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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



Anybody interested in the Rachel zoe snakeskin sandals, found them in a US 6 and US 9,5 for $150! would need to know asap, cause it's a german members only shopping site! :)

JUSt a ******HUGE****** shout out to a fantastic FRIEND that just helped me score a Nasty GAL dress!!!! Thanks again babes! :)))))

So glad you were able to get one! ;-)

Wow where did you get one? I want one is cream soooo badly!! But I need a size small and that's sold out =(

From the website! It came back in stock or was a return! Keep checking girls!!!

Yeah a couple of the navy ones in Small popped up today on their site, so keep an eye on the cream ones, Lisa, you never know!

I will, thank u girls <3

Awww I just got weak and bought one in navy, too!! I wanted the cream, but I was afraid it won't get back in stock xP And there was a navy, size S... xP

So glad u got one! :)p

Thank u :D Couldn't resist when I saw the blue one was back in stock <3

Congrats Lisa! Glad you were able to snag a small!

Thank you <3

that is awesome!! How did you get one? ^^

From the website!

oh that's lucky! everytime I go to the site it says it's sold out so I'm put on a waitlist!

This comment was deleted.

That is awesome Nat! Thanks for sharing!

It is so cute I bought it in both the tan and brown colors. It's a great belt.
Selling again if anyone is interested.

DKNY cozy cardigan size S (black)

How much is it?

Is it still for sale?

My Nasty Gal dress and Rachel Zoe flats are waiting at home! Yay!

Yay!!! I live coming home to packages waiting for me!!

It's so fun! Oh and the jacket got here I'll let you know how it fits!

Ok! Fingers crossed. Xx yes it's fun! Can't wait to see pic of you in your dress:)

I'll probably do an update tonight on my LJ with all the new goodies! Thanks again for the trade! :)

No problem! Did it fit??

Selling! Just got my Rachel Zoe gretta sandals, but sadly they are too big, would need a 7.5! They are a US 8, if anybody is interested please message me! Got them on sale, so they won't be that expensive!! :)

If anyone finds the new dress spot for a great deal please post! Thanks gals, I love it!

hi ladies someone of you could help me to find this?

We can't spot the real dress yet hun!

aw what a pity is my favorite and the only one i could wear, i love that model, do you know how to find a similar one also with a different print?? thanks for your reply!xoxo

Some girls have found a similiar dress with a very close pattern on eBay! Try searching "peacock maxi dress"! Good luck! ;)

Yeah I found one that's almost exact except for the neckline, it was by a company called 'Hypnotic' :)

oh thank you thank you thank you my lovely girls!!!!i'll going to search for one very soon!!i love that dress!!i absolutely need one for this summer :-)

I hope we can find the striped sweater dress she's wearing in the new pics with Ian! I haven't had any luck yet :(

It is soooo cute!

kind of looks like my Vince sweater that Nikki Reed was spotted in awhile back.

You mean this one?

It's similar, but not the same. :(

Hi! I find the striped sweater Nina wore with Ian!!! It's a DKNY Colorblock Stripe Sequin Tunic

You should spot it!!!! Great find!!!! : D

Agree. Nice spot. I bought it already but in the cobblestone color. It looks really similar to the Vince one I have and I don't need two of the same color scheme.

I am so sad because I can't buy it! The website makes deliveries only in US and I'm in France :(

Oh yeah!!!! Such a great price girls!!! Love this tunic!!!

Someone can help me? I'll pay for the sending of the package to France

@nelja Would you like to spot the sweater? If not someone else will do it.

I already spot it! But it doesn't appear?

@nejla: Did someone help you get the sweater??? I can help if you are able to pay me up front?

Thank you @bellacullencutie! You're the only one offering me your help! Thank you again but my size is no longer available ;-( Next time maybe, now I know I can ask for your help

You're welcome!

hey guys, is anyone selling or knows where i can get the AX maxi tired dress in a small. i just lost the only ebay auction there was and i rly rly want that dress! (i'm still shaking from anger!) please help! :)

The last two images with these boys from OD are photoshopped. Nina's pictures are old, from 2009-10 may be, they were not famous and I think a lot younger :D

The one where she's wearing a blue dress is from 2010, and the one with the leather jacket is from 2011. I'll add the real pictures :)

Exactly, thank you!

