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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



Does anyone know the brand of leggings that Nina is wearing in this pic?

At first I think her leggings are from American apparel, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

I think you're correct!!!

I think it is the American apparel nylon mesh two sided legging. I searched everywhere also. However last I checked they were out of sizes except for xs. It runs $40.00.

Aw nvm. I just saw another pic and it doesn't look like the aa one. But I guess the aa is a great alternative though ....

It still looks like the AA one? What makes you think it doesn't? I really want one too. Lol

To me, on Nina's, there are black panels on both sides and just the sheer part in the middle. The AA's are all sheer in the front and all black in the back. Here's a better pic of Nina's leggings:

If you notice on the right leg, you can see the black panels on each side. Also, the sheer part in the middle seems narrower than the AA ones. But that's just me lol

I wonder if it's because hers legs are just skinnier than the models they used? The black and white picture on AA's site looks more similar. What do you think?

Hello girls, does anyone know the brand of the red dress from NY?

I wish. No one seems to know. :o(

Yeah, me too. I think it's French Connection but I can't find it.

Is anybody selling either the I Love Nerds shirt, or the Mighty Mouse shirt, or the Victorian travel carpet bag? Thanks :)

I am selling the bag. It's the purple and gold one just like hers. I paid $100 but will take $80. :) I bought it from someone else used but I myself have never carried it and it comes from a smoke free home.

@glittergirl, are you talking bout the Victorian bag? I'm definitely interested, can I see some pics?

Just got the Free People sweater she wore for the Got Milk campaign. It is SO soft and comfy. Highly recommend!

Isn't it? I got mine last week and I love it!'

Me too! So casual cool!!!

It's gonna be so comfy to wear in the summer at night when it gets cool, with a cute pair of shorts! love it!

Silence & Noise Zip Tank Size Medium!

Boo! Missed it! haha

Sorry, I thought you already had one :( I'll message you if I see another!

hey guys, I was wondering does anyone know where I could get my hands on a copy of nina's seventeen fitness mag? I'm from london, uk and it was never released here. I've checked ebay but they don't have it. someone please help!

The only place I assume it would be available is from Seventeen themselves if they have old copies

Have we still not found the peacock maxi dress? :( I want it SO badly!

There are dresses out there that are very similar but unfortunately no one has been able to identify the actual one :(

FOUND IT!! Its from a store in LA called White Mark. Its called Exotic Peacock Dress in Blue. It also comes in other colours (green, burgundy, and black) and in a shorter length. I found the dress on a site called Beyond the Rack but they only had the other three colours, not the blue. The store doesn't have a website so unfortunately I can't get it since I live in Canada.... booo.


OMG YAY! Where are the other colors on the Beyond the Rack website? I can't find it!!

I can't find them either!!! Can you post a link?

White Mark is a wholesale place, just called! The peacock dress maxi style does not come in blue! :(((

I have Nina's Alice & Olivia flapper dress in a size Medium for sale if anyone is interested. I love it but never wear it so hopefully can see it go to a good home.


How much are you asking?

Honestly I paid $300 for it back when it was first spotted but I don't expect to get that much so anything reasonable I will accept.

Hmm Ill message you later, I'd have to take it to a tailor, so I'll let you know! :)

Ok. :o)

I am offering Nina's Victorian carpet bag for sale. Same colors and can send you a picture. $80 plus $5 shipping for domestic US. $13.95 shipping for international. Thanks!

Added some pics of Nina in Paris. I hope we can spot her white dress, it's gorgeous!

Me too! I love it!

It's a perfect sun/summer dress! Absolutely adore it.

Urban outfitters has one that's close. Not exact, but a good alt!

So pretty! Love the gray suede pumps!!!

I love the pumps, too!!!

Just got the pumps!! XD

I love the white dress too!!!!

I seen online that Nina has a home in Atlanta...does anybody know if there are any pictures of it or any of the rooms inside. Would love to see how she decorated it :)

No, there isn't. She's a very private person.

Got my Wilfred dress yesterday, it's SO worth the money. It's so comfy and cute!!!!!

Did you pay full price for it? I tried it on and fell in love, but then tried to find it cheaper online with no luck.

Yeah, I had a $25 gift certificate for Aritzia, so I used that, but I paid full price. Yeah Aritzia stuff only sells in stores, or if someone happens to be selling something on eBay.

