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hello. i just got your message about the black nike quilted fleece jacket that i have in size XL. yes i do still have it and i am willing to sell it. it still has the tags and is brand new. just haven't been able to sell it yet. i am selling it for $80 flat rate. so that will include your shipping and stuff right there in the price. if you are willing to pay that then we would have a deal. do you have a paypal account? cuz you could just transfer the money into my account through there. let me know what you think. just either send me a message or write a comment on my wall.

great sounds good. yes i will email you the measurements tomorrow cuz i am leaving town for the night for Thanksgiving but when I get back tomorrow i will email you the XL measurements. have a great thanksgiving!

Hi. Sorry. I only had 4 (other than the one I kept for myself) and I sold them already. Good luck in your search!

Great news Angelbear, I was able to find the AE beach tar jacket in L for you!!! Could you send me a message and let me know to which State I would be sending it to so that I could get an exact shipping quote? :)

jazzBunny....were you able to find any other ones in large? I've been trying to find one and have not had any luck.

AmbiDawn.. I've asked Jazzbunny to send me measurements (I thought my other AE coat was large, but it's XL) so if it doesn't work for me I would imagine she would sell to you?

Cool, keep me posted. Thanks for letting me know.

No problem!

I'll try to stop by the other store we have in town and see if I can find anything. I'll try to get over there some time this next week.

hey there. yeah i will take the link to the guy with the moonstone ring, thanks :)

also i just saw posted above that you have the AE bomber jacket in an XL? i have it in a L and find it a bit too tight on me. any chance you would be willing to do a swap if you wanted the L?

thanks for the link for the ring :)

ohhh i misunderstood. yeah i have the L and it is a little tight, but i am in the process of losing weight right now so i know that it will be good once i do. i just wanted something until then. haha

oh by the way...i mailed out your jacket to you this afternoon. i have the delivery confirmation number but i will message that to you later :) heading out the door to take my dog to the vet. just wanted you to know that i sent it priority so you will have it in 3 days :)

I got the shirts dyed and they both came out like this:

They look nice but I was hoping they would come out a little bit darker. I'm thinking about re-dying them a second time to see if it darkens any. What do you think?


Yeah, it was a little bit of a pain, but worth it.

Here are all the steps if you need them:

1. Use RIT color remover. Follow directions on inside of box.
2. Wash shirts.
3. Follow the directions on the Dylon Olive Green package (while shirts are still damp). I think i left mine in for about 2 hours.
4. Follow the rinse directions on the Dylon package.
5. Run through the wash again.
The shirts say that you can tumble dry them on low, but I just hung dry mine. If they look wrinkled or stiff after hang drying you could probably just throw them in the dryer for a couple minutes.

Did you get your shirt in the regular blue or the light blue? One of the shirts that I dyed (that was in that web gallery) was the light blue. I did use the color remover on that one as well. However, if you did want yours a little darker, you could even try to dye it without stripping the color...not sure how that would come out though. I guess if you don't like it you can always strip it and then color it again.

Let me know if you have any questions while you're dying them. I'd be happy to help. Good luck!

Stores like Walmart, Target, and even a lot of grocery stores usually have it. It's in a white box with the detergents and dyes in the grocery store.

So I decided to do a 2nd round of dye on the shirts. I was going to just use the olive green in this batch, but I wanted to get rid of the yellow tones in the green. The original shirt is more of a olive drab/army green color (actually closer to brown).
Instead, I decided to use the olive green and add a teaspoon of dark brown to it.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed! =)
I'll send you pics tomorrow so you can see what the color turns out like.
Have you dyed yours' yet??

They look so much better! You can use that gallery link I sent you before to see pics of the shirts after dye #2

thanks for the info! :D

I did find one XL but I sold it to another coolspotter who had asked me for it right before you did. I'll keep looking and you"ll be the 1st to know if I find another XL. Happy holidays :)

yes i did get mine. i got mine like 2 weeks after i placed the order. i know what you mean though, she doesn't respond to messages. i think that she makes them after the orders are placed. so don't worry, you will get yours it might just take a bit :)

yeah i ordered from her off of Ebay and her feedback there was good. i ordered mine on...12/11 and just got it last week if that gives you any reference as to how long it takes. i would not worry though, holidays just went by she might be out of town or something.

her thanks angerlbear i will definitly bid on those :)

Hey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was traveling for the holidays. I'm not sure why your shirt faded. Did you follow the directions from the back on the dye container? If salt was not added that could have caused problems. Also, I washed my shirts with detergent after both the 1st and 2nd dye. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey there, just read that you were able to get one of the old navy henley's and I was wondering if there were anymore? And was it the one with the pocket on the chest or the other one I've been looking for it for such a long time and I really wanted it in blue or black. I also like the tanks You got my hopes back up :)!

THANKS! That is really nice of you! If the one on ebay wouldn't be sooo pink! I'm not sure if I could get used to this color also $3.99 isn't too bad....

Hey I bought the Sarah Peyton 5 piece tealight tray like the one in Bella's room and the pinky - purple votive was bright red - is yours the same or is it just mine?

i sent you the measurements. make sure you let me know if you want it. cuz there is someone else in line if you don't :)

Here is a link for the splendid rugby striped henley in black and white in size L:

Thank you so much for telling me! I'm going to stalk the auctions, hopefully they don't get out of hand...LOL

can you let me know if you come across another hollister hannah in the 3/4 sleeve, I LOVE It! or if the other girl doesnt want it if it doesnt fit you! thanks love!! xoxo

thanks love!!

Did the cami fit???

Hey hun =)
I would be interested in the Vague hoodie. Let me know =)

Hey everyone, Sick Puppies have a new lyrics video for their single Riptide. Check it out here:

Do you still know where I could get a L or XL O'Neill Morrison sweater? Thanks so much:)

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