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Looking for an all-in-one car seat and stroller solution for you and your new baby? Get going with Orbit’s 3-piece Infant System. Easily dock the Infant Car Seat into the Base and Stroller from almost any angle, sensibly keep using the Base and Stroller with the Orbit Toddler seat when... Read More


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We love this stroller! My son loves it, I love it, and my husband love it. It so easy and so convenient to use. It only take us one minute to place our baby car seat in place. The stoller itself are so easy to fold and put in the trunk. We don't even need high-chair when we dine out. This infant seat is really easy to clean, just put in the laundry machine and easy to put them back in place after cleaned.

There're however some little down side, summer time my baby gets really hot in side, his back gets really sweaty. It could be because of the material or the shape of the infant seat. Another thing is that, snap for the cover ripped after couple months we used it. My son has long leg so his feet is always pointing up and we weren't able to use the cover since his legs is in the way.

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