ok, great. I'll send you my e-mail address in a private message.

My Christmas was nice too. I spent the time with my family. My sister came from Birmingham. She stays here till Saturday.

I like the winter very much. Especially when it snows (and even more when it snows at Christmas :D).

Gosh, I'm dying to see some new Kristen pics :D

But it's a good sign that we don't get to see new pics. So she can have a little rest of all the stress and spend some time with her family.

So, I will send you the e-mail address now ;)

Hi Yohanna!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your e-mail. The logos are amazing. You're the best :*

Hope you're doing well and your exams were/are going good?

Sure, I'll let you know about the hoodie :)
I think I'm going to a store in my city that makes prints on hoodies, shirts etc..

Glad you're done with your exams :) Do you have more free time now? Or are the next exams coming soon?

Thanks for the link. They COULD be fakes 'cause also on this website there is no proper contact info. I ordered my UGG's on a page which doesn't exist anymore. Not a good sign. But even if my UGG's are fake you really don't see it. And I can live with that. So if you're friend is happy with her shoes you could give it a try :)
And hopefully you can cancel your order from this other site.

Hey, so you're selling a leather hoodie like kristen's? Is it real leather or fake? and where did you get it?

That's great that you have more free time now. Great to check Coolspotters regularly ;)

Yeah, I think I will wait for the EC Star hoodie on Etsy as well. Although it would possibly be more expensive because of shipping. But we'll see.
This girl is so lucky to have the original hoodie.

I watched Into The Land Of Women today. Have you seen the movie yet? I liked it very much. Especially seeing Kristen during the whole movie. And Adam Brody was cute :D

Merci beaucoup. Les douanes je connais, j'ai casqué plusieurs fois et de beaucoup, malheureusement. J'avais entendu parler d'alternatives mais je pense qu'elles sont toutes à peu près aussi chères. On parle de mondialisation, mais il reste pas mal de frontières... Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait autant de francophone sur Cs, je me sens moins seule!

88 euros!!! Ceux sont vraiment des voleurs! Moi mon maximum a été dans les 50 euros et ca fait déjà mal...
C'est quoi ton forum?

Hi Yohanna!

Unfortunately I don't have a link for In the Land of Women but I think you can watch it on YouTube. I can ask my sister. She already saw it on the internet.

I will have a look if the movie you said comes to theatres in Germany :)
Just googled Ben Barnes and he is really cute :D

Oh and I hope so much that WTTR and The Runaways will be in theatres in Europe. It would be horrible when we can not see it.

Wow, really annoying that you had to pay so much for your bag. But great that you are happy. And you paid still much less than the regular price :)

Have you seen the picture of the Viparo jacket which thatgirltoni posted on my page (similar to Kristen's)? I'm thinking of buying it. I love it! Hopefully they list it in the next week.

Due to huge popularity that I wasn't really expecting, I only have a few shirts available and lots of people interested. So I'll set the price of the shirts at $50 dollars, and shipping will depend on your location. Based on that price, I will start taking reservations today and if you tell me your location (and postal code) I'll give you the shipping cost. Send me a private message for reservations. Thanks people! Only 2 mediums and 3 larges left!

Heay :)
ehm.. sry but do you know ..
where i can buy the "You can't handle this" Shirt from Kristen?
sry but i don't speak good english..

Hey Yohanna!

How are you? Did you turn 18 recently?

I'm glad you liked In the Land of Women. I loved it too. And I agree with you. Like Kristen more with brown hair. And her hair grows really fast *jealous*

Oh really? You ordered the hoodie?! That's great! I will buy a hoodie in a shop with my sister (when she comes to Germany) and then we will go to a shop and let it print with the logos. Do you think you could e-mail some pics? I'm so curious how your hoodie looks :)

I think it's amazing that you got such cool stuff recently. And don't feel bad about the money. I have spent looooooots of money too. But I would have bought clothes, shoes etc. anyway only that I now buy stuff Kristen, Ashley,...wears :)

No, I think I won't buy the Viparo jacket. It bothers me that they charge $50 for shipping and on their other "Buy It Now" auctions shipping is free. And I hate that they call it Twilight jacket. I really would have paid that much. 'Cause the leather jackets I saw in stores (and I liked) all cost about 200 - 300 €. But I just can't get myself to buy the Viparo jacket :D

xx Lisa

Hey Yohanna :)

Thank you for such a polite post! I will definitely try to get you a jacket if you can just give me the information about where to call or order it from :)

hey there, yeah i have again the jacket, i can send you to belgium, the price is 35 € plus shipping, now i'm going to check for you a few way to ship so you can choose the one you would prefer in case you decide to take the jacket, i will send you a personal message with the alternatives of shipping

ok personal message sent

oh my god so sorry, i wrote the amount that i've paid for it...obviously is 4$ :-) sorry again now i will post the message here

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 40$ now i'm going to home i will send a message later :-)

ok message sent, you can check the way to ship

Hi Yohanna :)

I'm so sorry. I didn't know when your Birthday is otherwise I had wished you a Happy Birthday.
So now you are allowed to drive, eh?! ;)

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. My hair is a little bit longer than hers too but still not as long as I want it too be. I'm always so impatient and can't just let it grow. Then I cut it to get something new only to regret it afterwards :D

You're so right. It is ridiculous how some sellers try to make huge profit with their "Twilight" or "Kristen" stuff. But as long as there are people who buy the stuff.....I won't judge anyone because they buy a jacket or a watch for unbelievable prices but sometimes it is really crazy.

Anything you want to buy next? :)

I bought the Simdog Zipper Tank that Ashley Greene wore. But it still isn't available. I had to pre-order it. Hopefully they get it in stock soon and ship it to me.


