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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



So totally bummed that the Deja Vu dress and belt are unavailable!!! :(

^^ What Nik said, SO bummed. Just to let everyone know I called all Deja Vu stores and they aren't in stock anywhere, so no luck :(

I wonder if they would reissue it...

They might! Let's spam their fb with requests lol

Yes!!!!! Reissue!!! Hopefully the belt will be restocked!

I just posted on their fb page!! C'mon girls!!!

I commented on your post! :) I'm gonna email them too

the belt is still avaiable girls.. :)

The belt is unavailable too!!! :(

@ Romana12345... where is the belt still available???

Im sorry I didn't look well.. But i just got an email back from deja vu and they told me the crochet dress is coming back in stock soon so she put me on a waiting list :D

Yup, Nik posted on their FB yesterday and they told us this morning about the waiting list. :)

How much is the dress? Anyone knows?

I just emailed and asked, I'll let you know what they say!

I am soooo happy girls that we will have this dress! :))) They are working on finding the belt too!

I know! It's awesome they're letting us do a waiting list!

Great, thanks Lauren!

The dress will be $64.99!

YAY!!!!! Glad it's a decent price!!!!! Now if they will get the belt too.....

Wow that's good value! Will it be available to buy online?

I know, it's a great price!

Rosie, I'm not sure, there's a waiting list for it, you gotta email them to be put on it :)

I was able to get the last size Large in the entire warehouse before I spotted the dress. They only ship FedEx (i believe) and it was $15. With that charge my total was around $81. FYI.

The Rachel Zoe Laura Snakeskin flats are on sale at Neiman Marcus in the natural color, which I love! Only $157!! And free shipping!

These are amazing flats! :)))

Can't wait to get them!

Do they run true to size?

I don't have them yet but I heard they do, yes

Yep! TTS!!!

What happened to the Deja Vu dress spot..? Did someone delete it?

CS doesn't allow cropped picture profile spots anymore! They delete them straight away, the person who spotted it will get a message explaining why. It happened to me a couple of times :( When we have a picture of the dress it can be re-spotted.

Ah, gotcha! :)

I hope the Deja Vu dresses stay on now.

They will because they have the stock photos now

Yes it was deleted AND someone else decided to make a profile and spot for it before I could and got credit for it. Sorry to whine like a 10 year old but frankly I am PISSED.
Messaged CS about it too. That's not right.

Awe, sorry Nat! Some people, geeeesh!!! :(

KRMA is having a Freaky Friday sale on their Facebook. Black jade for $199

Spotted Nina's bracelet, I have the same and it is said that it's for luck, balance of the chakras, harmony, spiritual energy. It is a really cute bracelet.

How much does it cost and where can I get one??

Which one is hers specifically?

It looks like the black/silver one.

Yeah I found a black/silver one but the silver doesn't look bright enough..hmm

Thanks for the link!!!

I bought the one made with Hematite. Thought that that was the one she wore as well. It was only $19.99 on Amazon.

Love the new dress! And it's still available on the site!

Did you order a medium? The small wasn't available. : (

This is kind of weird... She told people on the red carpet that she bought that dress from a street vendor in Hawaii. There were loads of write ups about it.

Yeah I got a medium, I'll take it in if I have to.

Rosie, maybe she did but it's exactly the same! Maybe the vendor was selling the dress lol

I want a smalllllll! BOOOO, I don't want to put money into altering it! RANT!

It's a cute dress but very sheer. You can see her bra and legs through the fabric.

Vendors tend to buy dresses etc from multiple places and then sell them at their boutiques so I wouldn't be surprised it if was exactly what happened. Either way, even if the spot is wrong the dress looks dead on to me.
Does anyone know where to get these leggings? I thought it might be the American Apparel one but I don't think it is.... these leggings are very slimming!

The Nasty Gal dress is amazing!!! But I like it a lot better in cream! Unfortunately it's not available in S :(

Her DKNY blazer is sold out online!!!! I was thinking to buy it this month but too late!!

Girls, i have the possibility to order the DKNY blazer thanks to a store but I have to communicate my credit card number by email. Do you think it is a good idea? Stupid question, I know but I really need your advice. thanks

As long as it's a reputable store you should be ok! A lot of stores will make you text them a pic of the card for security reasons too!

