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Tousle Me Softly

When I heard that the new Tousle Me Softly hair products line from Herbal Essences was going to be sponsoring Coolspotters through October, I took advantage of the opportunity to give it a try. My hair is naturally straight, and it often has that “heavy look”, especially in the humid Connecticut summers, so I was definitely intrigued by something that offered to give my locks a naturally tousled look.

I tried the Tousle Me Softly Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray Gel, Mousse, and Finishing Touch Cream – on different days and in different combinations. In the end, I found my perfect mixture: After using the shampoo and conditioner, which both had a scent I couldn’t get enough of, I’d start with a light base of the Spray Gel, and then add in a few gentle dabs of the Finishing Cream. After using a curling iron to add a few light waves, I was amazed at how soft and lively my locks looked, but I contained my excitement until I could see how it would hold up after a few hours in the sun.

My newly discovered tousle lasted incredibly long, and I was able to extend the look right into the evening by adding a bit more of the Finishing Cream mid-way through the day. Even after a swim or playing in the park with a couple of lively young boys, I was amazed that I could regain a look that works as well at the office as it does at a barbecue with friends. Picture True Blood’s Anna Paquin or maybe Kate Hudson. It’s never sticky, it’s always soft, and I’d finally found a fresh style I could replicate day after day. I’m so excited that they’re joining us on Coolspotters because it’s a product that I believe in and love to use!

Jennifer (

Jennifer Maxwell ()
Senior Fashion Editor