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Hi!!!! I saw you found an old navy scoop neck swearter on ebay, you were very lucky!!! Do you mind helping me? how did you search for it? I've been searching but nothing yet ...Did you like thw sweater? Is it amazing as it seems???
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey girl! Just want to have some of your news lol! How are you? I hope you trip was great! =)


Yeah I have Facebook. Is your Lj's is the same that you facebook?

I added you =)

Looks like you did a fantastic trip with your son!! The photos are amazing, it's a very beautiful landscape, really! =)

Edit: You remind me Angelina Jolie lol :-)
Thanks to added me!

hey, can you add me on livejournal? i really want to see your collection! if yes, i'm 'herutopia'

i see you have a baby - i do too, only he's my little brother. he's a year and a half old, and the most fascinating thing i've ever seen in my life :}

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

Thanks !

Hi, coul you also add me on LJ. I'm 'alinalia'!
thanks :)

yay great glad it got to you safe!! :)

hi yes i do :) heres the pics

sorry its not a really good one.. but yeah its the cropped version as i could never find the full length one.. its still new with tags and is a size M.. Im shipping from australia so postage shouldnt be more than $20 unless you want insured.
well hope that helps
Cat ^.^

I'm selling my Roxy For Sure Hoodie Henley in size S. Please make me an offer!

Hey, where did you get your Spiewak Francis Duffle? I've been searching hi and low but NO DICE

Roxy for sure Hoodie Henley SOLD to Twilightgirl141 =)

aww good! well i know its going to be hard to wait!! ill try to get to the post office tomorrow, and i'm in VA, so it shouldn't take long at all to get to you!! ill let you know when i ship it and get you a tracking number and all that jazz!

How much would you sell your large AE bomber for if you sell it?

Ok thanks. Are you going to let it go on bid instead of a buy it now option? Also is your AE bomber jacket new?

please add me to your LJ

Hiya i was on your LJ, and i was just wondering what size you have in the Hollister tanks? :)

Wow, that really was quick! :)

hello, did you receive your victoria's secret boots ? ;) I would like to see the fitting, please.
I added you on livejournal, my username is lolevy ;)

thank you ;)

Liking your new default! Harder to recognise you though! ;)

awe cute pic.

I would totally put my Bella gear on and have pic-off with you...zoolander style...except with pics?....but I'm Chinese so that kind of went to sh!zz pretty fast :P...although I think Asian Bella would be kick a$$...whoa I think I should start writing fanfiction...Edward with yellow fever....genius

Girl, your collection is unreal! ^_^*
Love it love it love it!

Are you hibernating, bear?

How are you doing?
My Name is vicky i want to your profile today at ( and i love it i think we can clcik from thier!please i will like you to email me back through my email thus;( am waiting to recive your lovely reply soonest!
vicky !
please contact me through my email address so i can give you my picture and tell you my datel have a nice day.

Hey could you pm me Re the nike backpack & nike jacket your selling? X

Hi!i am interested in Nike products!my Mail is thanks!


*Energy Top SA (Original) - Large
*Kimichi SA - Small
*Custom made Curious Gypsy alt - Large

How much are you asking for salt n peppa hoodie?

Hey I have the pencil sharpener. Is the frog clock the only thing you're selling from her room? Where did you get that? I never knew anyone had one. What are you asking for it? Thanks.

Is the nike salt and peppa hoodie still available? If so, how much are you asking?

I will but the frog clock. Let me know how much!:)

Are you still selling nike salt and peppa hoodie?

hi,why you send me zara coat link ? :D


ok I know that is zara jacket but I dont want it and I do not know why you are sending me the link?

what ?I dont send you message

I noticed link on my wall that you sent me ] , and I asked you why you are sending it to me
so I do not wrote to you first , I do not know what's going on :)

Messaged You

Do you still have the Simple Retire shoes?

Do you happen to have a replica moonstone Bella ring by Bellabejeweled (or BBJ's matching moonstone cuff and necklace) you're interested in selling? Please email me if so

are you still selling? thanks

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