Nikki Reed

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Nicole "Nikki" Houston Reed (born May 17, 1988) is an American film and television actress, director, and screenwriter. She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, for which she co-wrote the screenplay. Reed has since appeared in several films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini's First... Read More



I love her hair!

what about her bag her boots are kick ass to

Isnt she lovely!!! : ) Can wait to see her new horror flick!! I hope she doesnt die : ( Its called Chain Letter i caught the trailer on Youtube...


I wish people would put more stuff up cos she has a great style! I would but i'm not good at finding things and wouldnt really know where to start!

me too!


YAY! people must have got our message (: thanks for putting extra stuff up whoever did! i'm new to this so you know (:

Lol It's okay, if I find anymore stuff I'll put more up =]

we need to star posting stuff like her bag i love any of her bags she carries

Hey I found the boots!

i love you i could not find them anywhere

thanks soo much! you're awesome!

Heey, where did you find the boots? OMG, you're the best.

I've already looked in Ann Demeulemeester. But I didn't find it. I'm looking for months.

She seemed to be sweet and friendly. I love her.

Nike 6.0 Women's~~ simply frustrating :-( cannot find locally! *sighs*

finish line, ladies foot locker, journeys.

Hey guys. Pleeeease, can you help me to find Nikki's boots?

Please! Thank you.


these are the same make and kinda look like them but there pretty expensive!

Thank you but they're really expensive. Did you see her bag of Sang A. It's $3.116. I was like... freaking out. Buy something like this. Too much money.


Does she have a tattoo on her wrist or is it just for the photoshoot?


Anyone know what it says?

its russian прилучный
i think

It is the name of her russian ex-boy. Who she almost married.


cool (:

Nikki's red Raybans only 55 pound - - only delivers to the UK though

Guys, please, help me? I want to find this brown boots, but i just can't.
Thank you


Nordstroms still sells the boot. If you contact customer service they can inform you of the stores that still carry the shoe in stock in the size and color you need. I just talked to them and it looks like they have a couple brown pairs still available in 7 & 7.5 in the brown, as those were the sizes I needed.

- Good Luck!

I just got the item number for Nordstroms: 742498752138

I'm here in the site, but i can't find it. They doesn't have it in the site. Could you give me the site if you find? I want this boots so much!

Thank you.

they actually arent posted on the company site anymore since they are considered sold out....however a couple stores still have a few in stock. If you contact customer service they can track them down for you:

Pittsburg Nordstroms still has them in stock...their still $498 though :(

Thank you. But my problem is: I'm from a far country. Is more difficult for me get international things. But thank you. If you need something, tell me.

And Do you know what shoes are these:
Thank you for helping, guys.

i saw this shoes in topshop.

Oh, thank you so much! If you need something, let me know.

just wondering if anyone knows where to get this dress from or who made it . love this girls style =)


She's wearing a Marchesa dress, which is not yet available in stores.


HEY GUUUYS. Look, this IS A FALSE TWITTER. It's not of her. Who made this has already told that it was a fake.

Hey guys, could you please help me with this handbag? Where can i find it? What brand is it? Thank you very much.

It's Cole Hann, I bought it on sale at Dillards last month for about $80 bucks, I also bought the white Cole Hann that Ashley has too. Both bags just happen to be on sale that day. I love them both.

Lol Just looked at Nikki's information thing and i realized that its her birthday today lol .. Happy 21st birthday Nikki lol

what dress did she wear to the side kick event a couple of days ago

Hey Guys, are you sure it's Nikki in the darling sundress by breadandbutter? i don't know but the woman does't look like Nikki to me

No. It's Ashley Green, not Nikki. They don't even look remotely similar....

hey girls - if you happen to wear a shoe size 6, I found Nikki's nike dunk's on sale on -

You can also use the checkout code "summer10" for 10% off.

Thank you for helping.

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