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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



Holy MOLY expensive jacket! :(

The splendid top is incorrect. I thought it had metallic stripes in it too. Kelly has posted some magnified photos on her LJ. To create the stripes, they used a different type of stitching.

My journal is set to 'Friends Only'; I made this entry public so others can see the pics.

Also selling Armani Exchange zip dress size 0 which is an extra small. $70.

Can u measure armpit to armpit for me??? Thanks! I am usually a 2 so hopefully this will fit! ;) very interested!!!

It's 16 inches.

Sending u a message!

Selling: (I can send pictures if anyone would like. I will take offers on items also.)

-New Nasty Gal Teacher's Pet Dress in Blue (Medium) ($58)
-Pre-owned/Great Condition Express Metallic Embellished Dress (Worn by Nina (Large) (Asking $45)
-New Eight Sixty Cami Dress worn by Elena (Size Medium) ($100 OBO)
-New Purple Banana Republic 3/4 Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress (Small) ($100 OBO)
-New Lucky Brand Peacock Thermal Shirt (Large) (Paid $45)
-New Guess Jasmyn Wool Coat (Medium) (Paid $170 but will take offers)
-New Puma TP Knit Jacket (black w/ gold trim) (Medium) (Paid $45)
-New Guess Lorelai in Black (Medium) ($45 or trade for small)
-Pre-owned Black H&M Divided Jacket (Size 8) ($25)
-New Ikea Hultet Window Drape (Paid $200 which is crazy so I can take offers)
-Bella Hamlet Poster ($15)
-New in Box Bella Jewel Tone Candle Set w/ decorative rocks ($20)

I might add more things in the next week or so. I am trying to clean out the items I like the least out of my Elena/Nina/Bella collections. And I'm moving to Florida so hot jackets need to go also :)

Eight Sixty Dress is sold.

Hi there i am interested in the jasmyn it still available and can you a pic

Anybody have any luck with Nina's striped sweater top? Its so frustrating. Been looking for it for 2 days now!

According to a couple of sites it's by Loft, but I don't think thats right because I can't find anything that looks the same by them..

Haven't had any luck either!

I found a few by the Loft that look similar but not exact. I just emailed them asking if they can confirm so I will let you know what they say when I hear back.

The top she wore under the superdry jacket today was by Loft, which makes me think that the sweater from yesterday wasn't. I think people just took a quick look and assumed it was the same outfit.. Hopefully we can find the sweater though :)

I just completely splashed out on Nina items! Bought the Nasty Gal dress, the FP cable guy sweater, the AG dress, and a pair of Sam Edelman Louie boots! Nina is seriously going to break my bank lol

Wooo! That's how I've been lately. I've splurged sooo much with Nina stuff hehehe but I love it all so it's worth it!

And you'll have the Finders Keepers dress too!

Lol her clothes are addictive!! I'm going to post your stuff tomorrow ;) I'm so exited to get that dress!

Sounds good! I'll send it right when it gets here! It's such a great dress! Her stuff is seriously addictive!

Yay! Thanks :) Yep there are so many things of hers I want but it's all SO expensive!

If anyone can find a Loft tank in xs or small I'd be forever grateful!!!!! Thanks!

Selling Nina's/Elena's chocolate brown Allsaints Lelex leather jacket in size US2/UK6. Asking $218 plus shipping to you. It's new with tags but has defects (1 loose button, one missing button but there is a replacement one included on the tag and then a little tear in the sleeve.) Please message and I can provide pictures if you're interested.

Please send me pics im interested

I'm just super annoyed by this article. You can clearly see it's not the same top.

Wow. That's such a fail! The top is completely different.

Man, it is not even that close for it to be an honest mistake!

Hi Girls! I'm looking for a few things if anyone can help me out! (xs-s)

Show Me Your Mumu Maddy TOP
AX Zip Front Dress
Loft Sequin Stripe Tank
Talula Drew tank in Python
Victorian Traveler Carpet Bag

The carpet bag and maddy top are still available online :)

They restocked the Maddy top?

No the Folklore Floral Maddy is still out of stock, they just have it in other prints

I'm selling the AX zip front dress in XS. : )

I inquired Marie, so wishing yours had the belt! ;)

I just got her victoria secret bikinis and the Superdry jacket and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

Yeah! Can't wait till my jacket arrives!!! How does it fit???

