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E.C. Star, founded in 1994, is a classy, punk/mod inspired brand of hip womens apparel. Over the years, E.C. Star has stayed true to its roots, drawing from the SoCal OC scene, and makes its own statement within the industry. We strive to be different, to constantly evolve, to produce... Read More


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Where are all the ec star stores located?!!

How do I contact ec star? I've paid for an item 2 months ago but never received it and they are not answering any of my messages.

Hey guys, just wanted to leave a message here for anyone else who has been confused by the whole EC STAR/Nuns with Guns hoodie thing.
The website for EC STAR (as linked above by infragoblin) is still technically "running" but no one mans it. SO DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT SITE.
From what I have read, the owner of the business abandoned the website and the business without warning.
EC STAR is NO LONGER and a Nuns With Guns hoodie can only be bought second hand!

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