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thanks for that info!!! :)

no problem :) sorry about the post!!

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

hey yup sorry i forgot to add you as a friend :) will do now!

Hey :)
For the Vegas & Mia top, check twilightgirl141 lj or mimilou LJ if you"re friend with her. ^^

I dont have a friend request from you on FB!


Remake of J Crew Professor Cardigan. Asking $55

what size is it? :)

Who is the remake by? And what's the underarm to underarm measurement?

GReat I see you got it add me to your LJ so I can see i'm Luccita

I did get it :) Okay I am adding you right now Lucca.

Can you do $40? I only ask because it's on sale for $59 at the store.

The cardigan sold about 3 weeks ago..Ill be posting more sellings when I get back to my apartment after winter break. Ill be selling an Aerie Sweater that looks similar to the inhabit sweater..I'll also be selling a couple Splendid tops.



French Connection Dress Red/Black UK Size 8




lol, i do have the girls version in XS! im keeping it though, lol. was looking for a back up but the mens XS is huge on me


SELLING!!! Hollister Plaid Alt (worn once) Originally bought from natsuame(kris) for 35- Asking less then what I paid: $25 SIZE XS


SELLING!! Inhabit alt by Aerie SIZE XS: Asking $15

Hey! I tried again on your LJ and its still not working for me.... I'm not sure what it is but, LJ has been a little wonky lately.

Hey love! was that girl HPlove talking ***** about me? I posted about her annoyingness under your blast about her.

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