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Best Eye Makeup Tutorial To Learn

People have always had a desire to look beautiful, that’s why makeup is so popular. Still some use it to enhace their beauty, some to cover up skin imperfections, some experiment to change their look beyond recognition, become more confident and collect admiration of people around. Still, the main function of makeup is to make a person look much better than they expect to. With makeup, a person can look different every time they try out any new look, and this is the reason people are so interested in makeup.Eye makeup is one of the most interesting things that a makeup artist does. Many looks can be created in this area, if it is used properly. Here is a list of top 10 best eye makeup looks tutorials that are easy to understand and are necessary for every makeup lover.

1. Easy Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial by Tina Yong

This is one of the easiest eye makeup looks that have been created by Tine Yong who is a famous YouTube vlogger. This is a brown smokey eye look that looks good for a party or a special event. This makeup look will suit almost all skin colors and doesn’t take much efforts to get. Tina explains in detail how one should prime the eyelids and then apply the product step by step.


Eyeliner is one of the most used makeup product by women all around the world. However, most of the people do it in the wrong way. This eyeliner hack by Rachel Leary is a video for all the people who have difficulty in applying eyeliner. This video has some amazing hacks on how to apply eyeliner quickly and how to make it stay longer on the eyes and much more. This video is specially created for the beginners.

3. ROSE GOLD Cut Crease Smokey Eyes by Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkietutorials is a YouTube channel that is famous for giving some of the most amazing makeup looks including eye makeup. This tutorial is for Rose Gold cut crease smoky eye look. A smoky eye and cut crease are two looks that are in trend and in this video Nikkie explains how to combine these two looks and create an amazing one. This video is for the people who are a little bit more experienced with makeup products than just beginners.

4. Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth Tips & Tricks | TheMakeupChair

Another tutorial for the people who are new to the eye makeup. Although eye makeup might sound easy, there are some things that the person needs to keep in mind if they want to get the perfect look. This is a tutorial video of in-depth tips and tricks that will help the people who are new to eye makeup in creating simple looks. This is a beginner level video, but even if you are a professional, you might be able to get some insight from it.

5. Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts by Laura Lee

This video is for those people who apply eyeshadow on a daily basis.This is the eyeshadow do’s and don’ts. In this video, Laura Lee has explained the things that you should do to get the perfect look with your eyeshadow and the things that you should avoid while applying the eyeshadow. This is why it’s so useful for you.

6. How To Do Winged Eyeliner… Like a Badass! by Mannymua

Manny MUA is known for creating some of the most dramatic looks. However, in this video, he has taken one of the most famous look on the way to which most people meet hurdles- winged eyeliner Instagram. In this video he explained how to apply it quickly and accurately. After watching this tutorial, we are sure that your eyeliner will be even on both eyes and your eyes will look beautiful than ever.

7. Beauty 101| Easy Way To Bold Brows! by Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is one of the oldest beauty Vlogger, and her tutorials are easy to understand and create. In this tutorial, she teaches how one can create brows that are bold and beautiful just like hers. This is a very short video, and you will surely learn how you can do your eyebrows in a proper way easily and quickly.

8. Beauty 101| Perfect Makeup Tutorial For Small Eyes! by Huda Beauty

This is another video by Huda Kattan in which she has explained how one can do eye makeup if they have small eyes. This video shows how one can apply makeup to make their eyes look larger than they are and how this makeup can be done in just a few minutes without any hassle.

9. Cut Crease Glam New Years 2016 | Party Makeup Tutorial by Melissa Samways

Another makeup tutorial that includes Cut Crease. This is one trend that every makeup lover should try at least once facebook. This is a New Year look that has a lot of shimmery and glittery colors. Melissa Samways has created this beautiful look, and it is really easy for one to create it themselves.

10. Classic Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial by AnKnook

When you visit the YouTube channel of AnKnook, you will find some of the most amazing eye makeup looks. She creates art and this classic brown glitter eye makeup is one of them. This eye makeup look is best for any party or special occasion, and you will see that it is not at all difficult to achieve it.

The products that are required to create these looks can be found at any store. To save your time, better find them in one place, for example, on online website such as Fabulive. Fabulive is a great place to find new makeup products and also to get skills of how to apply them properly. If you are a makeup artist, on this platform you can earn some extra money by posting videos of yourself. Fabulive is perfectly designed for all makeup lovers all around the world. Try to create these easy makeup looks, and don’t forget to share some of yours as well.

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