Nina Dobrev

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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More




can anyone spot this outfit

the tank looks like the lucky brand ribbed lace tank that is already spotted except in a teal color

lovely lady

very pretty and talented

She's amazing in The Vampire Diaries ; )

yeah she really is pretty and amazing!! arghh!! cannot wait for the next season of Vampire Diaries!!!

i love hert she is so coolll


can anyone delete the H&M Tanktop spot. its from me and wrong. sorry about my mistake!


An amazing Bulgarian :D :D and she's hot ! really like her :P

can anyone read the comments on the clothes i really love her clothes plz help thnks? :) the cast on this show is soooo amazing.

can anyone spot her berets?please!!

She is soo beautiful I love her clothes. She could pull off anything if she wanted to :) <3

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