Rose McGowan and Boston Terrier

About this Spot: Rose McGowan has 2 Bostons and also helps rescue ones that have been abused or neglected. Check out for her full story! Pencil

Rose McGowan Boston Terrier
Spotted by spookshow
Rose McGowan Boston Terrier


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i need help, saw your comercial and decided to give it a shot...i do not have sa b. terrier, though my aunt has 3...i have a beagle (her name is baby...she has a tumor the size of a big golf ball on her chest, which may be cancer and should be removed... i havent worked in a year and my bf is a farmer witha broken vehicle and dryer and rent to worry about...sorry to ramble and you will prob never see this but if u do, i loved it when you replaced whats her name on please contact me at to help ps the surgery woulod cost about what u prob pay for shoes $300.00

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