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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More




Juicy Couture 5 pocket shorts in Neon pink, size 25. $25+shipping

Unfortunately they are a tiny bit small on me :(

Totally wish they were a 26!!! :)

Me too! Then I might have been able to fit into them lol

I am selling the Deja Vu dress in size Large, the white one. I want to get something else instead and I don't think I will wear this as much as I what I want to get. Just asking what I paid which was $85 (with tax etc). I would need the money today though so that's the only bad thing. First to message me gets it.

We have another spot stealer! Man this annoys me :(

Nina wore Max Mara ruffle top? Hmm, can't find it anywhere :(

Yes it's by MaxMara, her stylist confirmed it. Often with couture designers celebs get access to the sample products that are never released for retail, or into the collections. A photo of it may show up eventually though..

Man, some of these outfits are SOOOO expensive! CS should have two subcategories with the price range of the outfit "Reasonably priced" and "Not a shot in hell" lol! Jk.

LOL I completely agree!!!!

Does anyone actually have the DKNY suiting blazer? How does it run? I totally want one! Thanks!

I just ordered one (HUGE splurge). It should be here by Monday at the latest. The girl i spoke with at the store said to order by your bust size when ordering blazers from them.

Did you order your normal size? I found a 2, and am thinking about getting it! That's my normal size, but with it being so expensive I want to make sure it is the correct size! Thanks Nat!

I ordered a 12 due to my bust size. That is what the manager suggested.

Thanks Nat! I'm gonna call back and see what size they say for me! Can you let me know how yours fits when you get it???

I am so in love with this Blazer is beautiful :) i would say get your bust size in this too :) :)

Selling: (Make offers if interested)
* Nina Dobrev's Express Metallic Embellished Dress she wore to Comic Con (In same color) (Large) (Would either sell or trade for smaller size)

* H&M Ruched Cami (White) (Small)
* New Guess Lorelai Jacket in Black (Medium)
* New Guess Tammy Cardigan in Red (Small)

* New Alice & Olivia Jenny Slip Dress/Same color as Elena's (Large) (Would either sell or trade for smaller size)

*Possibly Selling New Guess Amy Wool Blazer in Elena's color (Size Medium)and New Rachel Roy Countryside Jacket in Elena's color (Size 8)

*Kristen Stewart's Hoolywood Made Hoodie in Gray (New) (Medium)

Hi :) does anyone have the Armani Exchange Bahama Print Maxi dress for sale please? or be willing to trade it please? thank you :) Kate x

I have it in a size 12 if you are interested.

yes please :) i am interested i will message you now thank you :) x

Just had to share my excitement but I just bought my ticket to meet Nina in December!!!!!! I'm so excited!

Wow! Sooo happy for you!:D

Awesome!! Super excited and happy for u :D

So awesome!!!!

Thanks girls!!! I'm so excited, don't know how I'm gonna last til December!

wow exciting!!!

Ask her which red dress she wore under the DKNY blazer please. LOL

SELLING: amy wool blazer XS ($50)

Hey sweethearts, does anyone sell the free people cable guy cropped pullover in oatmeal? Searching for it soo bad!

I have it and LOVE it. Here is a link to the cheapest I could find it.

I would love for us to spot her watch, but I know nothing about watches lol! So I could use some help.. Anyone have any ideas?


hi gals, does anyone have the 7 high waist skinny jeans in rinse indigo that nina wears? I'm wondering how they run... I'm normally a 27 but had to order a 26 because thats what was left. I'm hoping they'll stretch. Free return tho if they don't,,,

Lots of Nina items updated on my LJ!!!

I added u :D Would love to see ur Nina collection ;)

Sure! Added u!

Did a small update to my LJ as well :D

anyone selling some NINA shirts, tops or tees? message me :-)

KRMA is having some crazy sales on their fb page right now if anyone is interested. ;)

To those girls who ordered the Teacher's Pet Dress... how long did it take NG to ship the dress?
I already ordered on Saturday via paypal and still haven't heard from them... the $ was already charged on Mon or Tue and I'm starting to worry ><
Thanks girls!

I just got mine today! (I live in Canada) :D I ordered and paid on June 9

It took a little while for them to ship mine, a few days, but they never actually sent me a shipping notification, so they probably already shipped it. I'd just email them and ask.

Thanks girls! I was just expecting a shipping confirmation mail, because the first mail I got said that they would send me one... but I'll just ask them now! Thank u :)

Yeah it said that for me too and then I never got one lol

Probably a week or so to get it from Hawaii. My friend who lives farther in the US then me got it before I did which was weird. Didn't get an email confirmation either when they shipped it. FYI.

Thanks! :)

You might be able to check if they shipped it if you have an order number from the receipt

Selling off my small Nina Collection. I can't wear the items due to the sizes being wrong for my body. So I want to pass them on to girls who can enjoy them:

Listed are her wilfred victorie dress, true religion rocky plaid, linea pelle dylan triple zip bag, alice temperly dress. I need to sell the items so if you are interested please check out my post. Thank you.

I am interested in the wilfred dress and alice temperly dress, but LJ's not working for me right now. How much did you want for them and what sizes are they? Thanks!

The Wilfred Sold and the Temperly is pending she's deciding. I'll let you know if she doesn't want it though. The Temperly is a size 10 and I'm asking $160 with shipping to the US being around $8 international will be determined by location since I don't know where you live.

Ah too big for me, but thank you anyway!

how much for the lp bag?

@casteal: no problem its to big for me too that's why i'm selling it.
@loveartefacts:replied to your message.

Just wanted to say I added some items and the prices can be negotiated

Hi shattered_bella, I'm interested in your Linea Pelle Tripe Zip Dylan bag. Do you take Paypal? Or has it already been sold?

guys,i need your help :) where i can find black combat boots in reasonable price? *Paul Wesley wears such boots*

can someone tell me if she is wearing the grey or black UO suede pumps??



Here's a good alt to the silence noise zip tank

Hollister Jean Jacket, almost the same as Nina's except there's a blue tag, L

Hollister Jean Jacket, M

how much ??

$15 for the large, $20 for the medium :)

would you be able to post a picture of them? i've actually been looking for a new denim jacket :)

Sure! I'm at work right now, will post later :)

ok thanks so much, i've been looking everywhere for the jacket

I'll send you a message later, I meant to this morning but my dad was ill

thats fine

Large sold!

just got it in the mail and it fits perfectly :) Thanks soooo much!!!!

Hey :) can anyone tell me what the colour name of Nina's Stetson Temple Fur Felt Fedora is please? :) :)

my new LiveJournal is up and running :) please take a look or add me :)

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