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5 Celebrities Who Also Love Investing

We don’t usually think of celebrities as being financially savvy. There’s a stereotype of the careless celeb who has more money than he or she needs and spends on whatever enters his or her little head. In certain cases this is true. Nic Cage lost millions from neglecting to pay income tax for years. Burt Reynolds faced foreclosure on his Florida home after failing to pay his mortgage for a year. Marvin Gaye had to file for bankruptcy when he couldn’t pay alimony after his divorce.

But that does not ring true for every celebrity. In fact, some are not just good at keeping their money, but are adept at growing it too.

There are many ways to make money through investing, including Forex trading which probably has the best trading platform available for free. This is how 5 celebs went about investing their money.

1. Ashton Kutcher

He played the epitome of a man too wealthy to know what to do with his money on the later seasons of Two And A Half Men. Well, he’s actually rolling in it in reality, and not just owing to his acting career. He’s made a lot of money in the private equity business, and boasts a portfolio including investments in AirBNB, Skype, FourSquare, and DuoLingo.

2. William Shatner

The original Captain Kirk took on the role as negotiator of the Priceline Group Inc. for stock options instead of pay. This decision paid off in a big way. He sold his shares before the dot-com bubble and, according to some reports, made $600 million. However, Shatner disputes that figure, while acknowledging that he did make a big windfall.

3. Bono

He has to get money for all his philanthropy from somewhere, and it’s not from forcing an album on every single Apple user. He’s involved in private equity, as a founder of Elevation Partners which holds equity in Facebook and Yelp. He also co-owns The Clarence, an upscale hotel in Dublin.

4. Will Ferrell

He has probably never played the role of a good investor on our screens, but in real life he has made some excellent financial decisions. By pouring money into Funny Or Die, he not only won an Emmy but ended up with a website worth between $100 and $300 million. It does not look like he will sell any time soon either, instead choosing to hold on to this still booming comedy mainstay.

5. Magic Johnson

You may know him as one of the most prolific players in NBA history. But since his retirement from the sport, he has founded a holding company called Magic Johnson Enterprises. Aside from all the money he’s made investing in restaurants and health clubs, he has also invested in community, partnering with Starbucks way back in 1998 to develop in new areas.

Celebrities may not seem like financial role models, but some have truly used their wealth wisely, and have shown that fortune does not have to go to waste even for those who live the high life.

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Parents are Drawing with Children, the Results are Amazing!

Drawing is an activity all parents should use to help develop their children’s cognitive functions, psychomotor functions, creativity and also to have fun and bond with them. A child’s drawing can tell a lot about their thinking, emotions and experiences they are exposed to. Children draw what they know and how they think of the things they know therefore their drawings are an expression of everything they have inside and an easy and cool things to draw collection could help a great deal in this endeavor.

Happiness, anger, love, intelligence and coordination are some of the things that can easily be seen from a child’s drawing. A parent can easily use a child’s drawing to help learn more about them and also to assist nurture their drawing talent when the kids are passionate about drawing.
Children drawings mean a lot to the parents especially when the emotions expressed by the child are those of love towards the family and happiness. These drawings can be framed and placed in the house or in the child’s room. Some parents have gone further to have tattoos of drawings made by their children. The drawings are also sometimes used as fridge stickers. Framing and displaying the drawings help to boost the confidence of the child and helps them to express themselves freely. To help boost the confidence of the children “The Monster Project” for example takes children monster drawings and recreates them into complete drawings and sends them back to the children.

Children’s drawings can help to change the entire family or different family members depending on how the child depicts a family photo. Psychologists have shown that if a child draws a family photo and a member of the family is missing then something is amiss. Also if a child’s photos are always drawn in red and black ink only this could be a sign of anger and/or depression. The child may also show anger and aggressiveness when drawing some people showing dislike towards them. It is therefore important for the parent to observe the child as they draw together. Dislike towards a family member, animal, pet or an activity that the children are subjected to is an honest emotion for them. Parents should therefore speak with their children about it and also use the child’s future drawings to see if they have changed the way they used to feel.

Drawing together also helps the parents to communicate with their children. Doing so often makes the parents best friends with their children. Since a child’s pictures might just be sticks or very unclear it is therefore imperative that the parent asks the child to explain what is happening in the picture. The child and the parent are therefore able to communicate with each other. This gives a platform for the parent to also learn what the child is acquiring from the various experiences they are subjected to in the family, school and community as a whole.
Parents drawing with their children is an activity that can yield amazing results in the family as well as in the drawing skills of the child. Guiding the child during the process helps them to harness their skills making them better artists in the future.

How do you see these epic endeavors? Would love to hear from you !

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LCB – A School for Gamblers

Staying on the right course of gambling success takes more than a tap on the shoulder from lady luck. Advice from fellow players is always a plus, but a reliable mentor is imperative in keeping on the right track of your gambling path. It is easy to get lost and fall deep into the abyss when there is a sea of casino affiliates claiming “we are the one”. Weeding out the best from the rest may seem more like a job better suited for a professional gambling wizard but it is easier than you think.

1 (better known as LCB by its members) at a glance paints an undeniable picture of a massive website that covers every nook and cranny in the gaming industry. It didn’t happen overnight to build a catalog of this magnitude. Established in 2006 with a very small team in tow it steadily thrived as internet players gradually caught on to how valuable the site was.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year is the manifestation of endless hours per day spent in expanding this boundless empire. Joshua Chan founder of LCB and his gang of associates with the company have been quite occupied with rolling out some huge improvements to LCB. It is committed to distributing an abundance of data that promises a simpler search tool so that every stone is overturned with ease. Filter options can tailor your specific searches down to the smallest details.

The web design has a one-of-a-kind artistic flair worth mentioning. A coat of many colors explodes across the pages with the same natural attraction as the brilliant colors on a casino floor. It has an undeniable wow factor that stands on its own with a look that has the excitement only a gambler would appreciate. All the while it has kept in tack the original origins for quality and commitment to players.

Creating Educated Gamblers

The focus of LCB is to deliver unbiased information for honest straightforward content. It is the guardian and protector who is not afraid to tell-it-like-it-is mentality for less than desirable business practices from casino operators. Quality attributes are pointed out on reviews as well as the negative aspects that’s an important part in determining the integrity and will aid in determining where to play. If an online casino has been blacklisted a pop-up message will appear when trying to access it suggesting an alternative site. This watchdog is the informant who will expose casinos using fraudulent software, predatory terms & conditions, non-payment and delayed cash-outs. The Warning page is unique by categorizing the severity of rogue casinos into four specific groups including Blacklisted, Warning, Probation and Closed.

Player comments and ratings are also a significant part in decision making. Friendly moderators lend a helping hand when an issue or question arises. Any unresolved problems can be taken up with direct casino support reps that are available to handle any concerns. It is also not uncommon for admins to offer assistance when needed.

Branch out and learn the ins and outs of a game that has been unexplored and receive helpful tips to hone your skills. There are a number of games that are fully explained and also give great advice from some of the most experienced players in the industry. Many of these games are available in free play to practice until your hearts content to perfect your personal skills.

A Casino Magazine That Covers it All

What is immeasurable is the sheer volume and magnitude of LCB. Let’s put it this way if it was a full length featured film it would need umpteen sequels to cover everything this affiliate site has to offer! It is impossible to cover it all with over 90,491 memberships, 346,071 posts on the forum and 20,907 topics, numbers that continue to grow daily.


Some of the most popular features include:

Exclusive Bonuses and Contests
Best Casinos
Casino Software Directory
Free Games
Industry News




The forum has a charming community of members, some which have been there since the conception of the site. The General section is where members congregate and discuss everything from soup to nuts! For gaming it is all-inclusive with topics like Casinos, No Deposit Bonuses, Exclusives Bonuses, Contests, Tournaments, Land Casinos, New Slot releases and Direct Casino Support.

New enhancements richen the site with sections like Bitcoins, Seal of Approval Casinos, Guides, Personal Dashboard and so much more.

Participation Appreciation

It is one thing to thank customers but as the old catchphrase says “put your money where your mouth is” and that is exactly what LCB does. It is one of the most giving affiliates out there and spoiling members is second nature.

Contests – monthly exclusive contests are available monthly awarding members with LCB credits.

LCB Shop – Here you’ll find great rewards that can be purchased with credits earned through participation. Gifts include free spins from casinos, no deposit bonuses, vouchers, cash and LCB items.