What store is it? I don't recommend putting your credit card number in an email. Any kind of communication that can be seen by a third party is iffy. Maybe you can fax it to them?

It is DKNY STORE in Las Vegas. It is only by phone or by email. But by phone, it would be very expensive (I live in France) + english is not my mother tongue. I don't know what to do because the blazer is only at $229 ( compared to 375)

Ah, I gotcha. Well if it's a DKNY store then they are trustworthy

thank you so much girls. You are really helpful. Coolspotters is a great place. But i decide to call the store because I have just read an article about sending credit card information by email : too dangerous!

Yeah that's probably best, better safe than sorry!!!!

I just ordered the Tuscany Leather Hanoi leather backpack. I know it's a little late, but I LOVE THAT BAG! And I am so excited for it to come :) Just thought I'd share haha.

You will LOVE it!!!! : D

For those of you debating on the Linea Pelle Dylan bag. I SO recommend it. It is not tiny and holds a lot. I love it. It has three separate compartments and is so soft and is amazing.

I second that! Amazing bag!

Gah! I wish Hautelook would put it back on sale already! I have a feeling they will after I finally get around to getting it!

I third that! It's the best bag I own!!!

Keep your eyes out. I was able to get her other Linea Pelle bag on during the friends and family sale and saved 20% off. I also got the Minkoff Mini Mac from them that way as well.

Her Red quilted Linea Pelle Dylan bag is on sale at Saks for 99, but I wanna save my money for the Dylan triple zip because I will use it more. I look everyday for sales

Thank you!!!!!

I would wait on the red one. I like it but it's nothing special and kind of small on top of that.

Just trying my luck: Is anybody here selling the Nasty Gal Teachers Pet dress in the cream color? I would LOVE one! Let me know <3

Are they already sold out on the site?

Size small is

I have just ordered the DKNY blazer by phone! She understood what I said! I hope! Lol

Congrats! Wish I could afford one, I'm sure you'll love it! :D

Thank you! I wasn't thinking to purchase it at the beginning : too expensive, but on sale, it's a great "deal"!

I would love one too! Sigh, too much money for me! :)

Anybody interested in the Rachel zoe snakeskin sandals, found them in a US 6 and US 9,5 for $150! would need to know asap, cause it's a german members only shopping site! :)

JUSt a ******HUGE****** shout out to a fantastic FRIEND that just helped me score a Nasty GAL dress!!!! Thanks again babes! :)))))

So glad you were able to get one! ;-)

Wow where did you get one? I want one is cream soooo badly!! But I need a size small and that's sold out =(

From the website! It came back in stock or was a return! Keep checking girls!!!

Yeah a couple of the navy ones in Small popped up today on their site, so keep an eye on the cream ones, Lisa, you never know!

I will, thank u girls <3

Awww I just got weak and bought one in navy, too!! I wanted the cream, but I was afraid it won't get back in stock xP And there was a navy, size S... xP

So glad u got one! :)p

Thank u :D Couldn't resist when I saw the blue one was back in stock <3

Congrats Lisa! Glad you were able to snag a small!

Thank you <3

that is awesome!! How did you get one? ^^

From the website!

oh that's lucky! everytime I go to the site it says it's sold out so I'm put on a waitlist!

This comment was deleted.

That is awesome Nat! Thanks for sharing!

It is so cute I bought it in both the tan and brown colors. It's a great belt.
Selling again if anyone is interested.

DKNY cozy cardigan size S (black)

How much is it?

Is it still for sale?

My Nasty Gal dress and Rachel Zoe flats are waiting at home! Yay!

Yay!!! I live coming home to packages waiting for me!!

It's so fun! Oh and the jacket got here I'll let you know how it fits!

Ok! Fingers crossed. Xx yes it's fun! Can't wait to see pic of you in your dress:)

I'll probably do an update tonight on my LJ with all the new goodies! Thanks again for the trade! :)

No problem! Did it fit??

Selling! Just got my Rachel Zoe gretta sandals, but sadly they are too big, would need a 7.5! They are a US 8, if anybody is interested please message me! Got them on sale, so they won't be that expensive!! :)

If anyone finds the new dress spot for a great deal please post! Thanks gals, I love it!

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