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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



For anyone who is interested, has the Rachel Zoe Laura flats that Nina wore IN HER COLOR on sale for only $123.99. It's the cheapest that I have seen them. I have them in black and LOVE them. Highly recommend. All colors are available on the site right now.

Thank you!!!! I've been waiting for the orange ones to go on sale, I have the nude ones and I love them.

No worries. Glad you were able to get them. :o)

Such a great price too!!!

Zappos also has the Rachel Zoe Laura flats that Nina wore in orange for 123.99! Just wanted to share that with everyone. I LOVE their next-day shipping, and the flats are awesome!!

And kind of late to the party but I love my Linea Pelle Dylan Triple Zip purse, the DKNY blazer, the AG dress and the Shamballa bracelet.

I have the Be The Change tee, the Project Pink Tee that Nina wore for sale. If anyone wants just message me. $20 each plus ship. :o)

messaged you :) would like them both please :)

Hey girls! My friend and I are trying to raise money for ISF, if we raise enough we have an opportunity to have lunch with Ian, and even if we don't, we will be presenting a check to him in August at the TVD Convention in NJ for ISF! Here's the FB page with the info on how to donate. Any help would be appreciated. ALL the money is going directly to ISF! Even if you can only donate $1, every bit helps!

That's so great! I hope you raise a lot of money. I really wish I could help, but I just donated quite a lot to ISF a couple of months ago and I'm completely short on money right now :(
Good luck though :D

No worries!!!! Thanks!

I am the only one that thinks this is photoshopped and definitely NOT Nina?

Not Nina!!! Legs and skin tone are way off!!!! ;)

Yeah that was the red flag for me. Someone is just trying to make money off saying she wore that dress.

Yep definitely a fake~ they've taken her head from this picture from the Oscar party! Why would people do that? :(


Should we try to contact eBay so someone who doesn't know any better doesn't buy it thinking Nina wore it? lol It's ridiculous.

It is a cute dress, but the seller only has 1 in feedback, and that's just sketchy to me.

People suck sometimes!!! Def contact ebay!!! :)

I'll contact them on break from work tonight

SELLING: Nina's Be the Change shirt. Size Medium for $20 plus shipping. Message me if you are interested! : )

Also selling Puma project pink shirt only worn once. Size medium $20 plus shipping.

Just watched Nina's Funny or Die SPF skit and it is hilarious! GO NINA! :) LOVE HER!

I saw it too! She's so funny

It's hilarious!! She's so funny! And love all her cute outfits XD

Size medium $58 plus shipping. It just doesn't fit me right.

Does it run small by chance?!?!

It actually does.

Can the Mumu Baxter blouse become sleeveless? Or is she wearing this in the Funny or Die video?

I asked Show Me Your MuMu on their Facebook page if they knew which one she is wearing. I bought the Baxter blouse but I might change my order if she's actually wearing the Maddy!

I think it looks closer to the Maddy, but it also looks longer in the front than the Maddy.

If you guys remember, I originally spotted it as the spaghetti top. I might just change the spot back to what we thought it was to start with. Although the straps aren't quite right.. I agree that the Maddy is too short though, and the neckline is different.

On second thoughts, after a closer look, I think it could be the Maddy. If we take into account how much shorter Nina is than the model, the length is actually about right :) Also there are no other products that come in that print that look even remotely correct...

Yeah and it can't be the spaghetti strap one because in the video the straps are clearly thicker than that.

And that's what I was thinking too, that it might fall longer on Nina than on the model. It's just the only one that has the right straps

And looking at the Maddy page again, it says you can tuck it into skirts and pants and in some of the Paris pics she has the front tucked in, she very well could be wearing two different Mumu shirts in Paris and the video, but it's hard to tell.

Hello guys! I don't know if you have an H&M shop in your country/city, but just wanted to tell you that they have a very similar dress to this one Nina wears at Coachella - The only difference is the back of the dress, and that there is no pocket on the left side. I bought one in black yesterday and it's so comfortable - great for the summer heat!

someone found the brand of her denim jacket on the spf video ?

The same she wears in Paris and New Yourk - Hollister.

thanks :) someone sell it ? or it's only available on ebay ?

It's on eBay, there are a few different styles but Nina's is a light denim with brown tags

can u post a link? :)

Just search Hollister denim jacket on eBay, I don't have any links, just saying eBay is the only place to find it.

The last photos are fake, it's Victoria Justice -


That is sooo awful!!! Those pics don't look like Nina at all!!!

I removed them. I don't understand why people do things like that :( So silly!

Just an FYI, those Vogue photos are a manip. Someone put Nina's face on Victoria's body.

