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  1. Aaron Schock (Political Figure)
    2 Spots
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  2. Abraham Lincoln (Political Figure)
    7 Spots
  3. Adrian Fenty (Political Figure)
    3 Spots
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  4. Akhenaten (Political Figure)
    3 Spots
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  5. Al Franken (Political Figure)
    2 Spots
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  6. Al Gore (Political Figure)
    23 Spots
  7. Allard Lowenstein (Political Figure)
    1 Spot
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  8. Andrew Young (Political Figure)
    1 Spot
  9. Angela Davis (Political Figure)
    0 Spots
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  10. Angela Merkel (Political Figure)
    4 Spots
  11. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Political Figure)
    94 Spots

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Todd Palin and Stars Earn Stripes

Spotted by elicar about a year ago

Harry Styles and David Cameron

Spotted about a year ago by SophieJade

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