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""They will not control us, we will be V-I-C-T-O-R-I-O-U-S!""

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i like your name!!!

hey thanks for the request of the make up
i'll be glad to help

yes it is tricky but also soo simple
i will do the look and send you link of photo of what i did and if you like it then i'll send you instructions

or i might do youtube videos
i'mm not quite sure yet

i'll get bak to you
if u like anyother photos dont hesitate send them to me its always intesting to do a new look :)

Actually I did a similar make up like... 2 days ago, it wasn't a masterpiece but I liked it, I would still be interested in what you do for me, so yes, go on :))

OK, where did you find that French Connection coat for $20?! Lucky!

hey...just wanted to let you know that the jacket Bella is wearing in that beach picture that you have uploaded is DEFINITELY NOT the rubbish one. when you watch the extended version of the New Moon trailer you can see the hood on jacket at the part of the trailer when she is going up the cliff to jump off. just wanted to let you know =]

at 0:09 that is the flannel one that she wears in New Moon...still unidentified...
at 0:30 that is the brown corduroy one that hot topic is reissuing...and at 0:33 that is the one from the beach that is NOT the rubbish on but an unknown one right now.

Hey! I'm lookin for black wayfarers n I couldn't find them.I was in C&A,New Yorker n nothin.Can U help me? How U doin by the way? ;)

lol thats okay. i will deff let you know when they contact me. it will most likely be tomorrow since everything shuts down on sunday. damn blue laws lol

leiaaurora said that hers came to 53.99 with free shipping so if they do charge shipping its usually anywhere from 5.00 to 12.00.

They told me today that the total came to $60.12

oops forgot to add that I payed by credit card

Im not sure about the sizing I ordered a medium cuz thats what I normally am. Im not sure where they ship to I would call the number on the nike website and tell them the style # and they will give you a number to call to ask for it.

I called a store that was in NY and they said they had them so I told her the size and gave her my credit card information over the phone and they shipped it from there

yeah I called the main nike number on the website and then they gave me a number to call. I dont believe they ship to other countries . I have no idea what customized products are lol I would say to email them or call if you have any questions.

sorry i meant to say Mass. not NY. Nope just called them

I actually already sold the Nighttime version of that dress but if you are interested I have the exact same dress in Large in Black.

hi its a leather jacket the pull and bear

hi the pics of the jacket is cool but its not the same i bought....the collar was not leather and the lower part of the jacket as well..

foro the sunglass i already got one mont blanc it is..thanks

Umm, I dont think my sister would like that, I think she's getting me one for Christmas, she's buying it today, if she doesn't come home with it, I will think about you buying it and shipping it for me.
Thank you

yes i am sorry. i did already sell the extra large that i had.


the spacial logo

I paid $48 for it and would like to get that much, but I will take any resonable offer around that much (plus $5 to ship it).

Hey ! Where did you find the 2 rings similar to the Kristen's ONyx Ring ??

What do you mean about "Our Poland National Website" ? On ebay Poland ? They don't ship to France ?

Just wanted to say I like the 3rd choice for the onyx ring.

I don't know if this is what your looking for. It's the kate moss range for topshop. Not sure what size you are but let me know if you need another cos i saw another couple:

Hey :) Do you know if I can find the sweater/tee on UO online store? I really don't know where to look.. there are so many stuff :( thanks a lot!

No no no, you aren't stupid. The fact that you aren't a native English speaker and understand it so well is impressive.

But, the "being" is more of living than loving.
The emotional context that I was thinking it could mean is that "being too hard" is putting up too many walls, being reserved, or distant. Does that make sense? Haha, it is very hard to explain.

Ah, I wish I could help you, but I've never heard anyone say something like that in my life! I have no idea what it could mean!

Hi there, I'm also curious about the van morrison song so could you send it to me as well? i'll message you my mail adress. Thanks!!

Thanks so much for the's really nice!!

hey sorry to bother you but would you mind sending me the van morrison song too?
thank you

hey do you still need the other specials logo?
by the way i like your profil pic :) haha

You could paint it, but a lighter color dye will not take to a color already darker than itself. It is possible you could also destroy the shoe, because the vent holes in it will allow dye in. When you sweat in your shoe then, the dye will rub off and destroy every sock you use.
Sorry, I don't really know what else to tell you, I'm not really an expert. =)

Hey, wow...that's short. My hair is not quite that short, maybe a little longer. I do straighten my hair sometimes, if I have the time. I try to make time, cause It pretty windy here and it easier if it just sits-the-*****-down! I like it though. I love messing around with my hair..


these are the best i found

Zauwazylam,ze posiadasz w swojej "kolekcji" Vans Old Skool Lo Pro cracked metal gold.Kurde,tez bym je chciala miec... Jak leci tak btw? Pozdrawiam xxx

thank you!

What magazine was that interview with Kristen from? Just wondering. Thanks.

Yup, that one.

If by "good', you mean still alright to use, I would say yes. Most mascaras are good for six to seven months. I personally have had some mascaras for a year or two, and although they should be thrown out after that long period of time, I have never had any problems using old mascara.

Yeah, not a problem. Hope it all works out!

Wiem,ze jestem wczesna,ale zauwazylam w naglowku fragment piosenki "Uprising" ;)) Czyzby fanka MUSE??

Widze,ze w koncu znalazlas to czego szukalas tak dlugo ;) ALDO Brendal i Samby ^^ Moge sie spytac gdzie Ci sie udalo je znalezc? Pozdrawiam xxx

Kolejna osoba z PL :) extra :P coraz więcej nas :)

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