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Five Cool Gifts for Your Dad This Father’s Day

In case you have forgotten, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Yup, Sunday June 18th. If you have not yet gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day, do not worry! We have come up with a list of five cool ideas of gifts to give to your dad to show him how much you appreciate him.

Online casino account


Do not be boring. Think out of the box. No more ties and chocolates. Why not treat your dad to an online casino account at a Canadian online casino. Load his account with a generous deposit to set him up for some big wins! Dad will be sure to enjoy this thoughtful and original gift that will let him play his favourite casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. But remember to ask your mom for help in setting this up if you are not legally old enough to do so yourself.

A day of adventure


Why not create a fun filled day for you and your dad to have together. Focus the day around activities that he either already enjoys or will have fun trying for the first time. Good ideas include abseiling, golf, river rafting, clay pigeon shooting, a cooking course, or a hike to somewhere with a breath-taking view.

Whiskey or wine


It’s a very traditional gift, for sure, but if you do some research about the best whiskey and wine in your area, you can potentially get your dad a real special treat of a gift that he will definitely enjoy. If you live near any local vineyards, take a trip there and get some advice from the resident sommelier.

Candle lit dinner


This works incredibly well if you have siblings to enlist help from. Plan, prepare, cook and serve a candle lit dinner for your dad and mum to enjoy together. Take out the fanciest china and set up a beautiful table for your parents. Your dad works very hard, so this is a lovely, thoughtful way to let him have some quality time with your mom and not have to worry about cooking. Make sure to cook a three course meal for this special occasion. Look up recipes online to help you create the perfect menu. Be sure to include some of his favourite foods to make sure he knows how much effort you have put into the evening.

Go tech crazy


If you have a bit more money to spend on dad, why not treat him to one of the latest tech toys on the market? Try matching the gift to his interests or hobbies. If he is athletic and takes his fitness seriously, think about getting him a Fitbit that will help him track his daily activity and sleep patterns. If dad isn’t into the active life so much, other great options include a Virtual Reality headset or a Bluetooth tracking tag key ring so that he will never lose his keys ever again!

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5 Most Effective Fashion Tips That Every Man Should Know

Fashion is not only a woman’s cup of tea and every man should know that well. Well, the logic behind such a statement is that whenever there arises a topic of being fashionable all that what comes in anyone’s mind is a stunningly dressed gorgeous lady walking down the lane. But, that should not be the scenario always!! Men should very well understand that fashion is something that they should follow as well because everyone will not like to get along with a guy who is not dressed smartly and do not carry himself well. And why not follow trend when you can buy fashionable clothes and accessories while saving huge bucks? Well, all thanks goes to the exhilarating money-saving offers like marks and spencer £ 80 voucher!!

But, only piling up your closet with stylish and up-to-the-minute everything doesn’t serve your purpose of looking like a style icon. It needs more!! And here I am today with such fruitful five fashion tips that if you follow in your day-to-day life will definitely do wonders for you!!

Take a glance over!!

1. Your supporting pieces are important

The rule of the thumb is that your dresses should have a contrast with each other. You should always pay attention to the fact that your top and bottom parts are matching. For example, if you’re wearing a fluffy, chunky and rugged jumpsuit then make sure that you’ve paired it up with a rugged pant too or a cargo or even a jeans but never wear it with a silk-and-wool suit pant.

2. Don’t go for shopping alone

The sales people in various stores works for a commission most of the time, so if you go for shopping alone then it’s sure that you’ll end up spending huge bucks. It’s because you’ll have no one to help you decide the right dress at an appropriate price. That’s why always try that you shop with a friend who will give you an honest opinion in everything.

3. Make sure that you’re a notch above

You should be sure enough that you’re not overdoing it to a fault but take care of the fact that you’re taking some risks. It’s because isn’t it good that you’re a bit overdressed than being underdressed? Just all that what you’ve to do is to think where and who you’re going with and stay a bit towards the upper level. But, make sure that if you’re in an official meeting then you’re not dressed in a more stylish way than your boss.

