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Happy 2nd Birthday Coolspotters!

Happy 2nd Birthday Coolspotters

Two years ago today, Coolspotters was born.

When we launched Coolspotters, we had a simple goal — to build a community for real people, centered around their passions for fashion and popular culture. We wanted to make creating, discovering, and sharing content about your favorites products, brands, and celebrities fun and easy. We lifted the curtains on May 7, 2008.

Since launching we’ve grown from zero to over 600,000 unique users per month and over 4 million monthly pageviews. We are a fast growing, global community with users from almost every country in the world. We are one of the most active user-generated fashion sites in the world and many consider us to be to be the most definitive source for celebrity-related fashion anywhere.

We couldn’t have gotten to here without you. We’d like to thank everyone in the Coolspotters community for making the site so successful.

Here are a few of our favorite letters from the community:

“What I love about Coolspotters is that it provides a platform for everyday people to share and discover new products, and entertainment. It’s easy to use, it’s user-generated, and best of all it allows me to connect with people who share the same interests as me.”BBUser

“Coolspotters helps me achieve my true style. It allows me to purchase things that aren’t offered in my town. I have grown to make good friend through the site that I wouldn’t give up!”Kerbear585

“I’ve always been told that I have a knack for fashion – an uncanny way of identifying clothing by the designer. Coolspotters allows me to put my knowledge to good use and help others in their search for products. Someone is always wondering “what is Kristen Stewart is wearing?”, “who designed that handbag Serena carried in that last episode of “Gossip Girl”? Or “Where can I find clothes I liked in the ‘Twilight’ movies?” Not only can I help someone find what they want through Coolspotters, but other users lend their help too. You’ll find what you’re looking for here much faster than any other online source. Just like buying shoes, Coolspotters is easily addictive.”Cortni

We feel incredibly humbled to have such amazing and creative people using the site. Thanks to each and every one of you!

The last two years have been amazing but we’re just getting started. We’ve got an incredible product roadmap and we look forward to you joining us for the years ahead.

The Coolspotters Team

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder

CoolPapers Serves One Million Wallpaper Downloads

CoolPapers, the ultimate wallpaper app for the iPhone and iPod touch, served its one millionth download today. Read our official post for more details.

Thanks to the entire Coolspotters community. We hope you’re enjoying the app!

Aaron LaBerge ()
CEO & Co-founder