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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



I want the necklace and dress that Elena was wearing in 5x08. Can someone find it? Pretty please :D

Look on the Elena Gilbert page rather than here. Elena spots all go there, not on the Nina page.

I will, thanks!

Still selling Heartloom Mara dress and Malia sweater! Both size xs in like new condition! Message me!

I'm looking for a blouse, red+white+black, like Nina wears in the Ninana picture (nina&banana). Does anyone know which one it is or a alt? Can also be one for men, I don't care ;D

This shirt is already spotted! It's the Rails Hunter Button Down Shirt ;)

I agree. It's the Rails Hunter Button Down Shirt.

Oh didn't see it! Thanks girlies

You're welcome ;)

Was anyone able to find the black stone necklace Nina wore with the fifteen/15 jeans a while back?

I have been looking for over a year now or so.. I have no idea, I think it's custom made or something :(

Oh darn:( I've looked too, found some similar a but not really that close:/

Same here, same here... I think I'm going to look for a necklace that looks alike and a stone and put it together myself haha

Has anyone been able to find the Fifteen jeans? I still can't find them anywhere and I really want them. I can find just the general brand, but none of the retailers that carry it (Buckle, Urban Outfitters) have Nina's ombre jeans.

The company said the purple color is not available for sale. :(

Well that was a silly choice on their part considering that is one of the main reasons people would look for that brand - to get Nina's jeans. Nothing else that they have released that I have seen is that remarkable or unique.

I had someone on etsy make a replica of her necklace. I absolutely love it!!

I know the picture isn't great but anyone know where Nina's blazer is from?

I'm looking for it too, and that dress too. Love it!

I asked her stylist but she didn't respond. Maybe someone else can try?

I don't think her stylist knows :P She only styles her at events and stuff

Selling Nina's heartloom Malia sweater size m. $99 plus ship and Paypal fees. Thanks!

Please let me know if anybody is selling the RACHEL ZOE Trish Coat for a reasonable or negotiable offer.

Anyone selling the Urban Outfitters Dean and Ozzy Foldover Boot, size 9 or 9.5?

Looking for a Mary mullet dress brand new same color in a small.

Selling crochet brimmed hat. $60 elena worn it on season 4 episode 13. Purchased for myself, but never worn.

Selling heartloom malia and wildfox polka dot sweaters. New condition. $99 each

Listed on ebay under seller miaame

Selling Nina's Stylestalker goldfinger shirt us 6 nwt. $50 plus ship.

Is it still available??? I'm interested!!


I put together a few lists in my profile. I am willing to buy anything you may have from my "Am Looking For" list, however I will also trade from my "Willing to Trade" list. I am willing to bundle multiple items if trading for a item of greater value. I will sell items listed under my trading list, however I would rather trade. Please look at my lists and let me know if you have anything I may desire and I would be grateful to work with you! PM me!!

OH! You have the Stella and Dot earrings. They don't ship to Europe so I can't buy them :( Please tell me you DO ship to Europe?!?! How much do you want for them incl. shipping?

I do ship internationally, however I am only interested in trading right now. PM me and I'll most likely message you in a few weeks, if I am interested in selling - I just posted about wanting to trade.

I need that white Guess blouse! But when I go to I can't find it, does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me because I live in Europe.. ONCE AGAIN! :(

I'm in the US. I saw it in two different sizes on their website earlier today. The one I added to my shopping bag disappeared while I was browsing. It must've sold out within those 30 min or so...

Definitely call Guess - they may have them in store & they are always so helpful in tracking an item down & shipping it to you!

Corinne is right--call Guess :) I was able to find one in a store. It showed up in xs, s, and m this morning on the website and disappeared again within an hour. Not sure if it is actually selling out that fast and being restocked again or if there is something up with the site.

Thanks girls! I will keep looking on the website and call the store near me :) Does anyone remember the price?

It's $79 (?) and 50% off in store or 40% online. I got mine plus shipping for $40 total

So glad I got one! A gorgeous blouse! :)

How does it fit? True to its size? I'm usually between a XS and S. Which one should I order?

It's true to size. I just received my size small in the mail and it fits perfectly. It's such a beautiful top!!! So glad it was on sale.

Does anyone have:
-Guess Jasmyn Faux Fur Collar Military Coat
-Armani Exchange Pleated Swing Coat
-Lucky Brand Bandaras Ikat Scarf
-Bebe Leatherette Contrast Moto Jacket

They are the most wanted items that I want from my list. Will trade or buy them.

Please PM me!


Hey Girls,

I have the "French Connection FCUK Alicia Lace Flare Dress" in black (size 10) and looking to trade it for a size 8.
Let me know if one of you is interested.
I am leaving in NYC.


Which size is it in Europe? a 36 or 38? I can't trade but maybe buy it from you? I live in Europe, how much + shipping would you want for it?


Hey Sharon, it is a 42 (EU)...which is why i wanna trade it. Looking for a 40 (EU)

Hi! I have the Lucca Coture Monica Bustier Dress in a size M (still has tags!), but would love to trade it for a size XS!

I have an extra Guess Eva blouse small NWT! Asking $40 plus ship! Message me!

agh wish it was xs!

How much would shipping be? I live in The Netherlands, Europe

Both are sold! Thanks girls!


Awe, sorry Hun!

Selling: Nina's Polka Dot wildfox sweater xs, NWT! Asking $90 plus ship!


Does anyone know where I can get her new sunnies?

Are these the ones?

Can someone answer or give their opinion?

I just had a look and I think they are really similar but not quite SA, her lens seems darker and the sides of the glasses don't seem exactly right though. But that's just my opinion.

Selling some Elena/Nina stuff! All are new! Price not included shipping! Send a message if you are interested! Thanks girls ;)
- UO Lucca Couture Floral Babydoll dress size Small $70
- UO Ecote Cirrus Stitch tank top 1 size XSmall and 1 size Small $40
- Ali Ro Geo Print Lace Crochet dress size US6 $150
- Boots similar to AllSaints Jules Biker boot! Boots could fit to size US 7 or 7,5 $50

Selling Nina's Heartloom Mara dress, xs, LIKE NEW! Asking $90 plus ship! Message me!

Does anyone sell the Free people dress in the same color as Nina has? I can't kind it anywhere.. I'm a size S but if it fits a bit big I also can wear size XS

It is available at I "think" they still have all sizes and its on sale right now.

EDIT: It's only available in M. :(

Selling Nina's Ali Ro Geo Print Lace Crochet dress size US6 new! Asking $100 plus shipping! ;)

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