4. Invest on your shoes

The first thing that a woman notices in you is your shoes. Especially the cleanliness and sharpness of it. But, most of the guys are not well-versed with this fact. They wash and press their clothes regularly but disregard their shoes. So, don’t do that. Always maintain an image of a man with a great taste by wearing a great and pristine pair of shoes.

5. Don’t go for the brand names always

When you go for a shopping for yourself make sure you don’t act like Patrick Bateman! So, before you decide to purchase anything make sure that you ask yourself whether you’re buying it only for the brand-name or because you love the quality and the design. You should always buy such things even without a logo. Just understand that quality doesn’t always depend on the tags!!

So, if you’re someone who wants to looks stylish and attractive when you enter a party scene or office then make sure that you’ve incorporated the aforementioned things. On doing that, you’ll certainly turn everyone around you absolutely jaw-dropped.

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Cute Layered Bob. Rihanna Style

Today Bob hairstyles become more and more popular among women. It is known as one of the best short hairstyles for weak half of mankind. Bob hairstyles appeared for women to accent their femininity and beauty and to attract man`s attention to them.

You know that feeling when more you look at Bob hairstyles the more you start loving them. Are you interested why does it happen? What is a layered bob? And who of our celebrities prefers to wear a layered bob over all other hairdos? Of course, you’d like to know!

Every woman wants to look fresh and relaxed all the time. Here Bob hairstyles provide help. It doesn’t mean that Bob haircuts make you look better than any other hairdos but it means that bob haircuts give you the opportunity to change your look and be always chic and smart. Anyway what type of the bob hairstyle you prefer. Remember the main thing Bob is pretty, timeless and universal. It fit all hair types and looks equally good with curly, wavy and straight hair. Such haircut is available with any hair lengths and styles. It can fit well with every face shape. Picking out a bob hairdo you’ll show that you’re ready to experiment with your image as this wonderful style allows you to be trendy and constantly change the way you look.

One of the most popular bob hairstyles is a layered bob. Layering gives extra lightness and extra volume to your hair. Thus, paradoxically, such an easy haircut can make your look so diverse and gorgeous.

By the way, if you wear a layered bob (no matter how long it is) you need just run your fingers through your hair in the morning and that’s about all you can do to style your pretty haircut. What a great thing! And it doesn’t take much time in front of the mirror! Don’t be afraid and try on!

Another thing of this hairstyle that makes it so interesting for us is bangs. It also can vary this hairstyle a lot. Layered, asymmetrical, side swept or full bangs help you to have a fabulous look. Bangs and a layered bob can become a mind-blowing combination.

So, a layered bob is still so widespread and trendy because it allows you trying on a lot of different haircuts without damaging your hair and saving your time. And one of the big lovers of the layered bob is a pop singer and just celebrity Rihanna.

Everyone knows how much Rihanna really loves bob hairstyles and you know that short hairstyles are in fashion now. Her layered bob haircuts are always unique and she looks like a real star on the red carpet. Her glamorous and cute bob haircuts are known around the world as the Rihanna style.

Here you`ll find the best-layered bob hairdos from Rihanna which definitely inspire you to wear a layered bob haircut immediately as one of them will surely become your favorite. Look at and get pleasure!

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So Many Slots: Have Some Fun at Euro Palace 2016-05-24 14-30-16

If you are looking for a new form of entertainment, or have some free time on your hands and want to have fun, AND stand the chance of winning big: then look no further than the huge number of slots games available at . Euro Palace has an impressive collection of slots games for you to choose from, so it is worth having a look to see if the benefits and services offered by Euro Palace are what you are looking for in an online casino.


Cool Themes


Sometimes it feels like you cannot find a game that specifically appeals to your likes and interests. This is not the case with slots games. There are so many to choose from, all with different themes and characters. Euro Palace makes sure to offer as many good quality, fun slots games as possible so that you are guaranteed to find one that resonates with you as a person. Whether you like games with a theme of horror, traditional casino, animals, sports or even dinosaurs –Euro Palace has you covered!