Girls, my Express Criss Cross Top in Fantasia Blue size M NWT is back up for trade!!
I backed out of the original trade, because the user was one of those named at the Elena page who are scamming people! So thank you so much for telling us all! I'm so glad it took her so long and I hadn't shipped yet. Who knows what would have happened... too risky!

So, anyone who's interested, please check my wishlist, make me an offer! I'm very much in love with Nina's clothes right now, so not everything I want might be on my wishlist, when it comes to her things!
Thanks a lot!

If someone has worries about me being reliable, I can give you the user names of some ppl I recently traded with or sold to, so you can ask them if I am reliable. But please, if you're a relatively new user, I might want to ask someone, too, if we're agreeing on a trade. Better safe than sorry, I hope you understand!

So, message me if interested :D

Love the new dress, I wonder if the transparent piece is a top.

I love it too, it's so gorgeous and elegant :D

For the girls who live outside the US, you can use a forwarding company like Shipito, Viaddress,... I use this kind of company and it is really simple.

Oh! Thank you for this information, I didn't know that these company existed

Those forwarding services can be pricey if they charge you for the service, so be careful, most of us on here will help overseas girls. Don't hesitate to message me if you need something ordered, I do it all the time, as long as we get paid upfront :) And then you just have to pay shipping from us to you

Got my FindersKeepers dress in Ink Blue! *dances* SO excited!!!!


Nik, we just need the Bo Clutch now and we'll have the whole outfit! XD

I know!!! HAHA!

It's on sale at Zappos but I have to wait cause I have to buy con tickets :(

Nina's Bracelet at the Max Mara Event should be a David Yurman Pave Quad Bracelet, but I can't find a matching pic.

Rachel Zoe shoes are great but expensive. Steve Madden has a similar style and color available at Macy's. FYI


Juicy Couture 5 pocket shorts in Neon pink, size 25. $25+shipping

Unfortunately they are a tiny bit small on me :(

Totally wish they were a 26!!! :)

Me too! Then I might have been able to fit into them lol

I am selling the Deja Vu dress in size Large, the white one. I want to get something else instead and I don't think I will wear this as much as I what I want to get. Just asking what I paid which was $85 (with tax etc). I would need the money today though so that's the only bad thing. First to message me gets it.

We have another spot stealer! Man this annoys me :(

Nina wore Max Mara ruffle top? Hmm, can't find it anywhere :(

Yes it's by MaxMara, her stylist confirmed it. Often with couture designers celebs get access to the sample products that are never released for retail, or into the collections. A photo of it may show up eventually though..

Man, some of these outfits are SOOOO expensive! CS should have two subcategories with the price range of the outfit "Reasonably priced" and "Not a shot in hell" lol! Jk.

LOL I completely agree!!!!

Does anyone actually have the DKNY suiting blazer? How does it run? I totally want one! Thanks!

I just ordered one (HUGE splurge). It should be here by Monday at the latest. The girl i spoke with at the store said to order by your bust size when ordering blazers from them.

Did you order your normal size? I found a 2, and am thinking about getting it! That's my normal size, but with it being so expensive I want to make sure it is the correct size! Thanks Nat!

I ordered a 12 due to my bust size. That is what the manager suggested.

Thanks Nat! I'm gonna call back and see what size they say for me! Can you let me know how yours fits when you get it???

I am so in love with this Blazer is beautiful :) i would say get your bust size in this too :) :)

Selling: (Make offers if interested)
* Nina Dobrev's Express Metallic Embellished Dress she wore to Comic Con (In same color) (Large) (Would either sell or trade for smaller size)

* H&M Ruched Cami (White) (Small)
* New Guess Lorelai Jacket in Black (Medium)
* New Guess Tammy Cardigan in Red (Small)

* New Alice & Olivia Jenny Slip Dress/Same color as Elena's (Large) (Would either sell or trade for smaller size)

*Possibly Selling New Guess Amy Wool Blazer in Elena's color (Size Medium)and New Rachel Roy Countryside Jacket in Elena's color (Size 8)

*Kristen Stewart's Hoolywood Made Hoodie in Gray (New) (Medium)

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