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Hey girlie! Did you get my messages? lol I just wanted to make sure you knew that your package was shipped a couple days ago and on its way! =)

Sorry I forgot to post the info. I put the sizes and prices up on my wall.

I only paid $10 for each of them. The Plato's is a little way from my house though, and I spent FOREVER searching the store! I don't want to "make" any money from the sale of them, but I would like to recoup just a little for gas and time. Do you feel like $15 plus shipping is reasonable? If not, let me know. :o)
Both shirts are in perfect condition. I can't tell for sure of course, but they really don't even look like they were ever worn!


Hi, yea still got it for sale just listed it on ebay.. since noone here seems to want it.. heres the link

I sent you a message a couple of days ago.. I know you were having problems with CS emails so I'll wait for ya ;D Let me know please :)

Hey! Did you get my message?

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