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hey!!! do you know where I can find that lucky brand top that you just posted??? I've looked everywhere for it! ugh...

I was wondering this as well. Is the Lucky Brand Top still available to purchase in Lucky Brand stores or is an old top that is discontinued? Any info would be great!!!

do you know where i could get that curious gypsy whitish top?

i liked the Adidas Trefoil Hoodie you posted but i cant find it do you now where to buy it?



I love that dress billabong dakota door Kristen Stewart. do you know where to buy it?


Great job in spotting the dress on Kristen's page! :D

hey, where can i buy the american rag floral hoodie thing? its so pretty, and i would be soo grateful if you could help me please

Hey I read your post, and I am interested in the jacket.
However I was wondering if you had any idea what clothes size someone would have to be in order for the jacket to fit, I am a UK 8 and was wondering if this is the right size for me to get.
Also would you consider putting the jacket on a buy it now? If so how much would you want for it?
Thank you, Jenny

Hi there, i was just reading one of your posts about kristen stewart being about 47kg in twilight. OMG thats tiny. i knew she was small, but i still can't believe it. so i have to loose 10kg to resemble her lol..... hard work. not eating for a week lol

Thanks for the 411 on the Chantecaille stuff. Good to know she can at least say a few things!

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