I tried on the dress and it looked gorgeous! but then I put it away because it was way out of my budget :( lol hope I find it cheaper online somewhere

I want this dress so badly!! I just can't afford it right now... I hope the stores carry it for a while longer... damned conventions, lol xP

But conventions are so worth it too, girl!! :D

You are soooo right :D

The new Nina spot is not correct. Nina's is some kind of bustier/corset, with a ribbon or some detail around the waist. I'm gonna add a picture.

i was laughing really a loooooot with the last video hiihihh damn she is really good moving her body, now i have more reasons to be so jalous of her LOL!!!

This is so cool! They recreated Ian's and Nina's NY looks for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less money :)

Lol her shorts aren't 7F.A.M though! haha

I noticed that, too :D haha

American Eagle has yellow shorts too. : ) Very similar!

Aren't Nina's AG???

thats what i thought and i thought the colour was sorta green instead of yellow

Nina's are AG and the color is called 'Melon' but it's sort of a greeny yellow.. lol

Anyone know where I can find the Hollister denim jacket??

A few have popped up on eBay

I won mine for only $19!

do u know the exact title ? cause i've got a million results with hollister denim jacket

There is no exact title, it's just one of the many versions Hollister released, you have to look for it by sight. It's a very light wash with a brown tag above the pocket, like the picture on the spot

idk if this is it but it's really close if anyone is interested,

I got mine on ebay too... there were several when I got mine a week ago.

Here's another dress similar to the white one from the Paris pictures. Abercrombie & Fitch

Wow! That's pretty expensive for A & F!

I know!! It's crazy, it's so cute but $190 is a tad too expensive...

Hi everyone. I'm selling my KRMA black jade jacket sz small. Only worn once. Pretty much brand new condition. Asking 250. Something urgent came up and need to make some money. Message me if interested.

On hold

Does anyone know the exact color of Nina's Frye 12r harness boots? Thanks^^

On the Show Me Your Mumu FB page it says that Nina is wearing the Baxter Folklore Floral top! The spaghetti top is not long enough to be correct! A beautiful print though!

Yes, i've noticed that too. Do you have any luck finding the bag, guys? I know it's Elie Saab, but can't find it.

It's not the baxter one. You can see that hers doesn't have sleeves in some of the pictures.

The Baxter one you can change around though and tie the sleeves in front.

Oh wow, the price is crazy!

It's def the Baxter blouse! The back is exactly dipping on Nina's as in the pics on the website! She has the sleeves rolled or tied I bet! :)

Lol my bad guys :) I changed the spot name since you guys were pretty much unanimous, but I can't change the profile pic because it's on the CS front page right now. I will change it as soon as I can :)

The UO suede pumps have already been spotted...

Oh how much I hate that we now have an UO store in my city and even a German online store and I still can't get the stuff, cause the German stores carry a totally different collection than the ones in the US. Boooo~~
so much for globalization, haha xP

Sorry I didn't see it when I was looking at the shoes spotted.

Is someone planning to order the Guess tanya top? I found it on (39,99) but shipping to the Netherlands is ready expensive.. ($60,00)
So maybe if someone else also want the tank we can buy it together or something..

Added two photos from today, she was spotted in Sofia, Bulgaria with her mother. She's here to visit her family. I hope we can spot the blazer, looks awesome and the scarf & bag too :)

I love her necklace too. I haven't been able to find anything like it.

YES that necklace! I want to find it. It's the same one she wore at Coachella with the Wilfred dress. I need a long turquoise necklace like that.

Yes! I've been wondering why it's familiar ;d

I LOVE that necklace too, but those SHOULDER PADS...Oh NINA! HAHAHA!

I've added another photo from Sofia, so the bag is Channel, but it's with some kind of roses and I can't find it.

Just spotted it :D

Yay, cool!

So I'm thinking of either having someone on etsy make me Nina's turquoise lariat necklace or just making it myself. : )

She said that she picked up a whole lot of jewelry when she went to Hawaii with Ian, and the dress she wore at the Influence affair was from a street vendor there, so maybe that's why we can't spot the necklace... Getting an etsy replica would be great :)

I wonder if she got the peacock dress there too! lol. I'm gonna ask her in December about that

OMG you have to ask her where she got that red dress she wore in NY!! Lol I want that dress so badly

Haha I need to make a list

Ask her about the Coachella Necklace to please, I love that one.

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