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hey. i saw that you spotted some hair products for Kristen, as Bella, in New Moon, and i was wondering where you got the info from? an article or something? if it was an article, would you mind linking me to it please? thank you so much ;)

Hi, I got some of the hair product information from this site, which I found really interesting because it discussed Bella, Alice and Rosalie, as well as Jane:

I also used the articles on these sites;

I hope that helps :) thank you for asking!

hey aerie do you have the rebecca taylor dress? if so would you be willing to sell if good offer was made?

^^ I second what she said! Haha.

Hey, I'm afraid I don't have it :( but found a link to an ebay seller who sold it recently here:
Maybe the seller can give you some more information about it, like the style name? It might make it easier to track down.

thanks again aaerie i hope i can find it as i sooo... want it well thanks again :)

Oh, thank you so much for the information! <3

The seller has no other items in their shop, and I keep getting a contact form is disabled message, gah.

Hey aaerie, I was wondering where you got the image of Hermione's dress from Slughorn's Christmas party. I have been trying to find as much images as I can of the dress so that I can make one and there isn't too many out there. Thanks so much.

Hi bellaforbiddenedward, I think I found the images at galleries - they have screen capped the whole film so you should be able to find more pictures there. They're quite dark though!

Also, a youtube behind the scenes video here:

Thank you so very much for letting me know. The video is extremely helpful as well!

your spots and profiles are amazing, btw...

Thanks :)

heyyy!!! pliss where I can buy the tshirt of the lakers of vanessa hudgen

Hi, I think you could get Vanessa's Lakers t-shirt here:

hey, just saw you posted that 'keema mega bucks' t-shirt for zac efron... did you happen to find where it was available to buy?? woud appreciate the help, thanks!


For Sale:
Hermione's Topshop check coat from HBP, size UK 8:

In good used condition. Message me for details/price.

Are you still selling it. I'm interested in buying it, if my parents let me to... :(

I'm sorry but the coat has been sold now. I'll keep a look out for another on ebay for you though :)

HEY! Thank you so much for posting the photos of Luca and Hilary. I am the owner of Shanna's Tie Dye. He is wearing a bodysuit I made :) Can you please link my shop instead of Amazon on the shop now button? :) Thank you!!!!!

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