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Spotted on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

Editor’s note: Katherine Janiszewski is a new Fashion Intern at Fanzter, the makers of Coolspotters. Katherine has a passion for fashion and will be writing a series of posts here on the Coolspotters blog and welcomes your feedback. 

About a week ago Vanity Fair came out with its annual best dressed list, and of those on it some were expected, some you have never heard of and a few were nowhere to be found. In honor of the list I created one of my own. Three people I love, two who I was surprised by, and one that I feel is missing.

Three Loves


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

No, I have not just jumped onto the bandwagon of royalty obsession. Kate’s style is divine. She not only dresses like a princess when duty calls, but she knows how to dress as a commoner as well. This was on display for everyone at the Olympics when she frequented the games. She is one of the few that can go from a McQueen gown to a pair of jeans and look effortless in both. Kate never looks as thought she’s trying too hard. Too many in Hollywood fall into that trap too frequently. It’s one of the beauties of Kate. Her appearance on the best-dressed list is not a shock but it is well deserved.

 Kate Middleton and Whiteley Taupe Hat

Diane Kruger

I admit it: I have loved her since National Treasure. I have also loved her style that long. Similar to Kate, she is someone who looks great (and comfortable) in jeans or modeling in a Dior gown. I admire women who can move so easily between casual and evening. Some of my favorite looks of hers this year were at the Cannes Film festival in the Chanel blue dress and the Dior black and white gown. Both had full skirts that did not seem to consume her but were well proportioned with her frame. I admire her for knowing how to dress her body.


Léa Seydoux

This lovely lady is someone who I had to search for because, honestly, I didn’t really know who she was. But with a little bit of research and going through all of her spots I have to say I admire her style, along with her love of Prada. Although one of her best looks has to be the Elie Saab gown worn to the Berlinale Film Festival. It is elegant and it looks better on her then it did on the runway without the silly little belt. I love her style because it is hard to pin down, but that’s okay since she seems to pull off everything!



Two Surprises


Fan Bingbing

Undoubtedly this girl has got style. But to me her style looks a lot like costumes sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing extravagant gowns and outfits but it comes to a point when I would rather see a beauty like this wear more flattering garments, more often. She is well dressed (most of the time), I would be a fool to deny that but from where I stand I don’t see the best-dressed aspect.


Jessica Chastain

I have similar feelings to Fan as I do to Jessica. I do think she is well dressed but some things she wears don’t flatter her, as they should. Also she hardly ever “wows” me. Yet again I don’t doubt she has style, but for a best dressed list, I want to be wowed. When you are that gorgeous I want you to flatter your figure!


One Missing


Emma Stone

This girl is extremely versatile. She can go from a redhead to a blond and back again without missing a beat. She also has a style that does everything too. She is yet again one of the women I personally admire because she can move so well between casual and evening wear. So in between the stalking paparazzi and the photographers on the red carpet she looks good either way. I will reiterate that to me that is the mark of a best dressed. Unfortunately she wasn’t included this year but hopefully she will continue to prove herself.


No matter what, style is just based on your opinions! You might love these women or not but one of my favorite things about style, everyone has their own! That concludes my list, but feel free to disagree! I would love to hear your feedback!

Katherine Janiszewski ()
Fashion Intern

The Coolspotters Holiday Gift Guide

Get a jump start on this year’s holiday shopping. Today we’re introducing our 3rd annual Coolspotters Holiday Gift Guide! We’re featuring the very best gifts for him, for her, and for the kids in your life. From clothing to jewelry to gadgets and toys, every product in our guide represents the very best products as spotted by our community and as influenced by your favorite celebs, movies, and TV shows.

Kate Hudson’s sunglasses for your sister? Cruz Beckham’s t-shirt for your nephew? Zac Efron’s jacket for your the man in your life? Coolspotters offers you a new way to find that perfect gift for that special person.

Have fun and happy shopping!!

Jennifer Maxwell ()
Senior Fashion Editor

Coolspotters Beta No More

To borrow a quote from the 1996 film Swingers, “Our little baby’s all grows up!” Having launched 22 months ago, and growing fast ever since, Coolspotters serves millions of pages each month, with visitors from every country in the world (yes, even Tajikistan).

Today we’re removing the “Beta” tag from Coolspotters. Removing “Beta” from the site simply means that you can expect the highest levels of reliability, support, and ongoing innovation. All of the credit for our growth goes to you – the most passionate, knowledgeable, and helpful collection of fashionistas and trendsetters anywhere.

Coolspotters has grown to become the definitive resource for discovering and buying the very latest celebrity fashion, style, and products. With tens of thousands of product & brand profiles, and the most complete directory of celebrities available anywhere, we are proud to offer Coolspotters as the resource it has become for people all around the globe.

Along with the removal of the Beta tag, we want to announce a couple new features:

First off, we recently launched a new Wallpaper section on Coolspotters. This section takes all of the incredible images you’ve uploaded and, through a little magic, enhances them perfectly for your iPhone and iPod touch. You can browse through these beautiful photos, rate them, leave comments, and even download them with our new CoolPapers app. You’ll never have more choices or more fun customizing the home screen of your iPhone or iPod touch.

Secondly, we’ve heard you loud and clear…you want Hairstyles! So, today, we’re announcing the addition of Hairstyles (styles, colors, lengths, cuts) to Coolspotters. Starting now, you can spot your favorite styles from movies and TV, or on your favorite celebs and public figures. You can get to this new section from our main navigation. Enjoy.

On behalf of everyone at Fanzter, I’d like to once again thank YOU, our community. Every day, you make Coolspotters what it is. It’s your site, so please continue to let us know how we can make it better.

Happy Spotting!

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CEO & Co-founder

Coolspotters Rolls Out New E-Commerce Partnership Program


Some of you may have noticed that a few brands are being highlighted in unique ways on the Coolspotters front page, as well as on the individual product profiles for those brands. It’s all related to a new e-commerce partnership program that we rolled out over the last couple of days.

For an exclusive group of celeb-savvy brands, Coolspotters is offering customized commerce links, and users will now be able to purchase products directly from the brand’s own commerce site. We’re excited to be working more closely with brands that define today’s style trends and those that are becoming favorites among today’s hottest celebrities.


So, in case you were wondering why some products have a special “buy it” treatment…this is why. When you see a brand’s logo and a direct “buy it” link (as in the example to the left) then you know that you’re buying directly from the brand you love and trust.

We just wanted you, our users, to know about this new program as it now makes it even easier to buy the products you love. And If you’d like your brand to participate in our Commerce Partnership program, please email us at info@coolspotters.

We hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Don’t forget to check out our gift guide for those last minute purchases.

Happy Shopping!

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder