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Sarah Michelle Prinze, (born April 14, 1977) better known by her birth name and stage name of Sarah Michelle Gellar, is an American actress. She is best known for her role as the fictional character Buffy Summers in the acclaimed television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for which she won... Read More



i love her and freddie! so glad they made their marriage last with all the hollywood craziness. they are great together. and i really miss seeing her on tv. buffy was one of my favorite shows!!!

love her

She is amazing women*)))

I wish her page got updated more often. I love SMG's style and would love to know more about the types of products she uses.

It's hard to find most of her clothes though. I wish it was possible to find the clothes she wore on buffy but, by now they would be long gone.

I just wish we could find stuff from her "buffy" days. I LOVED her outfits from season 3-7

Me too. I was doing a google search trying to find out what some of the brands were.

I know of a couple but, i am never able to find any exacts. Fred Segal, Dari, Barneys, Saks, Lisa Kline, Neiman Marcus, Madison, American Rag,Curve,Traffic (in the Beverly Center),Bloomingdale's,Tommy Hilfiger, Cynthia Rowlie,Vivian Tam,Rampage, Emma gold, bebe, contempo casual, hello kitty.

One item I do know, or think I do, is that the overalls Sarah wears in Inca Mummy Girl are by guess, but I don't know the model and such.

So many great spots! Love the Rebecca Taylor Runway Pom Pom dress in the Rebecca Taylor Cami! SMG has such great taste!

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Any idea about what she is wearing on this picture? I'm in love with this look

Sweet little princess...


Love love love all the new spots!!!!

Me too :)

I love SMG's style! She always wears the cutest outfits! If it weren't for her, I would have never known of all the amazing fashion designers that I now love!

Me too!!!! Too much cute clothes that I want now!!!

Because of SMG I started wearing Rebecca Taylor, Twelfth Street and Twenty8Twelve. I'm really liking the fashion of Chloe as well, but the clothes are way too pricey for me at this time lol. :)

Me too, I'm a huge fan of Rebecca Taylor and Vince!!! I love chloe too but really too pricey sadly :( I'm saving some money for the Marc Jacobs bag, I love it so much!!!!

Ooooo yes, Vince is awesome! I have their lantern Sleeve cardi and wear it all the time and always get TONS of compliments!

Need more people here!!! If you're a fan of SMG style please comment the post! I only know xjubesx who is also a fan of SMG :)
And if you want to take a look a my collection:
I haven't post everything yet but it's almost done :)
I'm so proud of my collection I need to share it with some other fan!
Thanks! And sorry if it sounds crazy!

I think she has great fashion sense.

any idea about where can I find her LA't by L'AgenceSleeveless Top ?

My best guess would be eBay or a similar online used clothing store. I think it's sold out in stores.

thank you! already checked a few of them but I found nothing for now. Guess, I need to be patient for this one!

I check ebay like every day and never seen it :(

Thank you anyway girls <3

Love the Rebecca Taylor Geo Clip top. So cute!

Love all Rebecca Taylor clothes ;) really too cute!

Totally agree! She has such great taste! :D

Please stop to spot things if they are were spotted, it's annoying so check before posting something that was spotted month ago. Thanks

Again, don't spot duplicate please it's annoying!

For anyone who's interested, Gellar's Marc Jacobs sheer pintucked blouse is listed on eBay in a size 10. If you're having trouble finding it, PM me and I'll send you the link.

Rare find! Gellar's Nanette Lepore lace panel blouse is currently listed on eBay. It's black/black, size 10.

Selling most of my stuff, you can check my stuff list on my page

Selling a lot of SMG stuff, international buyers are welcome, reasonnable offers are welcome

Still selling a lot of SMG stuff, price lower, really need to go:

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