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Coolspotters honored by PC Magazine

Coolspotters, was recently ranked by PC Magazinee as one of the “Top Websites of 2009“. We were included in the “Shopping” category, alongside other rising sites such as The Awesomer, Voyij, and HotPads. Others included on the top-100 list include Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Pretty good company!

We were excited to be notified about the honor, but all of the credit goes to our amazing community of Spotters. Thanks to you, Coolspotters really has become the #1 site for discovering the products and brand of our favorite celebs. Coolspotters is your site and this award definitely goes to you! Thank you!!

Eric Kirsten (
EVP & Co-founder

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  1. franchesca

    Congratulations!! I love this place.

  2. Bettina18

    Congrats! When is the mobile site coming?

  3. Very well deserved. Congratulations guys! keep rocking!

  4. richard

    Bravo! You have a terrific website.

  5. cheezy

    I’m not surprised! you’re totally one of the best!

  6. claire012

    Terrific news, and very well-deserved! Congrats!

  7. cherrylawrence

    You guys have done an amazing job and now the entire web-world knows it!

    Congratulations Coolspotters!!!!

  8. marieclark

    I’m a huge fan! You certainly earned it! Congratulations!

  9. WHOA!!!!! CONGRATS!!

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