The only size left in the Maddy top is Large! So bummed!

Yeah they seem to have disappeared overnight, ugh.

Now it's completely sold out. Hopefully they'll get more in stock!

Are we sure that the latest VS bikini is right? The colors look slightly off to me... Nina clearly has some yellow in her bikini, while the one on the VS picture doesn't... or am I crazy?

Pretty sure they're correct. The colors just look different on the video because of filters and color grading done in editing. Cause if you look at the color of her Victoire pink dress in the video it's slightly off too :)

They're definitely right. The whole video has an orange-ish filter which is why the colors are slightly different. :)


Thanks girls!! I was just confused because of the yellow, but I see it now ;)

Yeah with any kind of video/film clothing colors can be distorted very easily. That's why spotting is so hard sometimes.

One way to tell if the colors are off, I've learned since I do video for a living, is to look at the blacks and whites and if something that is supposed to be true black or true white isnt it means the color is off :)

Use code Heat20 and save 20% on clearance swimsuits at Victoria Secret. : )

Oooh, thanks for the tip!

Where on earth do I enter that code? I can't find it, lol... I'm stupid xP But thanks for letting us know!

If you go to your shopping cart, there should be a box to check to the right of the screen that says click here if you have promo codes or something. Also, the code FREE50 gets you free shipping if you spend $50 or more on your purchase. : )

I found it now, lol. Thanks so much for your help ;)

Anyone knows where I can find a good ALT for Nina's peacock dress? I love the pattern and color and I want to try get a real maxi dress, but I can't find one :/

The only alts really are on eBay and it's really hard to find a blue one! Most are green and red/orange

I know, uh :( I'm getting impatient... I'm always searching but I never find a good alt xP

Yeah I've found one close alt that I got (it's on my LJ and FB, but it's still not exact, I'm gonna alter the neckline to try to make it like hers, but I search everyday too and no luck :(

The alt brand that I found on ebay was called Hypnotize. I would have to say it's one of my favorite dresses and I always get tons of compliments on it.

I have the Hypnotize dress as well and I love it!

I'm thinking about trading/selling some or most of my Elena/Kat collection... I don't watch the show any more and I barely ever wear any of the clothes, so I'd much rather focus on collecting Nina items!
You can see my collection here:

Sent you a message on Lj

Hello, I could be interested Rosie if you decide to sell (I can't trade, I don't have Nina items) especially on the Rue 21 Thermal Blue and the Converse Lace Tank Purple (maybe other things too.)

And I search for Elena's Lucky Brand Slow Ride purse in any color for a very long time, but maybe as it's not clothes you want to keep it anyway :)

Have a good evening.

Meant to post this when I got it, but I got the DKNY blazer and I love love love it!!!!! (Now we just need that elusive red dress!) XD


Whoa! The DKNY blazer is GORGE!!! How is the sizing? It looks wonderful on you!



Thanks! It definitely runs big. I'm usually a 4 in jackets and I got a 2

I actually found it runs true to size for the most part. I had to size up for mine due to my bust size but otherwise it is an accurate fit.


Both Nik and I sized down on it and I'm a pretty true 4 and a 4 would have been too big on me so I guess it just depends

Prob. :)

Hey girls! Is the free people cable guy cropped pullover worth it? I'm thinking about buying it, it's on sale!

I love it. It's really soft. I think I paid $35 for mine. It's totally worth it.

Super soft and so comfy. I am so glad I got it!

Pics of Nina at the airport. The last pic of her, you can see that her tan leather jacket has a symbol/logo on it. It looks like a gray and white bar above the pocket. Does anyone know what brand the jacket is?

I was extremely frustrated that CS did not rename the DKNY sweater because it is listed as "clothing" so I made a new profile and spotted it correctly. However, as I know how frustrating it is to "spot" something and then not get credit for it I wanted to see who originally created the spot and see if we can get CS to get your name added to it instead of mine.

Yeah I was about to do that as well, it was such an oversight that CS didn't rename it. I messaged the girl who created the spot a while back, but she didn't reply.. Hopefully we can get CS to merge the spots together :)

Holy MOLY expensive jacket! :(

The splendid top is incorrect. I thought it had metallic stripes in it too. Kelly has posted some magnified photos on her LJ. To create the stripes, they used a different type of stitching.

My journal is set to 'Friends Only'; I made this entry public so others can see the pics.

Also selling Armani Exchange zip dress size 0 which is an extra small. $70.

Can u measure armpit to armpit for me??? Thanks! I am usually a 2 so hopefully this will fit! ;) very interested!!!

It's 16 inches.

Sending u a message!

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