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Rachelle Marie Lefevre (pronounced /ləˈfɛv/; born on February 1, 1979) is a Canadian actress. She has had recurring roles on television in Big Wolf on Campus, What About Brian, Boston Legal, and Swingtown. She is also known for her role as Victoria in the Twilight saga film series based on... Read More


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i love her hair!

I know. I wish I had hair that color! gorgeous!

she's so handsome!!!

If anyone is intrested you can buy Rachelle's studded sandles on this website (Only for people in the UK) - http://www.oli.co.uk/Steve-Madden-Studded-Gladiator-Sanda...

Anyone know where her cardigan is from? ( from the Access Hollywood interview with Nikki Reed)

Nooo...i want it too, but can't find it. looks great!

If you have Twitter there is a online petition that you can sign to get Rachelle back as Victoria in Eclipse.. if it will actually work .. doubt it coz Summit is a bum! But its worth a try, there's already 3236 signatures and its still going up!

Sign it here - http://tinypetition.com/RachelleisVictoria

Anyone know where to find the fuchsia top Rachelle wore to Comic-Con?


i love her why did they have to replace her no offense to bryce but i miss rachelle

Yeah, me too. She was GREAT as Victoria!

they said was due to scheduling conflicts cuz she was doing work in another movie and the filming overlapped by about 10 days, but they could have made accommodations in the filming schedules like they do when the weather goes bad or like they did with Cam in the first movie, its really awful that they treated her like this after all shes done for the Twilight franchise...

Eclipse just isnt gonna be the same without her, its too bad summitt couldnt see that...

I love Rachelle, Eclipse isn't going to be the same without her

you are so beautiful

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