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Generation Y Global Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Investor, Doctor Taysha S Valez, BD, MDiv, DD, North American Born. At thirty-two, she is President of "myTAY" (home of TAYsearch, TAYValez designer label, CRUZCLUB, TAYtube, TAYemail, & more) TAY is also known as the (very private) princess of pricey because of her... Read More



Taysha is my shero. She is a beautiful person inside and out!

Ditto! and not because we are twinners . Its because i agree :P

Taysha was in the Swiss pages!! She went on and on about how great North America is and how "we are down a bit but far from out!" . IMO Taysha is as close to obscure North American royalty as it gets! . "Taysha if you are reading this , I love you so much !!! "

Taysha you're all over the internet. I know that pretty smile anywhere. Thanks for being so business savvy & willing to help people start their own businesses. I'm proud to be mentored by such a wonderful talent. I wish you more success than even you can imagine..... I love your cutting edge ideas...best wishes ...pillowdiva, LaVerne

She is so smart and beautiful. I'm her number one fan!!. You can be her number 2 if you'd like. :)

Taysha Will you marry me? I love you girl!

Mr. Shin, you are 2 cute . Way 2 put your feelings out there lol .

I'll add to the TSV swoon fest!. I heart TSV because of her "Love before Labels" approach. Everything she's associated with has meaning and substance well beyond surface sparkle. IMO, her business model is fine art based. And I love beaux art because its priceless !

Taysha is a goddess! I'm in love.. 555-MR Yip

Mr Yip you are a crackup!

I heart Taysha V , she's my living idol.

Hats off!

I read in TW magazine that Taysha S Valez is going by just "TAYSHA"
. She said everyone ( friends , family ,clients etc) calls her TAYSHA or TAY; therefore she will go by that in future to keep it easy and consistent.

People who change business models should be celebrated. Innovation creates NEW creative Jobs . It amazes me how people can't see past prices and see the big picture. OAT is in .. and I am loving it! The OAT industry , m-commerce and Taysha S Valez are here to stay. AH-MAY-ZING!

Taysha is indeed FABULOUS ! Chlo you seem to know a lot more about her than anyone else. I saw you mentionned her several times at TPF... Maybe she could post photos of her Hermes bag collection (I'm sure she has an impressive one !) on TPF.

I am so new to TPF i don't even know how to post photos yet. lol.
I subscribe to the magazine she owns www.TrillionairessWeekly.com and her personal blog www.sograteful.me so it helps me to keep up on everything thats TSV . I met her in person at a conference with my dad and we all were in awe! at the genius. I've been hooked ever since.
Her Rue du bac bag collection and vintage collection are too die for !

I tried to subscribe to her personal blog... but nothing happened I'm still waiting to get an email from her.... Taysha is all the hype these days and many peope wonder who she really is, is she really a billionaire... since very little has been said about her.
You are very lucky to have met her ! How is she in person?

She's very nice. She's a speak when spoken too type of person from what i know. You would never know she's in the room.
She's been in entrepreneuer magazine and her brands have been in instyle, weath tv, etc. Her personal blog gets slammed with request. I'm sure they will respond. You have to purchase a blog pass to read it. I hope this answers your questions. I heart her she's my idol.

Well thank you for answering Chlo ! I can totzlly understand why she's your idol she seems to a be very hardworking and focused. My only regret is we know so litte about her ! I wish I could see more photos of her and her fabulous life! maybe her personal bog has more interesting stuff !

By the way I've never heard of Rue du Bac is it a famous brand? Do you own any Chlo?

no its not famous.. AND OMG! no way .. the Rue du bac is like over a million dollars for the bag. I have a budget but one day i hope :)

This comment was deleted.

This comment was deleted.

Hey Chlo, you said Taysha's Rue du Bac collection is amazing. Could you ask her to post some photos of her colection ?

No new photos for us Chlo? I tried to subscribe to Tay's facebook as well but she did not answer...

I'm working on it lize :D !!

So what is going on with Taysha, apparently her profile got deleted on Faebook and she does not tweet anymore... Has she been exposed?

