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The Liberations of Librarians: Breaking the Stereotypes in Film and Pop Culture

The Biggest Misconceptions of Librarians in Film

Librarians are stereotyped and misconceived in many ways throughout the film industry. Films and pop culture portray librarians as mean, nerdy, and stern or as shy, mysterious, and sexy. These are two common stereotypes for librarians. The term “librarian” is a recognizable negative label. Hollywood continues to influence the way that we view them. They negatively portray them through film, television shows, and other forms of entertainment.

Examples of Films that Inaccurately Portray Librarians

A woman in most movies usually portrays the librarian. The typical librarian in the movies has her hair up in a bun, glasses settled on her nose, and an old-fashioned cardigan nestled around her shoulders. For years, the librarian stereotype has stayed strong in society. Donna Reed played a perfect role of a stern librarian in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. She even had her hair tightly worn in a bun. Some males, such as Jason Robards in Something Wicked This Way Comes, have taken on the role of the reclusive librarian.

How Hollywood Could Portray Librarians in Film

Hollywood can stop the stereotype by positively portraying librarians. Films should portray librarians as smart, bold, and resourceful. The role of the librarian does not have to be played by a mean old spinster in glasses. Let's hope we start seeing some librarian characters that are smart, young and sexy emerge. This can change the way that society responds to librarians and the profession.

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