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The Coolspotters Holiday Gift Guide

Get a jump start on this year’s holiday shopping. Today we’re introducing our 3rd annual Coolspotters Holiday Gift Guide! We’re featuring the very best gifts for him, for her, and for the kids in your life. From clothing to jewelry to gadgets and toys, every product in our guide represents the very best products as spotted by our community and as influenced by your favorite celebs, movies, and TV shows.

Kate Hudson’s sunglasses for your sister? Cruz Beckham’s t-shirt for your nephew? Zac Efron’s jacket for your the man in your life? Coolspotters offers you a new way to find that perfect gift for that special person.

Have fun and happy shopping!!

Jennifer Maxwell ()
Senior Fashion Editor

CoolPapers Serves One Million Wallpaper Downloads

CoolPapers, the ultimate wallpaper app for the iPhone and iPod touch, served its one millionth download today. Read our official post for more details.

Thanks to the entire Coolspotters community. We hope you’re enjoying the app!

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder

Say Hello to CoolPapers!

All of us at Fanzter are excited to announce the launch of CoolPapers!


Built for iPhone and iPod touch users who want to customize the home screen of their device from a library of over 50,000 images, CoolPapers is available for download on the iTunes AppStore starting today! Each photo is optimized for your device, and every user will enjoy the most extensive collection available anywhere of their favorite celebrities, models, movie posters, TV shows, cars, and much more. Every photo on CoolPapers comes from Coolspotters, the world’s top destination for discovering the fashion and style choices of today’s biggest celebs, so new images are added to CoolPapers daily! And for a one-time price of $2.99, users will have full access to every image on CoolPapers, with the flexibility of free and unlimited downloads.

You can also connect CoolPapers with Facebook to share your wallpaper downloads and view the wallpapers your friends have shared. You can instantly email wallpaper suggestions to friends and family. And if you know what you’re looking for, you can easily find wallpapers with CoolPapers’ search.

Check out CoolPapers and never have wallpaper envy again.


Eric Kirsten ()
EVP & Co-founder

Coolspotters Rolls Out New E-Commerce Partnership Program


Some of you may have noticed that a few brands are being highlighted in unique ways on the Coolspotters front page, as well as on the individual product profiles for those brands. It’s all related to a new e-commerce partnership program that we rolled out over the last couple of days.

For an exclusive group of celeb-savvy brands, Coolspotters is offering customized commerce links, and users will now be able to purchase products directly from the brand’s own commerce site. We’re excited to be working more closely with brands that define today’s style trends and those that are becoming favorites among today’s hottest celebrities.


So, in case you were wondering why some products have a special “buy it” treatment…this is why. When you see a brand’s logo and a direct “buy it” link (as in the example to the left) then you know that you’re buying directly from the brand you love and trust.

We just wanted you, our users, to know about this new program as it now makes it even easier to buy the products you love. And If you’d like your brand to participate in our Commerce Partnership program, please email us at info@coolspotters.

We hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Don’t forget to check out our gift guide for those last minute purchases.

Happy Shopping!

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder

Turkey, Football, and…the Coolspotters Gift Guide!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2nd Annual Coolspotters Gift Guide! This year we’re featuring the very best gifts for him, for her, and the kids in your life. From clothing to jewelry to gadgets to toys, every product included in our Guide represents the very best and most popular of ’09, as spotted by our awesome community.

The end result is a wonderful resource that we hope you all take advantage of – to make your holiday shopping a little easier, and to help you find those perfect gifts for your loved ones (or even yourself!).

We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season.

Happy shopping!!

Eric Kirsten ()
EVP & Co-founder

Coolspotters honored by PC Magazine

Coolspotters, was recently ranked by PC Magazinee as one of the “Top Websites of 2009“. We were included in the “Shopping” category, alongside other rising sites such as The Awesomer, Voyij, and HotPads. Others included on the top-100 list include Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Pretty good company!

We were excited to be notified about the honor, but all of the credit goes to our amazing community of Spotters. Thanks to you, Coolspotters really has become the #1 site for discovering the products and brand of our favorite celebs. Coolspotters is your site and this award definitely goes to you! Thank you!!

Eric Kirsten ()
EVP & Co-founder


Coolspotters is now powering “Obamastyle” modules on You can now follow and share information about the lifestyle trends of the President and the First Family right from Newsweek’s front page. Enjoy!

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder

Thank You! Coolspotters has been nominated for an Open Award

Thank you for all the votes! Because of you, Coolspotters is one of the 10 finalists in the Fashion category for the Open Awards. The Open Web Awards recognizes and honors the top achievements of online companies in 26 categories. We could not be happier to be considered one of the web’s major innovators in the Fashion category.

The final round of voting starts now and ends on midnight November 30th.

We would love to have your continued support. You can help us by voting for Coolspotters at

Thanks again for all your support!

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder