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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



Anyone think she might have shortened this dress? the pattern is identical, and in this pic of Nina it looks a little like the hem is folded over..


I found the same dress and just texted the link to forbidden1.

I wish she didn't have the vest on! we need to see the top!

I had blown up some of the photos and put them on my LJ. I can't get the front-view ones to blow up any bigger, but there are several of the side-view ones that are blown up massively on the post, so you can see the hemline very well.

I don't think Nina's has that hole in front although hers does look hemmed from those pics! ;)

I agree with Nik, it does look hemmed but I don't think hers has a keyhole front

Yeah I don't think her's has the hole.

I love the vest too! Can anyone see a logo?

Do you know the brand of this maxi red/ white feather dress? Maybe nina's dress and this one are from the same brand?

I tried that already, no luck! :(

Added a pic from the TV Guide shoot at Comic Con, looks like Nina is wearing that same jumper/playsuit as in the Funny or Die Video!

Want!!!!! ;)

Me too! No luck finding it yet though :(

Found it! But sadly $540 :(

Boo! Yeah can't afford that lol

Yikes! I'm out! ;(

I wonder if we could find an alt for it...

Is it just me or Nina's dress is similar to this one Leighton wears at MTV Movie Awards?


The red one? It's by Jenny Packham. It's a little similar I guess but not the same! :)

No, I'm talking about the gold one, by Farah Khan. Of course it's not the same, it just looks similar to me, the details are similar, although this is Balmain.

Oh got ya! Yeah it is similar.. Lucky it wasn't the same event or they would have been all over the 'who wore it best' polls lol.

Yes, that's what I meant. At first when I saw Nina's pics from EW party I thought the dress was Balmain, too. -

AllSaints is out of my size for the Lelex. If anyone sees a size 10/12 in the dark chocolate color please let me know. Missed out on this cause I had no money for it. :o(

Hope you can find one Nat!

Do you girls think there is any way to id her jean vest???


Rachel Zoe Laura Snakeskin Ballet Flats-Nude-Size 6.5

There's only slight wear on the bottom, I wore them once out, and they're too small for me, other than that they're in brand new condition. With box and dust bag. Asking $125+shipping

Really need to sell these so let me know if you're interested!!!

All your Nina things are super awesome Kate!!! ;)

hey girls is the spot about the vans classic slip on checkered black/white correct? if yes i am sooooo happy because for the first time i got something before has been spotted on her haahahahah i got them just last week :-)

Trying to decide whether to shell out $100 for the show me your mumu feather dress.. I'm worried it will be too short! idk, do you guys think I should get it?

I personally love it! The feather design is awesome! But, I'm only 5'2", so hopefully it won't be too short!

I think it will be too short, because it barely goes over the models butt. I think it's Show Me Your MUMU, but I think it might be one of their other dresses and not the Wendy slip. Plus, in the pics of Nina, there is more white at the bottom and it's longer on her than the model.

I think the pattern varies for each individual piece. If you check out all the stock photos I posted from different stores in the spot's profile, all of them are slightly different.

Example: Ron Herman's stock photo of the pattern of the dress is clearly different from Revolveclothing's and Singer 22's. They're all slightly different in variation but Ron Herman's is closer to Nina's. And they're all the Show Me Your Mumu Wendy Topslip.


For reference on the length of the slip, Vanessa Hudgens also wore the same slip except in the leopard print here:


That's good to know!

CS won't let me edit my comment but I also wanted to add that the straps are adjustable so you can make it longer or shorter. I can't post the description for the slip here from SMYM since it violates CS' copyright terms of service but if you check out SMYM's page for the Wendy topslip, it says you can adjust the straps longer to make it a dress or shorter for a top.

I actually ordered a large because I don't like super short stuff, so I'm just going to alter it on the sides so I get a bit of extra length!

Gotcha! The Revolve Clothing pics just made it look so short.

Thanks for all the info girls!
It also looks shorter on the models because they're taller than Nina.. I think I'm going to get it, it's so cute and once it goes out of stock it will probably be really hard to find.
Is it only available at singer22 now? Revolve says it's out of stock.

