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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



she is so beautiful her clothe's are so lovely and i love the dress she wears in the profile picture it's lovely and her style is really cool and i think she's an amazing actress she's the best xoxo

Hoping someone can spot the new dress she is wearing as Katherine, It's beautiful. Been searching, anyone any clues?

Hoping as someone will spot her beannies!!!

I would LOVE her beannies! Please someone spot!!!

Armani Exchange makes some that are similar.

This article was on JSYK (Just So You Know) "Nina Dobrev Might Like Berets"
If Nina Dobrev has learned anything from her on-screen character, it's to find a signature item for your wardrobe and make it your own. For Elena Gilbert, it's the leather jacket. For Nina, it's the slouchy beret.

We spotted the 21-year-old actress wearing three different versions of the trendy piece. We love her unique fashion taste, but our fave thing about Nina is that she's not a label snob. While on a break from the Atlanta set of The Vampire Diares, Nina tweeted, "Venice Beach! Just bought a hat from the boardwalk..Soaking up the last rays of sunshine in California" and included a photo of herself proudly wearing her bargain purchase: a cute blue knit beret.

Earlier that weekend, Nina rocked her hippie-chic style with a similar knitted beret in olive while meeting fans with co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley and she later tweeted, "Knit hats. Oversized and slouch-y. New obsession...Do it!"

Marie, where do yo find your beanies ? At the Armani exchange's stores?

Could someone spot the wings earrings on the profile's pic, please ?

Thanks Cortni for these great spot ! Especially all the Armani exchange's stuff ! LOVE IT^^

Boo! I saw your comment to late. Oh well.

Anyone interested in KRMA gear should follow KRMA on twitter they are doing heaps of giveaways this month and when they hit 5000 followers they are giving away a Black Jade Jacket, seen on Nina in the Vampire Diaries.

thank you for the hint :)

does anyone knows where i can find the jane iredale lipdrink maybe sephora ? i live in France !

J'ai acheté le mien sur Amazon et je vit également en France :)

merci beaucoup !

Tu verras, c'est super sympa comme gloss et ca sent trèeeeees bon !!

Not sure about the Jessica Simpson hat!! It seems a lot different !!!

il n'est pas en vente sur amazon france je suis dégoutée
j'ai posté le bonnet et en effet maintenant j'ai l'impression que l'arrière est vraiment différent

Pour le lipgloss, tu devras être patiente et regarder sur ebay.
Il apparaîtra tôt ou tard...

I didn't realize she was a smoker...

me too!!

Same here. =\

Does anyone know what kind of purse this is?

Never mind I want the red purse that is posted. I just need to save money. Cheapest price is at amazon.
$303 for it.

You should totally get it. I love Treesje bags, they're made with amazing leather. ;)

I did end up getting one and I absolutely LOVE it!

i think her and ian are so cute together! :-) they always look so happy.

Great alternative for her Frill Ankle Boots (Solea Samira):
They look pretty much the same to me.

I think my Solea Samira spot my be wrong:

Both boots look identical and it's confusing because Nina has shoes from both Pour La Victoire (like the ebay listing) and Kurt Geigher (the Solea boots were available on that site). The placement of the ruffles is exact for the one that's selling on ebay, but then again I'm pretty sure that they just buckled it tighter and therefore it's placed higher. But when I try to doing a search for Pour La Victoire nothing remotely similar pops up so I don't know if the seller got their information wrong or if I just can't find information on it.

BDG cardigan is available on for only $14.99. Only in black though. :o/

i think she needs to gain a little more weight.. beautiful though but too skinny.. :D

Anyone going to get the Lace UO zipper back tank. I have a promo code that will take 10% off the total its "TAKE 10" and its good until the first of February. I just grabbed a tank, they only had M's and L's left. So get them while they still have them :) Just a heads up.

I got mine today!!! I love it!

It looks so cute, perfect for the summer, which I wish it was now. I'm so tired of the snow :(

Don't want to be rude but I think the Elena's stuffs should be spotted on Elena's page and not here

Anyone know how to do her makeup look for the new profile pic? I love it.

If you can find more pictures of it, I can try to recreate it.

Get a light purple (lilac) and dark purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and black mascara. Lilac goes all over lid, outer rim of tear duct, and underneath eye. Smudge lilac color underneath eye and blend the upper lid portion into the eyebrow. Take dark purple and apply to outer portion of eyelid and blend into the middle. Rim waterline with eyeliner and line top lid as well. Then apply mascara. =)

Please stop spotting Elena's items here. It's annoying. It's already spotted on the Elena's page.

Agreed, I flagged all the Elena's spot a few days ago, so please don't spot them again

They get spotted when they are spotted for Elena. I don't think it's intentional.

WWSJ, they don't get spotted automatically though. you have to actually spot Nina in the picture for her to show up here.

So I was looking more closely at some photos from the 2010 Gemini Awards, and I'm pretty sure the shoes she's wearing there are not Kurt Geiger Emiline. The shoes she wore had a black sole, what looked like a white interior, a concealed platform, and no sign of the Emiline heel detail. Any idea what they could be?

Would anyone have a Juicy Couture Suede Jacket Small for sale OR know of one for sale? Been trying to find this jacket for awhile.

Message me a picture of it. I'm going to a few Juicy Couture outlets, maybe I can find one.

You need to go on ebay. I remember as saw it a few weeks ago in various sizes. I have this jacket in black and I looking for the teal.

Been searching ebay I've only found a black in medium which would have been to big for me. The teal was up there a while ago but I wasn't sure if I would wear it alot, so I didn't bid. Wish I would have now. : (

The jacket run a little small, that's why I bought a size up!

I have the Juicy sweater in black size medium for sale. This was worn by Elena Gilbert on Vampire Diaries. I am selling it for what I paid. It will go for $70 for US people and it will be $75 for non-USers, that is just because shipping out of the country is a little more.

PM me if you're interested please :)

OH MY GOSH! This chick looks SO much like Nina! Watch it guys! s newest parody on TVD! I loooove it!


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