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Hello, I am new on here but I saw that you had a kimchi blue top you wanted to sell. What size is it and what do you want to sell it for?

Never heard back from you. Did you get everything I sent to your friend?

Hello. What else are you selling beside the wrap dress?

Let me know if you decide to sell Kat's stuff;) I would love to buy it if the price is right $$

Thank you;) xxxx

Oh yah I know what you mean! Hard situation to be in. Mostly in that case I think people just offer to trade..:/?

Sent you and email wih my Paypal address:)

hi! Is your guess lily henley still for sale? and if so what size? Also are you currently selling anything else?

Hi sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but are u still selling the Jessica Simpson dress?

Do you still have the twilight bb dakota jacket for sale?

How much are you selling the Ellington print dress and do you ship to Canada and if you do how much and is it NWT?

NWT womens Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles lace tank cami Turquoise Medium 4 $24

Are you in the US? I'm interested. Sorry I'm on mobile & I don't know how to pm :/


I'm interested in your Express lace and stud tank. Is it SA? Would you sell it for $40? Thanks!

P.S. Would there be anyway you could PM me a few pics?

Thanks again!

Hi :)
Re: your Burkman Bros. Jacket
I cannot PM from my phone, but here is my email address:

Would love pics and info about your jacket. I'm interested in buying it - thanks!

Hi hun is the burkman still available? Xx

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