I only found it at Singer22 and they only have size medium left.

Yeah only Singer22 has it, I got the last one on Revolve and it was a large.

I just ordered it! My poor credit card is feeling so abused :(

Selling Nina's Free People Cable Pullover Sweater in Oatmeal Size XS Asking $35 plus shipping
I need payment right away because I'm going away on Friday

Oh and it's NWT.

Ok so last time I posted about trading/selling I was very disorganized and hadn't even decided what I wanted to get rid of! Sorry if you sent me a message and I didn't get back to you, I was a little flooded!

So let's try this again! I am trading these for Nina items, I might do some more later on but this is all for now. Message me if you want to trade! :)

AE Lace tank in yellow
Guess Nicole Tank in coral
Jenni Lace Cami in green
Jenni Lace cami in black
Aeropostale solid vneck in navy
Aeropostale solid vneck in maroon (from daddy issues)
Puma singlet tank
FP stripy cami in purple/pink floral

If anybody is selling a pair of the Frye Carmen Short boots in grey, please message me. Thanks

Just letting everybody know has a $50 singer22 gift card for $25. It would take $25 off of the show me your mumu slip.

I just precise that I posted the link here because I thought someone would be interested, but I'm not the seller and not the buyer :)

I'm exited to see what she's wearing at the TCAs tonight :D

Me too, can't wait!

Nina's dress is goregous

So Ilaria says the dress is J Mendel Resort 2013, but there is no short dress like that in the collection. This one looks a lot like Nina's, do you think its modified and should we spot it?


Ok I am NEVER ordering from singer22 again!! They emailed me about a week ago asking for photocopies of my drivers license and photos of my c.card, so I sent them and they replied back and forth a few times just messing around with this stupid verification thing.. and then tonight I just got an email saying they have canceled my purchase because the dress has gone out of stock!! How unfair is that?!? But they already took the money out of my bank account, so if I don't get it back really soon I'm filing a complaint against them! The whole thing was ridiculous! And now the mumu dress is out of stock everywhere :(

Seriously avoid that site girls!

I'm so sorry Rosie! ;(

That's absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I'm

Omg! I'm sorry, what a horrible experience.

Thanks girls.. yeah it sucks!

That's ridiculous!! I am sorry for you! I'll never ordered from singer22!

AE fair isle sweater in Nina's color is available here :)

Any news on the Deja Vu dress??

Company is still waiting on it to come in

I sure hope so...kindof getting a bad feeling about it! Trying to stay positive!

Yeah me too, but thats what they told me, that they are waiting to get it in and 'hope' to get it soon

Also, here's an alt to Nina's lace Deja Vu dress.
What do you girls think?

That is really close! Great find!!! :)

I found another Alt to the Deja Vu Day After dress:

I think we should all email show me your mumu and ask them to re-release the Maddy top in Folklore and the Wendy slip in feathers! They use the same material for other products so they might do it... We could start a petition or something!

Definitely, the Baxter blouse was sold out for a long time and then they finally restocked it so it's definitely possible.

I sure hope so! :)))

Has anyone had any luck finding the Loft sequin tank? I'm still searching for one. : (

Nope! I must have called 20 stores in many states to no avail! ;(

That's so annoying!!! GRRRRRRR

The Sir Alistair scarf has already been spotted, the new one is a duplicate spot

They're actually different scarves :) The black one is just the Ikat and the other one is the Tibetan. I have been looking for a pic of the Tibetan for ages. You can see the patterns are slightly different..


Oh, okay! I thought they were the same scarf, just different colors, my bad! XD

I thought that when I first saw them on Nina as well, but the company lists them as different scarves and after a closer look I noticed the differences! They're very similar though lol :P

I wish it wasn't $95!!! I love it so much lol. I just can't justify that much on a scarf

I could be totally wrong but isn't the Ikat one in black the same one as seen on Nina and Elena when they wore the Guess Jasmyn Coat?

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