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Hennes & Mauritz AB (operating as H&M), is a Swedish clothing company, known for its inexpensive and fashionable clothing offerings for women, men, teenagers and children. H&M has more than 1,500 stores in 28 different countries and has more than 68,000 employees.


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Bought a hoodie from H&M about a year ago, still looks brand new because of the quality!

my favorite store in the whole wide world, the've got everything (:

mine. too.

i love it. it's my favorite !!

LOVE, LOVE My H&M 200 Denier Black Opaque Tights XL. These are THE COMFIEST, STRETCHY and STRONG Black Opaque Tights, I've Ever Worn among THE KABILLIONS in My Lifetime! I Recommend Wearing Them and HIGH FIVE KUDOS from My Two Loving Statuesque Daughters, Loving Statuesque Sister and Four Loving Statuesque Granddaughter Posse. Thank You, H&M. Kirstin

If anyone is interested in the Lana Del Rey angora blend jumper I am selling one brand new with tags still attached! Message me if you're interested!

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