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whats the fit like on the aerie CGT alternative?? I love this top and just bought one in size XS off of someone on here. I'm 5'3 and 115lbs and normally wear an XS or SM in clothes. Is this true to size or run small or big?? Thanks for any help love!!

It fits true to size, I bought the small because that's all they had left, it was on clearance but I probably would've bought the xs if it had been there, from Aerie I buy xs or s clothing so I think you will be fine with what you bought

thanks love!! :) if i dont like the fit of the XS maybe we could trade if you want the XS instead of the SM ;) I bought it almost 2 weeks ago but its coming from Canada so its going to take a bit to get to me :P Hope to have it this week!

Oops, I didn't mean to delete your comment, I thought I was hitting "reply", I just checked and my top is M not S it says "m-m" on the back so I saw it just quick & I thought it was "s-m", well there's a reason why I wear glasses, lol. I still think it fits true to size although I wasn't unhappy on how mine looks or wishing it was smaller, let me know how they xs fits you & if you are still interested we can trade.

ok love. if you like yours i dont want to steal it from you lol, when I get it I will let you know :) I have this weird thing about liking the sleeves to be long too. I like my sleeves longer then most people, lol, so im worried about that too. Please if you like the way yours fits keep it! If you would like a smaller size we can always trade. I can message you when I get it and we can talk then. hows that?? :) but again if you like the way yours fits you just let me know and obviously we dont have to trade, lol :) I'm hoping to get it this week. xoxoxo

ok, I like long sleeves too, in Mexico long sleeves always fit me like 3/4 sleeves which I hated, that's what I like about AE, Aeropostale & Free People, they are nice & long! Yeah, just let me know how it fits you & we'll see what we do from there, no problem

ok love! xoxo
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just emailed you the pics, my email is, let me know that you got them & if you need more.

Hey girl! Since I know ya, I figured I'd give ya a heads up to this alt for the Ikea hultet drape. I got the seller to lower the price and include shipping to $15 total. She had two and I just bought one so just in case you'd want this alt, here's the link
Same price I paid. Fast shipping and nice seller
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vicky !
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I'm looking for banana republic tab sleeve henley in fushia size M. Do you still have it available? I would love to have it :)


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