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Hiya :)
You can buy it here but its not cheap! lol http://www.brownsfashion.com/product/designers/index/wome...



Here are the multis-

for purchase:

for rent:

*don't think you have craigslist, but it's like gumtree kinda. You can find anything on there. It's a good job search site, but also good for renting apartments. Not sure how much home sales they have though.

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!

Did you get the tickets? I wouldn't be able to go, darlin'. It's crazy hot here and the rain is finally coming to a standstill...I hope. Wish I could call you, I can't even Skype here! Let me know how you're doing when you get a sec. You can always email me too =)


Hey i just wanted to say there is a site called cosplaying.com where u can get a replica of the green shirt. A few girls on the bella page have the real shirt but in blue and yellow.

Do you know what time the MTV Awards is airing here or if it's airing here at all?

*The last time I left a comment on your wall was 2 months ago! What?!

Hey, hopefully you remember me lol. I wanted to tell you that if you wanted to bid on the Mickey Mouse Vans I'd ship them to you. Let me know.

Just pics no new multis for me lol.

It's been 2 months since I left you a comment, again!

Thanks for the short and sweet email. Call me anytime. I'm on days off in a podunk town called Katherine. There's nowhere to escape to when you live in the Kimberleys!

Bought a ticket to Bangkok and leave on October 25th. I'll be in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia for about 7 weeks with Maxipoo. Heading back to Sydney towards the middle of December. Still want to meet me in Sydney in October? I fly in from Darwin on the 6th of October and will be there on my own until the 13th.

Let's talk over the phone soon.


Sorry I didn't ring you the other day. My shift is over at 3pm my time so I'll try then.

Have you bought your ticket to Sydney?

I was looking at day spas in Sydney. You interested in getting pampered while we're there? On my list: manicure, pedicure, hair cut and color, eyelash extensions, massage, body treatments (scrubs and masks, stone therapy, Brazilian wax, eyebrow wax. I'm a total dirty/desert mess lol.

It was 39 degrees here the other day.

Did you hear about those women who ran in to the bush fires here?

Have you ever ordered from asos.com? They ship all the way here from the UK and get to me in the middle of BFE in 3 days! Freaking awesome.

Loads of random things for you to answer lol.

Loves ya.


Hey love,
I'm leaving Aus on the 28th, for good. Really crazily sad about it. Going to Bali for a month, possibly The Phillippines for 2 weeks, then back to America. It'll be 21 months that I was gone once I get back home. Been crying all morning...

Let's talk today. When you get off work?

Why to which of my comments? lol

My Australian visa expires on 28/01, is that what you're wondering?

Yes, call me when you get off. Getting my hair done at 5:30 your time, so maybe call later on? I'll just text you when I'm done.


How much for the booties and dress? Xx

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