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You are on a roll with spotting Vampire Diaries' items! Every time I go to spot something, you already have it up. haha!

There you go! :

I know someone who ordered from them and it does come with removable straps.

I totally agree with you on listing the clothes in a blog. I love Katherine's clothes too. I can never find them though. : (

Its not a problem, I am honestly happy to help. I feel like I'm actually making my time on here worth it for everyone when I can find them items. And its okay, it saved me from buying something else I really didn't need, no biggie. I just hope whoever got it enjoys it :)

Again, Thanks so much for finding those boots. I just ordered a pair!!!!! I can't wait to get them!

i LOVE your collection! :)

Girlfriend...where you been???

haven't heard from you in a while. i hope you are doing okay :)

Hey amy! are you ok? we miss you!!!!!

Hey girlies. Yeah still here I don't have any internet so I haven't been able to do much at all. I even missed the last couple of episodes so I don't know what's going on sooooooo frustrating. Hopefully be back on soon, well as soon as I find a decent net provider. Thanks girls. :)
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Happy Birthday!!!

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