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Is iGaming the Leading Mobile App Trend for 2017?

Is iGaming the Leading Mobile App Trend for 2017?

Every year, battle rages on the app arena as the big boys in the world of tech battle it out with the little guys to become the newest app to dominate our smartphones. Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all, obviously, been big hitters in this world, but these days breakthrough apps need to offer something a little bit special to set them apart from the masses.

As with Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp, many popular apps revolve around one thing: communication. However, this is not always the case. Think back to 2016 and you may remember that the clear on-trend app was Pokemon Go, which became a global craze as the game was downloaded over 650 million times. It also managed to bring Pokemon back firmly into the mainstream after a long stretch where it was perceived as slightly uncool.

Move forward to 2017 and gaming still appears to be where it’s at. This year’s trend seems to firmly sit with the world of iGaming – online casino, betting and similar games, in other words – which could be about to take off and occupy the title as the coolest app on your phone. A recent article in Ottawa Life detailed the extent to which iGaming is in the ascendency in Canada at the moment, growth driven by the fact that iGaming taps into the reason why many people pick up their phones to enjoy some gaming in the first place: to play in short, multiple bursts without worrying about putting a time-consuming game down and starting it up again later.

Which Games Are Driving Growth?

If you think about the logistics of going into a physical casino to gamble, some people feel put off by the fear that they won’t know what they’re doing, and won’t know what game to choose. In contrast to this, online, choice rules. Sites like present gamers with a wide array of choices to pick from that are suitable for playing either on their mobile devices or at home, embracing themes like Tomb Raider that they are already familiar with.

Although games like Tomb Raider might appeal to the slightly older generation who remember this game with fondness, other sites like are helping to make slots more appealing to those interested in more modern shows, cinema and the like, with moves such as the release of the Game of Thrones slot, which offers 253 ways to win in addition to sounds, characters and the overall atmosphere of the record-breaking popular television series.

“The Iron Throne” by Elroy Serrao (CC BY-SA 2.0)
What this shows is that the growth of iGaming is being driven by multiple demographics, with slots and other mobile iGaming options benefiting from the increased appeal of games like poker and roulette, which have been made all the more popular again by recent popular culture (take the James Bond movie, Casino Royale, as an example of a movie which helped to make the world of gambling glamorous again).

So, Why in Canada?

Perhaps one reason why iGaming is taking off to such an extent in Canada is because of the fact that more and more provinces are looking to make it easier for people to access these kinds of games. With the global trend already heading this way, and with Canada now opening up the market so that more and more gaming companies can operate properly, it does seem that when it comes to the potential “in” thing in the app world in 2017, iGaming is where the key lies.

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