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The Mega Movie Making Guide for Kids

Movies and films provide entertainment on the screen that is fun to watch. A movie takes a story and brings it to life. Many people think of movies as high-budget projects or those that bring in millions of dollars on the big screen. Movies can also be fun to make at home, using ideas and music to play together. The process of making a movie at home is easier than it sounds.

Making a movie requires a few basic steps that must be followed to put a production together. All movies need a story to follow, which may be simple or very detailed. A movie must also include actors: the people that will play particular roles or who will have speaking parts. Write the story of the movie down on paper, so the actors will know what parts to speak. Devise a background or scene where the movie will take place. Depending on the length of the movie, there may be various scenes requiring different backgrounds.

Movies are filmed using camera equipment. This can be from various sources such as home video recorders or features found on cameras. Sound effects may be made with various objects around the home, and experimenting with items that make certain sounds can be fun. Some programs allow a movie to be recorded with a camera and then played on a computer. There are various guides that will assist with adding sound effects or music digitally with the help of prompts.

Editing a movie is done by taking out certain parts that do not fit, or changing a movie where mistakes have been made. Adding script at the end, such as credits as to who wrote and filmed the movie can also be done creatively. Some movie-makers write their credits on a piece of cardboard or paper and film a shot of the credits for movie watchers to read. There are also online programs that will help with editing and adding captions or credits to the end of a film.

Movie making is a fun, easy project that can be done by anyone using a little imagination. A movie can be as simple or as detailed as the movie-maker wants it to be. The creativity behind making a movie project is an entertaining activity that will be watched and enjoyed by many people.

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