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thanks for the heads up on JCPenney for the Keds. I had to send mine back cuz they were too wide. so i will check there now =] but the navy ones do have the tag on the outer side. you just don't see it in that picture cuz of the views. it only shows that view in certain colors. the ones through amazon you can see the tag on the navy.

That was some good spotting you found on the jacket that is similar to the DKNY version. :0)

here you go, this is what i have:
i got the one with all the different plugs for all different parts of the world because i have traveled a LOT, but you can probably buy a smaller pack if you need less. this one's a good deal though.

have a safe trip!

Hey Cameron!

How was your trip? Are you allowed to talk about it now? I'm really curious :) It sounds very interesting.

Haha My trip was excellent! I would love to tell you about but I really can't say much because of personal privacy reasons. But it was the first time I've been south of the equator and I may get to do it again very soon so I'm excited. I wish I could say more I'm sorry!

No problem, don't worry. I was only curious.

I'm happy for you that you had a great time! :)

I found the BDG top randomly on Ebay. It was the only one listed and I bought it right away.

Hey Hun-I really just wanted to thank you for that comment. Everyone has been being so nice to me! Which is why I love this site and I'm not going to let two "instigators" chase me away with their nasty comments :) I seriously still don't understand why asking if anyone knew a good brand of color contacts was so insane? I don't think I will understand their reasoning ever. OH WELL. 30 days till new moon. I really wish we could figure out that green striped top and some of the other clothes. I made a pair of shoes though with all this twilight/new moon art. haha. I have way too much time on my hands :)

But thanks again. <3 I appreciate it.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

What color are you going for? Hope to see a pic ;)?! Take care!

just saying 'hello' :)! wow...looking at your wall i start feeling like a stalker (haha)


you scare me sometimes.... too much in common :D! let me introduce you to the german answer to rob but guess what?! i still prefer the original...haha

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