I would say it's true to size. I normally wear a small and that's what I got. : )

I hope I can get the Superdry jacket soon, it's just SO expensive! :-/

hey girls do you know where can i buy the ISF bracelet?? let me know if you an please? is that superexpansive??

canvas warrios!

It's 92$ but it's an awesome bracelet, I love it!

I love mine too!!!!

thanks a lot girls :-) xoxo

This could be the shirt she wore here.. what do you guys think- yay or nay? ;)

The pockets and buttons don't seem exact, but super close!

Not sure. I wish she would move her hair!!!

Nina's has snaps!

Wow very similar i must say but i'm not sure if its the exact shirt as i can't see the lining (the line that runs vertical if u know what i mean that is on the Nexx silk shirt on the button hole side) on the one Nina is wearing?

My cable guy sweater and ag dress just got here! So cute! I highly recommend getting them :D

Selling items list on my wall!

Got my VS Liya confetti dot bikini top today! :D I couldn't get bottoms because they were all sold out, but I love the top! I was nervous about how it would fit considering I have no chest lol. But this does wonders for the girls! I've never worn a bikini top before that actually makes me look like I have boobs. Definitely a favourite for me! If anyone finds an XS in the bottoms, wanna let me know? :)

Check on eBay for bottoms! You can also get a solid bottom in purple, I got that as well as the confetti bottoms and it looks super cute!!!

I love Nina's red and white feather dress that she wears at the airport in the new pics.

Me too. My favorite dress!!! I hope we can find it!!!

I have already searched Armani Exchange, Loft, and Show me your mumu, and Victoria Secret. Any other suggestions??

I also searched at Dejavu and nothing...

No luck for me either....I have to have this dress!!! Too cute!

I checked Urban Outfitters too.

Random day out shopping and only gone and bagged myself Nina's Superdry Rodeo Jacket in an outlet store so also got it for clearance price am just buzzing :) :) super big grin on my face am sure shoppers are wondering what on earth is wrong with me hahaha

I would be buzzing too!!!! Congrats!!!!!

Yippee!!! Amazing!!!

Thanks girls :) :)

What outlet store?? It's a super cute jacket! Good steal!!!!

Anyone think she might have shortened this dress? the pattern is identical, and in this pic of Nina it looks a little like the hem is folded over..


I found the same dress and just texted the link to forbidden1.

I wish she didn't have the vest on! we need to see the top!

I had blown up some of the photos and put them on my LJ. I can't get the front-view ones to blow up any bigger, but there are several of the side-view ones that are blown up massively on the post, so you can see the hemline very well.

I don't think Nina's has that hole in front although hers does look hemmed from those pics! ;)

I agree with Nik, it does look hemmed but I don't think hers has a keyhole front

Yeah I don't think her's has the hole.

I love the vest too! Can anyone see a logo?

Do you know the brand of this maxi red/ white feather dress? Maybe nina's dress and this one are from the same brand?

I tried that already, no luck! :(

Added a pic from the TV Guide shoot at Comic Con, looks like Nina is wearing that same jumper/playsuit as in the Funny or Die Video!

Want!!!!! ;)

Me too! No luck finding it yet though :(

Found it! But sadly $540 :(

Boo! Yeah can't afford that lol

Yikes! I'm out! ;(

I wonder if we could find an alt for it...

Is it just me or Nina's dress is similar to this one Leighton wears at MTV Movie Awards?


The red one? It's by Jenny Packham. It's a little similar I guess but not the same! :)

No, I'm talking about the gold one, by Farah Khan. Of course it's not the same, it just looks similar to me, the details are similar, although this is Balmain.

Oh got ya! Yeah it is similar.. Lucky it wasn't the same event or they would have been all over the 'who wore it best' polls lol.

Yes, that's what I meant. At first when I saw Nina's pics from EW party I thought the dress was Balmain, too. -

AllSaints is out of my size for the Lelex. If anyone sees a size 10/12 in the dark chocolate color please let me know. Missed out on this cause I had no money for it. :o(

Hope you can find one Nat!

Do you girls think there is any way to id her jean vest???

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