Welcome Offers


When you are new to the site, you get a welcome gift. This comes in the form of 100 free spins, as well as $500 in free bets. These welcome bonuses are spread out across your first three deposits. With your first deposit, you are awarded 20 free spins on Lucky Koi, and your first deposit will be matched up to $150. Then, when you are ready to make your second deposit, you get an additional 30 free spins on the High Society game. Once again, you will have your deposit matched, this time at 50%, for up to a total of $350. And then on your third deposit, you are given a generous 50 free spins on Immortal Romance. Not only are these welcome bonuses such a nice gesture, they also really set you up to maximise your earnings in the long term, with less money being risked on your part. Having free spins on three different games is great too, because you can try them out for free and see which one you like the best.


Compatibility for Convenience


Euro Palace is compatible with a number of devices: PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Apple, Android, or Blackberry –you need not worry, all have been made especially compatible. This means that you can play your slots at your computer, or on a mobile device depending on what is most convenient for you as the player.


Promotions and Loyalty Rewards


These are two extra aspects of Euro Palace’s online casino that are designed to give you the best chances of earning more money. There is usually one big promotion happening at any given time. You can win money, or even a getaway vacation! And then there is the loyalty rewards program. You will automatically be signed up for this when you create an account which is a bonus, because you do not have to go to the effort of an additional sign up. And if that isn’t enough on its own, you also get given 2 500 loyalty points free to start you off!

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Flirt.Com – Flirtatious Fun For Single People!

Meeting new people has never been easier because using a dating site such as puts members in touch with other like-minded people. Meeting new people in the traditional way has always been a tricky task because getting to know people and starting a conversation can often feel awkward and embarrassing. However, removes any of this pressure and embarrassment by putting its members in control of who they meet, how they meet and when they meet. There are more options available when using a flirting site as opposed to meeting people in a bar or club and that is what makes online dating an appealing prospect for people of all ages.

When you have access to the profiles of hundreds of members at the click of a button you will soon realise that online dating and flirting with others who want the same thing, can be fun and interesting.

What Does Flirt.Com Aim to Offer Members

Dating takes time, there is no denying that, but Flirt.Com aims to make it as simple as possible. This is why the site is aimed at singles who want to meet others in an environment that encourages socialising, chatting and getting to know others a lot better.

Beginning that initial conversation is simple and because arrangements can be made quickly, members will be meeting potential partners and other singles in no time at all. That is how Flirt.Com works. Communication is key and that is how members get to know each other and that is why getting to know other people is encouraged from the very beginning.

Why is Online Dating So Popular?

The question to ask here is why wouldn’t it be popular? Online dating is aimed at making life a lot simpler for singles who want to meet other singles. Every feature that comes with Flirt.Com is aimed at putting members at ease so that they can get to know others in a way that makes them comfortable. Sure, you could go out and meet people but there is no guarantee that you will find that special someone and that is why online dating is so popular. Where else would you have access to thousands of attractive individuals all in one place?

The thing to remember is that everyone uses an online dating site for the same reason – to flirt, have fun, date and chat with people who could be their next partner. The excitement is unreal and once the adrenaline and love chemicals are released, people quickly realise just how good online dating really is. All members need is a criteria and some idea of who they are looking for and they are on their way to finding Mr or Mrs Right.

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Considering online dating is no longer a new concept and the fact that millions take part in online dating, it is safe to say that it really does work. Dating online by using the likes of Flirt.Com makes everything so simple and smooth. The statistics are there to prove that people who date online can actually go on and form solid relationships that lead to marriage. In fact, those relationships that are formed online are said to be happier and last longer than many of those that are formed offline. So clearly, you can see that online dating really does work.

Flirt.Com Offers a Safe Way to Flirt

Flirting online is safe, in fact, it is safer than meeting random strangers in a bar or club. It makes it possible for people to browse members from the comfort of their home or even at the office on their smartphone. Regardless of how members use the site, they are in control of who they chat to and how and when they meet. This makes those people, who find offline dating an uncomfortable experience, feel like they can engineer the situation to suit their requirements. Offline dating certainly does not offer this element of control and assurance.

Meet People Instantly

The real beauty of online dating is that the groundwork can be carried out quickly. It is possible to view profiles and decide who you want to chat with efficiently and you could even meet someone on your lunch break or after work that very same day. Many people have met their future partners by meeting up with them in just a few hours while others have formed relationships based on not only their looks but also their interests. This is why online dating is so unique.

Flirt.Com brings people together so they can share the excitement and enjoyment that comes with meeting new people and that is something that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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