Hi Lize. She deleted her profile on facebook (which she said she would do months ago) and if you read her tweets she said she would be leaving twitter and facebook after her kindle books came out . Which she did . They came out in July and August. She's always on TAYng.com and she is always on DailyOATness.mobi . Mobile Search is the New Black. She's not hidden, she's just quiet and she tells everything in detail in her books. If you read her kindle books you always know what's going on new. I hope that helps Lize. :)

There's something I don't understand why do I need to PAY to get info or get in touch with this girl? Her tayng subscription is like $1000 a year!! Are you kidding me ?? I'm sorry to say but this woman is FRAUD... She owns a private jet really and SEVERAL bugatti veyrons ?? And oh she wants to have a Hermes bag named after her ??? Are you serious? And what is this "de ames" stuff? Is she of Sapnish descent ?
Chlo I need some explanation, prove to me that this woman is not a fake ! Sorry

Lize you personally dont have to pay anything. No one is holding a gun to your head. You have every right NOT to join TAYng. and yes TAYng is $55 a year upwards of over $1,800 , so what!. Anywho If you hate Taysha's style of doing business thats fine then you have every right not to join anything that she offers. It's not your GOD given right to have content and socialize on the Internet for free. Thank your lucky starts for coolspotters but not every experience will be free on the Internet. And who said "she" wanted a Hermes bag named after her? Have you ever heard her speak? No .. so why so much anger lol. It gets you know were . It was her supporters who named the bag after her. She does not control what other people say about her. BTW she has a bag named after her from her OWN brand as well. Anyways, dear Lize you are reading what you want to read and interpreting things totally out of context. And your anger and demands are just silly . How do i know you are not a fake? A fraud? You could be a silly hater who is mad that you can't get information about her for free. Mad that you can't engage with her for free. Dont get mad! get TAYng! lol. How do i know anyone on this earth , heck anyone profiled on coolspotters is real or fake? Unless i engage and talk with them and/or experience what they have to offer. But i wont question their "realness" and call them frauds because I don't know anything about them. I learn soemthing new here all the time! Its a fun site. Life is not a music video Lize. Not everyone is an entertainer. So different people share their lives differently . Taysha is just private. That's her style. If you want to know about her then pay 2 play like everyone else . If not .. you take what little you can get and find for free. You have a choice . But no need to get angry and silly. I do my best updating this page with the little public info there is about her. But there is no law that says you as a non customer of hers must have the right to know anything about her. So again, if you don't like the fact that you have to PAY . Then don't! This is a free country .. And if you read her books or joined TAYng.mobi you would have the answers to the "de ames stuff? " etc . Have a good one Lize. Coolspotters.com is a great platform . I hope you continue to enjoy yourself here. I know i will. Best -Chlo

hey lize....
i am on TAYng and you soooo need to be there! you will learn a lot...especially the fact that she is a real person with real businesses.
I met chlo through taysha and you def cant make that up! they are both sweet as pie! $55 is like 15cents a day to TAYng!

@ chlo....and yes there will be a T for that....

Thank you both for answering.
Chlo I'm going to ask you a HUGE favor :) I do not wish to buy Taysha's book or join Tayng but I'm really interested as to why she calls herself "de ames"... And I'm sure you've read her books and can give me an answer. I guess I have to "pay to play", the problem is I really don't want to spend money on her... So I'm asking you as a favor...Can you please tell me ?

Lize i answered your question in my last reply.

Oh and about the Hermes Bag I went on one of her myspace pages and it said this : " My current crush is the HERMES bag formally known as the "Lindy" bag , new dubbed the 'TAY' bag. The goal of this page is to get HERMES to rename this'Lindy'bag for GG Gen Y. We don't know Lindy ? But those in the GlobalGilded Gen Y know, know Tay. Taysha S. Valez is times , affluent, young, and oat ( original and timeless). " I mean come on ! Why would Hermes name a bag after her, nobody knows her !!!

That above quote is from this page here. http://www.myspace.com/hermestaybag . That's not Taysha's page its a supporters page. Just because you don't support her that does not mean others don't. If you have no interest move on. No where did Taysha herself say anything about Hermes naming a bag after her. But like i said in my last post you seem to read what you want to read. And because you can't get the detailed info you want about her free, you are taking everything out of context. Quoting FAN pages etc. It was one of her supporters who named the bag after her. The dubbed it! because they were inspired to buy it after seeing Taysha with it. http://www.myspace.com/hermestaybag . Taysha is the epitome of relatively obscure. Is she Famous to the critical masses? No she is not and that is actually a good thing not a bad thing. Is she famous to a mobile niche of people who share common interest around the world? Yes she is. And that is what makes her cool. And if you have no interest in her and don't want to spend your money on her as you say then move on. There are plenty of other niches in the sea. Have a good one. - Best Chlo

Anyways I'm leaving the community ! I hope you guys have fun and I wish you luck ! Bye everyone

It's been a long time !!! This site has grown so much in 5 years.

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