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you said that you got the hannah jacket re-issued and that it was not the same as the original? the collar or something? what is different about yours? i have the original one so i was just wondering. mine has a double fold collar. like it has the fold that is in the picture, but then it folds again :)

yeah i see what you mean. mine is the original with the buttons on the outside with the logo and stuff. but i see how people are kinda upset about it being a little different from the one she wears in the movie. cuz it was being bought because it was the one she was wearing, so i totally get why people were upset.

didn't know if you knew but pacsun actually got the jacket back in stock and it is like the original one from the pictures that they show. not sure if it will be different in person though like some things are. but here is the link if you want to check it out..

yes. cuz the Hot Topic jacket is the replica of the one that she wears in New Moon. the one she wears was custom made for the movie so they made the closer they could to a replica for fans to buy. but i think you are right. the color looks more grey/brown or something to be the Hot Topic one. it might be that brown one that we can't seem to identify. but who knows, we will have to wait till the movie comes out i guess :)

I actually meant that I had found a shirt close in color to the one she wears under the American Eagle henley, but it got posted under some comments about the Lucky Brand henley for some reason...

Hey hun-I saw the hannah billabong jacket on pacsun last night at like 3 or 4am. Also its on

I think at hansen surf they aren't even going to be available until Nov 15.

Just wanted to let you know so you dont have to go on ebay and pay a fortune!


hey. sorry this response is a week late, lol. i just saw your comment on my wall. if you haven't gotten your hannah billabong jacket by now, i am pretty sure the one she wears is the grey one. i've only seen twilight once (not a big fan) but i remember from all of the comments from everyone else that it was the grey one. i hope that helps you out.

I got the gray one at Nordstrom Rack. I dont have a link but I will send you pics if you want. ;)


I saw your comment on Kristen's page about the Games Games Games Shirt. Maybe this site is helpful:


Hey, I saw your comment on the GRN Apple Tree page, I have several of those shirts right now for sale. If you still want one and don't want to pay as much as GRN Apple Tree charges for shipping and paying taxes to international orders, let me know!

Sent you a msg! ;)

ALICE is/ was awesome! Luckily I was able to watch it on Youtube before they had to take it down! Now I wanna see TinMan!

ME TOO! Watched the end over and over cute...a fool at heart :)! I can't even remember how many parts it where on youtube but as you said - totally worth it! I'm not even sure if it ever comes out here in Germany!

Damn, I wish I had seen your msg earlier. I really want a second O'Neill jersey but none of the sites ship to New Zealand.

Hey there! you have to through paypal. First go into the details of the transaction, in the 2nd to bottom section there is a link to the resolution centre, click the item dispute then fill in the details.
Dont bother waiting for their response, immediately escalate it to a claim (means you are involving paypal to sort it out not just you and the seller) (there should be a link to it on the dispute page) and provide details to paypal. The seller has 10 days to respond (filed mine 8 days ago and they haven't responded to mine) then paypal will review your case and no doubt because other people have filed claims on them you will get your money back as soon as the 10 days are up.
Hope it helps! :)

Excuse me! Are these gloves available? millions of thanks! ^. ^

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