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Parents are Drawing with Children, the Results are Amazing!

Drawing is an activity all parents should use to help develop their children’s cognitive functions, psychomotor functions, creativity and also to have fun and bond with them. A child’s drawing can tell a lot about their thinking, emotions and experiences they are exposed to. Children draw what they know and how they think of the things they know therefore their drawings are an expression of everything they have inside and an easy and cool things to draw collection could help a great deal in this endeavor.

Happiness, anger, love, intelligence and coordination are some of the things that can easily be seen from a child’s drawing. A parent can easily use a child’s drawing to help learn more about them and also to assist nurture their drawing talent when the kids are passionate about drawing.
Children drawings mean a lot to the parents especially when the emotions expressed by the child are those of love towards the family and happiness. These drawings can be framed and placed in the house or in the child’s room. Some parents have gone further to have tattoos of drawings made by their children. The drawings are also sometimes used as fridge stickers. Framing and displaying the drawings help to boost the confidence of the child and helps them to express themselves freely. To help boost the confidence of the children “The Monster Project” for example takes children monster drawings and recreates them into complete drawings and sends them back to the children.

Children’s drawings can help to change the entire family or different family members depending on how the child depicts a family photo. Psychologists have shown that if a child draws a family photo and a member of the family is missing then something is amiss. Also if a child’s photos are always drawn in red and black ink only this could be a sign of anger and/or depression. The child may also show anger and aggressiveness when drawing some people showing dislike towards them. It is therefore important for the parent to observe the child as they draw together. Dislike towards a family member, animal, pet or an activity that the children are subjected to is an honest emotion for them. Parents should therefore speak with their children about it and also use the child’s future drawings to see if they have changed the way they used to feel.

Drawing together also helps the parents to communicate with their children. Doing so often makes the parents best friends with their children. Since a child’s pictures might just be sticks or very unclear it is therefore imperative that the parent asks the child to explain what is happening in the picture. The child and the parent are therefore able to communicate with each other. This gives a platform for the parent to also learn what the child is acquiring from the various experiences they are subjected to in the family, school and community as a whole.
Parents drawing with their children is an activity that can yield amazing results in the family as well as in the drawing skills of the child. Guiding the child during the process helps them to harness their skills making them better artists in the future.

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