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Hiya Bells35! ^_^* Welcome to CS!

I haven't been on here too long myself, but I've had a lot of fun so far, and I've learned a lot about fashion and clothes from everyone on here.

I never understood the allure of clothes until now ^_^*

Have a great day!

Hi and welcome to CS. You mentioned you had one of the moonstone rings you were going to sell. Could you send me a picture of it please, post it on my wall or my email address is

I just got your email and the ring is perfect. How much would you want for it? Thanks for being so fast & helpful

Hai, I'll message you the link tomorrow afternoon. I have to work until late today and extremely early in the morning :) it's a torrent, I hope that's no problem.x

Hello Bells35, here is me email address to send me pics of the lucky bag. I have one, but I may want a back up. :)

Hope your son is getting fine now. Thinking of you most of the time. Just let me know tracking number.

I really appreciate your understanding. It has been a very difficult time for us. I will have a tracking number for you today.

More prayers going out to your son and your family... I'm so sorry your son has had to face this. He must be one special kid to have such strength. And you too! Gentle hugs :)

I would love to purchase them. Sending you a message now. =)

Hi there, just wondering if you've still got the Lucky Brand bracelet for sale? I'm interested in buying it :)

Hi. If you haven't sent out my pants yet will you please refund me my money? Or if you have will you please give me the tracking info? It's been over a week...

Sorry. I just returned to work today. I'm off tomorrow so it will go then. If I dont get it out tomorrow then I will refund only fair since you have been patient but unfortunately I've have a bad case of the flu.

Hi there,

I understand that you have had the flu these past few days, but you haven't been responding to my PMs at all although you've been online so I will post on your wall since it seems that you reply here. I really don't want to file a claim against you so please respond back to me ASAP so we can work things out. If you need more time to ship, then please let me know, but don't just leave me hanging. Thanks.

I have tried to respond. I am getting them out first thing tomorrow. I just went back to work today and have tomorrow off so I will make sure they go out then. Sorry for the long delay. I'm not usually this late.

No problem, I didn't mean to rush you or anything but I was getting a little worried since you weren't replying to my PMs. Please let me know the tracking # once you have shipped it out or if you need more time, thanks!

Yeah, I have tried messaging you too about the item I ordered from you, and haven't heard anything since I told you I paid, sorry you've been sick, but if you could just let me know when you're going to ship it, and the tracking number..thanks

I'm shipping all packages tomorrow. Again apologize to all who have had to wait. I just went back to work today but will make sure to get all mailed off tomorrow with tracking! Thanks for your patience.

Glad you feel better. Can you tell me the tracking number (BDG Cardigan) tomorrow, too? Thanks!


Thanks, was just getting worried with no response :) Glad you're feeling better.

Hi, the tracking number you sent me isn't valid. Did you ship through the post office?

Hey there! I've gotten your msges and replied to them but it seems like CS hate me and my msgs didnt go through, can you just msg me your email address that I could reach you on? And yes I still want the cami=)

Just msg me your email address on here, I see your messages=)


hey, i sent you a lot of messages asking for my tracking number but haven´t heard anything yet! so again please tell me my tracking number. thanks.

Hey :) is your AE sweater still available please as I would love to but it? Kate x

Yes it is.

Do you have the Lucky Brand turquoise bead bracelet to sell?

Mindy, I will sell my NWT Amy Wool blazer in M. Please PM me, I'm on my phone and can't pm right now!

How much are you selling your Hollister plaid for??

Yea that would be great
My email is

I will take it for 100 :-)

I will email u.

how much do you ask for hollister hannah 3/4 sleeve top?

shipping included?. No problem :)


how much for the clover ring?

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