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Hi! Check your inbox I sent you a msg! ;)

Oh don't worry, but yea in the comments wall on the main page you could post it and see what others think. For now you can't delete the spot ( I think). But really don't worry =)

I got your message. That is fine. I am planning on going on Tuesday. There were not that many left but if they have one I would be more than happy to get it for you. The top is $16, shipping is about $5 and I would ask for a few extra dollars to cover gas etc because the Sears I went to was nowhere near my house but that would be it. Let me know.

Hello! I just checked up on your package and saw that it was delivered yesterday according to USPS. Did it arrive safely?

Do you have any of the Nike jackets left? I need a medium or a small.

It's a really cute jacket! I would think you'd be able to, but you should definitely try regardless. The number is on their website, right?

hey i just read that you ordered some Nike jackets for other people. would it maybe be possible for you to order one for me too in size M or S (preferably M)? Of course I'd refund you the price of the jacket + shipping cost to Austria.
Please let me know, thanks (:

Hey Pat,

I can definitely try. I will call them tomorrow and see if they have any left :) If they do I'll send you a mail right away. They are closed atm :(

hey! i read that you were sending Nike Jackets to people overseas...and since ill be doing that for someone, i was curious as to what box size you shipped them in via usps im assuming? thanks so much for any help! ;)

I actually didn't find the sweater. I bought it off of heartstitch.

I'm on the hunt for it and I've e-mailed the Burkman Bros. website. We'll see what they say in a couple days.

Hey did you get my message ? Check your inbox ! ;-)

Check your inbox Angie please !!! =)
It's really important ! If you can't do that for me ( what I ask you in my message ) please tell me now ! =)

Oh that would be great thanks!

Thanks for posting the pictures. The one on ebay is $45, and it makes me so mad that it was originally $10.But I'll probally get it but i hope its worth it. Thanks again. :)

GREAT!!thanks a lot Angie, i was searching for your pic a lot but i had no luck..i remember that i saw its because is for your pics that i've decided to buy the v neck delicious vinyl version instead of the original wore by kristen, i like yours more than the one she have!i think that fits true to size in the low area more than the upper i think that will fit too small on me matter!!the others are so large on me i love all my t-shirts but this time i've decided to go to a size smaller :-) thanks again for your help, oh another thing, we are friend on LJ but i can't see anything on your page, do you know how could it happened? sorry for my bad english i hope you understand me

OMFG! I love your LJ. Love your alternatives to Kris's dresses. Have always loved that Stella dress but i'm gonna buy the NY&Co alternative you posted. I love your Ashley's stuff too. I got those Cardy's just cause she has them. Love them so much, also love that DKNY dress but was never able to find it cheaper. I'm still hunting for it.

OMGOSH LOVE YOUR JOURNAL!! its not crappy its AWSOME!!! lol hehehe im super jealous :)


Hey thank you soo much!
Your Journal is great ...
Have you bought all the clothes??
If you did you're making a mind on ur job ..
'cause all the clothes are soooo expensive sometimes 8)

and how much did you pay for the MJ ring? did you order it via ebay?
I ordered mine about half a year ago .. but I dunno I think it's a replica ..

thank you so much:)

Hey Angie !

I'm a friend of Nono2396, you ordered a nike quilted fleece for her few weeks ago :)

Like a lot of European girls who are on CS, I've often problems to order some stuffs from stores or websites which doesn't ship to Europe and.. well, I'm looking for a Nike salt and peppa for months ( I ordered one on Ebay when they was cheap, but the package was lost ), and I saw someone said on Kristen's wall that some stores have still jackets in size XS, S and M. I'm looking for a M and I was wondering if, as you did with Nora and with Oneil sweaters, You eventually can order one for me ? I have a Paypal account so I'll can pay you immediatly the price of the jacket + the price of shipping if you agree =)

I'll understand if you can't or if don't want, I know it's very boring to do that ( I've order 4 hoodie nuns with guns for 4 members of my forum about twilight & Kristen's style, and I remember how it was boring to make the packages and go to the post office in order to send them lol ) but well, I've tried :)

Thanks in advance !

Hey love! I am so freaking excited about the Burkman Bros jacket too!!!! =D I really hope they don't jack up the price or anything, the old jacket retailed for about $250 I think =S Hopefully I get an email back from Ben tomorrow morning. I will post a message on here as soon as I hear something. I got the email message on my phone this morning and ran my laptop to let all of you know LOL I will talk to you soon Ang!

That's great ! :D Thank you soo much !
I'm looking for the number, I don't remember who posted the informations about the jacket but well, I'll find lol

Hi Angie, may I ask how tall you are? :D I'm deliberating to buy some JBrands and I'm about 5.4...I saw in your LJ you have to wrap up the hem of the jeans so I was wondering how tall you are :)

I've found the number :)

The phone number is: 1-800-806-6453

The style number of the hoodie is: 333425

The two color choices are:

I think Kristen's jacket is the first color. I don't know if they have jackets anymore but I hope so..

Thanks in advance ! =)

Angie thanks for your quick response :)
haha I saw that on celebs, too..especialy Kristen and thats also the reason I don't think she's 5.7 or 5.6, someone here on cs wrote she's that tall but I can't believe it :D Sometimes she has to roll up that much like you (and probably like me:D) and other times not that much, but they're always kind of crumpled cuz they are too long (hope you can understand what i'm trying to say). Think it depends on the model. Anyway..thanks for you response, it was really helpful :)

Check your inbox love! Just sent you a msg

here is my livejournal :)

Hi, just showing some love to your wall. :x

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how great your livejournal is. :) It's an awesome reference for me because we seem to wear a lot of the same sizes. You have a lot of really great stuff. I am especially jealous of your pop jacket with the black cuffs. I have one in sz 34 also but it has navy cuffs, which I know is more popular but it's not my personal preference. Hopefully I can find a 34 on ebay with black cuffs and I can sell mine. Anyways, awesome page, you did a great job with all the pictures.. I think it's cool you put pictures of Kristen/Bella wearing the items also. :)

hi! can you give me the name of the ebay-seller with the camilla and marc dress? that wpuld be awesome =)

I would but I honestly don't have the funds right now. I can look again when my check comes in a week but if you have an H&M near you, I strongly suggest you check there. Sorry!

thanks for giving me the name! =)

hi Angie, can you help me please to find the aldo brendal boots in size 7 for international shipping? they fits true to size??i didn't like them before but looking your live journal page now i'm loving those lol :-)

Hey, have you got a pic of the Roxy top? might be interested in the large.

Hi, I'm interested in the medium Roxy shirt . if yoiu still have it ?! Could you post some pics, please ?
Thanks =)

I know it's super late, would you happen to know if there are any Nike Quilted jackets in S available any where in the world :( ? Thanks!

Thanks again for sending the Roxy shirt. The card you included was super sweet. Any time you need help out in my area let me know. :o)


Hi, I hope you can help me?
You perhaps know what it was for a block of The Big Bang Theory? Thanks! Soony

Hey, would you ever be selling your Nike Quilted Jacket? MSG me pwease ;-)

hey girl,no news from you since a long time now.
Everything's ok for you ?
See you soon girl!

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