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Hi! Get the one that measures 36" in the bust and 31 in the waist. I think it's a size 6 on their chart? If you want it to fit like mine then get that size (we are he same measurements) good luck!

Send them a message and ask if they have one for sale in the size you need.

Hey, Renee. Thats a bummer, I would die with out my laptop! Thats great can't wait to get it :) xoxo

i can't send you a message! it literally just won't send :(

Hi hun,

I'd love the ring as the shipping to the UK is really high!!

Let me know if its still available..!

Sinead xxx

My address is :
18 Abbotsford Drive
West Midlands

:) thanks hun!!

Aw I'm so sorry you're daughter is unwell, it's horrible when your kids are sick, isn't it? :( oh well, stick her in bed with Twilight on and she'll be happy enough ;)
Take your time with the postage, don't worry too much about it..! Just let me know when you can :) xx

That'll be great, thanks! Is that definitly the Melinda Maria Sliced Onyx Ring? If so, feel free to invoice me at :) thanks so much hun!! Xx hope your little girl is picking up, this time of year is always bad for kid's immune systems lol xx

Yeah sure some pics would be great! You have my PayPal address, right? Send the invoice whenever you like :) xxx

Hey! I didn't get the pics, are you sure you sent them? Xxx

I haven't recieved them - try sending them to, my other email :) my PayPal address is still though lol

Anyway you'd consider free shipping? I still want it anyways, but thought I'd ask...makes the charge statement not seem as much when the hubby sees it, if it stays under $70. Just let me know how you want to invoice me. My PayPal is I'll put my address in the comments section of the invoice or if you email me directly I can email it back to you. Do you still have the box as well? Thanks! Chanda :)

Ya I'm not completely knowledgable with this site yet. Lol! Thanks, I'm so excited. I will lyk when it arrives! :0)

Got my MM ring today. L O V E!!!
Thanks and spot ya later! ;)

ugh, i can't send you a message for some reason!

Thanks renee! :) I'll wait for your invoice in paypal. That's ok about the shoe box, it's fine :) Thank you!

I cannot wait! :) Messaged you, Renee. Thank you so much!

Sure here is my email :) lol I hope your laptop will cooperate soon.

Hey I would like to buy your Grey Hollywood hoodie, are you still selling it?


Of course don't worry about it, I was actually looking for another hoodie, I thought you may still have the Blackheart Records one but you don't so it's no big deal =)

Hi, I'm writing you here in case you didn't get my inbox message. I'm still interested in the BR jacket... Thanks!

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