That's a great list of things you wanna buy :)
Maybe I can help you with the Nike Rainbow shoes. My sister has them but they are too small and she thinks about selling them. I could ask her if she still has the shoes?! When I remember correctly it is a size EU 38.

And for the Ebay link you sent me. I would have bought the shoes for you but unfortunately they are already sold :( There is only one pair in a size EU 38,5. Would that fit too?

Oh and I also have an Ian Curtis sweater for sale. I ordered it for someone but she didn't want it anymore. It's the grey/beige color and a size L. I have the one too and I love it :) I paid 30 pounds for it and would sell it for that price (around 34 Euro). Maybe you are interested? If so, let me know :)

She's normally a size 39. I will ask her if she still has them and how much she is selling them for. And then I'll let you know :)

Well, I'm normally a size M/L in sweaters too and the Ian Curtis fits perfect. As it is supposed to fit tight on men it isn't that big on women :) My sister is a size S/M in tops and can wear the size L too. But if you're unsure that it will fit it's fine. I don't want you to buy it and then be unhappy.

I will ask the Ebay seller if he still has the size 38. If not I could buy the 38,5 for you.

No, sorry. I have no idea how much shipping to Belgium would be. But I can ask at the post office tomorrow, if you want.

No, I haven't taken a picture yet. But I could give you the measurements. Oh, and if you think it will fit and you want to buy it I can "put it on hold" for you. You don't have to buy it now. It already sits in my closet for a few months :)

I asked the seller about the Vans. As soon as I get an answer I will let you know. And I calculated the shipping for the shoes on the Deutsche Post homepage and it said shipping would be 8,60 €.

Oh and you asked me how much I paid for the Simdog Zipper Tank. Well, I paid 68 €. After I bought it I recognized how much money that is -.- But I wanted it sooo much :D

Yeah, that would be fine. I have no hurry to sell it :) So, I will give you the measurements and then you can decide if you want it and I keep it for you.

I was surprised too. 8,60 € is not that much. I calculated a parcel with the measurements: length 45 cm x width 30 cm x height 15 cm and a weight of 2 kg. I think the shoes should fit in such a box :)

You're right. We are indeed a little bit crazy. But I can deal with that :D And it's soothing to know that we're not alone, right?! ;)

So, I will go to bed now. Have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow :/

Wish you a good night and I'll keep you posted.

xx Lisa

I got the Monrow top from this link:

They still have it in black as well as other colors. I would recommend you get it in a smaller size though as they run really big. :o)

I have not received it yet but it takes anywhere from 6-10 business days to get anything from that area of the world. Then it depends on what way they ship it.


I became member of twilightstyle.forumactif.net, but I can't login. Do I have to activate my acount somewhere? I think you're the owner of the forum, but tell me if I'm mistaken.

Je vis en Flandres donc mon Fraçais n'est pas bon :p
J'ai m'inscris lundi 5 avril. Sous le nom Pearl.

I understand French, but I prefer English
So I tried to register again and this is what came up: Désolé, mais cette adresse e-mail est déjà enregistrée par un autre utilisateur.
I think it's getting a bit complicated :p

I tried again with another adress
I'm hoping it will be ok this time :)

It works :)
Thanks for everything!

Belgium huh ?! :D Vlaams ou Francais ? Je parle les deux :p


Hi!!! Are you selling your lucky brand henley? For how much? Could you e-mail me the answer with some photo? Thanks!!!!!!!

hi! could you send me some pictures of the lucky brand henley and for how much do you want to sell it ??? thanks

How much are you selling the lucky brand henley for? I would be interested too :)


pics of my LB :

Salut! C'est sur, c'est pas facile de trouver des françaises par ici :D
Pour les vans gisele j'en voudrais au moins 50 euros parce que je les ai payées très cher (trop?) en les achetant sur ebay, avec les frais de port ça reviendrai à 60 euros environ je pense...
Merci pour ton post!

Hey love,

Just spoke to Natsume. She has one to sell but the inside is not like Bella's. I told her I'm looking for the exact one like Bella's so msg her if you don't really care about the inside.

I am going to call Aritzia when it opens and order one from the store! I think that will be the cheapest option to get one that is the exact same as Bella's. They ship internationally! I'm going to try the Chicago store :)

I'll ask for you! I will have to wake up super early to call though hahah! I know what you mean! I want so much stuff!

I'll let you know the price tomorrow :)

-Scarlett x

Salut !
Apparemment quelqu'un vend des vans gisele sur ebay fr (sans savoir qu'elles sont portée par Bella) :

C'est peut etre ta taille ?


Just called Aritzia in Chicago! They were really nice and the jacket is $99US + $40 shipping outside of America.

So all up the jacket costs $139US.

Have a great day :)

I didn't order mine yet but will definitely order it when I get paid! I don't think we are ever going to get it any cheaper cause one the Ebayers get their hands on it it will be selling for like $200 plus on Ebay! I don't want to miss out on this like I did with the AE Bomber :)

No problem! Any time! Just so you know...the lady told me that the jacket would be arriving in store in the next 2 weeks! :)

Ah, désolé, j'ai effacé ton commentaire sans m'en rendre compte ! Non en fait je ne suis membre d'aucun forum francais, j'ai simplement trouvé cette offre en cherchant sur ebay fr.

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

Hey, how much did you want for your nike quilted fleece jacket?

aw ok, haha that's a bit pricey for me, but if you see a small then let me know ;) thanks

Thankyou for responding to me, however I have just started saving up money for a Holiday so I can't fork out that much at the present time :(
If you still have it in 6 months (doubtfull i know) then I will happilly take it off your hands then :)
Thanks anyway

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