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Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you with the additional measurements. I haven't been at home since Easter which is where the shirt and measuring tape are. :o/
Do you still need them? I saw your comment that you got the other one from ShopRoberston. Let me know cause I will be home this weekend.


So I just got my Vegas & Mia Molly top and I'm super jazzed. It is by far the closest replica I've seen (although I still have a couple people that will be making replicas as well). They did a very nice job on the embroidery, with only some minor differences. The fabric feels a lot more stiff than the original Joie Signe cotton top. I'm hoping that it softens up with wear and wash. The tassels are definitely longer and more coarse to the touch (not as soft as the original signe top).
As for the sizing, the company lists it as "one size". I would say that the top is a small-medium. If you wear a small-medium, or even a medium-large, you should be fine. However, it might be too small for some one who wears a large-XL.
This is such a great alternative! I'm glad that I bought it.


Here are a couple more items that I'm selling. All items are new, with tags...
Energie Peasant top, size large $10
Roxy Striped Henley, size small $16.99 (alternative to the Lucky brand heathered stripe henley)
Hot Topic Courderoy Jacket, size large $39
I also have the items in one of the above posts for sale.

I signed up for splendid's email. When will they send you the promo code?

Do they send it as an email?

GRRRRR! Still nothing. : (


Just sent a mail! Though I'm not very optimistic it helped, when I emailed them a few weeks ago I didn't even get a response! But it's definitely worth a try!;) Please keep me updated!

I sent 3 emails from 3 email addresses! I hope this works...;)

I will keep you girls updated. Thanks for contacting them. =)

I emailed for you :) I hope it pays off and all of you girls can get one :)

Hey Amber! I sent two e-mails. I hope everything works out for the best!

Thanks Shannon and Christine!

Did you get your top from Ahlivv??!!! THEY SENT ME THE WRONG TOP!!!!! WTF!!! Its a top I really wanted, lol, the top "Elena" wears in Vampire Diaries in Eggplant but where the ***** it my wine top!???? did they screw yours up too??

Hi, I just saw your post for the Stay put headbands... do you still have these? Actually, what store did you find them in? I have checked my Wal-Mart and Target on multiple occasions and still have not seen them yet! LOL

I forgot to ask, I have the AE henley in olive... do you still have the blue in a L? I like the color... thanks!

hey r u still selling the Roxy blue and gray top alt to the Lucky brand Striped top?


Hi! Thanks for offering help, but I'm looking for the lucky brand henley, not the embroidered one...this one I have, payed a fortune at the but If you know about the henley...know which one? the one she's wearing when Eduard asks her to marry him.....Let me know If you find out... Thanks a lot Amber!!!!!!!!!!

the girl that is making my cgt replica is also altering my tillys top. its $15 to alter I can give you her info if you wan it ;) shes also going to see if it will take a perm blue fabric marker bc she cant stitch on the blue specks since the fabric is so delicate. let me know if you want the details! I should have mine back in 2weeks if you want to see pics ;) its funny I messaged Heather to give her the idea to have her mom do it after I asked the esty girl to change mine!

hi amber!! sorry havent been on in ages been working my butt off for my holiday so i dont have to sell any of my twilight clothing :) how have u been btw?

Thanks for posting those links for those skirts. I ordered some from JCrew and I absolutely LOVE them. Plus, I saved 30% off!

I got this one but in the navy denim color. Apparently, they are sold out now.

Hi, I think I could buy it for you!If you want me to. Is it a buy it now item or would I have to bid for it? alina

hey! i didn't hear about from you about the leena top. are you still interested? if not I'm going to list it. let me know!

Hey there! Thanks so much for your offer to help me with shipping :D I will definitely take you up on that offer! I have asks Shannon (Nfgirly) to post some stuff for me but don't want to bombard her with stuff lol! I get paid next week so I will definitely be buying a shirt from Nordstrom! Can I have it shipped to you and you can ship it to me?

Would be super grateful :))

Thanks love x


you want a bbdakota jacket in grey?? my NR had them. I can go back and see if they still have it! let me know!

hello :) I want that O neil morrison sweater please :) message me, cause I did message you but I don't know if you get it :) thaaanks!!









I really like the purple plaid ! How much do you want ?

Hon, what size is the Nike Dri-Fit?

Sorry! I forgot to post all of the prices for the items above. The prices do not include shipping.

Target Embroidered top, size L (runs small/NWT), $12

Goody Stayput headbands, 2pk (gold/gray), $10

Canyon River Blues peasant top, size S (NWT), $18

Energie Peasant Top, size L (NWT), $10

Zero Purple Plaid, size 40 (bust) (NWT), $42.00

Nike Dri-Fit Pacer Jacket, size L (NWT), $100.00

H&M Divided Brown Hoodie, size 12 (NWT), $30.00

AE 3/4 sleeve green cardigan, size S, $18

Would Canyon River Blues peasant top fit me if I'm always wearing Medium sizes? :)

hi dear i'm wondering one thing, the discount code shoeblog is valid until when? i would wait just to got the other uggs to see how they fits to be sure ordering the right size but i'm scary to lost the way to save a little bit of money, i hope you understand what i mean i'm bad in english :-)

ok :-) thanks a lot glad to know it!i've tried today and it works maybe i can wait until next week and it still works

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

What is the Green AE cardigan a replica of? Regardless, I really like it! Could you send me the measurements if it's still available? Thanks!

Hey Amber!
I wanted to tell you if you are interested to buy my little red riding hood spoon ring?
Here the link:

Hi, Do you still have the Nike Dri-Fit Pacer Jacket? Thanks!
My Name is vicky i want to your profile today at ( and i love it i think we can clcik from thier!please i will like you to email me back through my email thus;( am waiting to recive your lovely reply soonest!
vicky !
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hey, do you still have this j crew cardi of yours up for trade? i managed to find an m. (: how does the cardi run, small, normal or large, what do you think?

@ambidawn - awesome spot on the jacket! Did you find one SA?

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